What should be the main priority of the new government?

Cut spending
68% (46 votes)
Increase taxes
7% (5 votes)
A combination of both
25% (17 votes)
Total votes: 68

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Something which is not mentioned is that the banks should repay all the money which was used to keep the banks going before any huge amounts of money is payed to the bankers at the top of the tree. If they say they will leave then let them and promote those who are at present their underlings.
They should also start a different way of running the country because it doesn't work. it is all about dog eat dog and it is disgusting the amounts of money people can demand including footballers.

I do not believe anything Gordon brown has said. Labour are the worst government we have ever had. Cut public sector spending, Tougher sentencing for crime, 3 months national service, cut immigration, make people on benifits work, put trams back on streets,tell europe where to stick its legislation,stop taxing us on every thing, our wages are not keeping pace with price rises! Stop 24 hour drinking it does not work! use some common sense and actually do something ! 30% cut in government staffing and get rid of quangoes.allow us to sack mps on the fiddle with loss of pension rights as well.get rid of useless coppers,nhs beaurocrats and consultants.

Tax can not be cut, as the Country is almost bankrupt, but it would ease the burden greatly if we stopped giving our money away...ie immigrants, futile wars which we can never win, gifts to countries like China...I could go on and on but who listens....

Cut spending, get out of Europe, have referendums, less beaurocrates in fact the Swiss way of government works perfectly well and the people can vote for their own good. Have no great debts - not in the European Union and doing very well thank you. Given power to the people and hopefully if Cameron can stick to his promises this we can have.
Refuse any immigrant who has a criminal record or does not work to contribute to the British economy. Do not pay social security to any one who is a 'terrorist' - deport immediately.

When this government increases taxes it is usually to employ more people in the public sector. We all ready have a number of civil servants who have not real job to do.

All economy saving actions should be included in a referandum, listed by public in priority order & voted immediately after election results known as a matter of extreme urgency.

its time a more balanced finance package was introduced, even though i am a higher rate tax payer, i feel the 40%tax allowance on pension contributions should be scrapped and everyone only given the 20% allowance, this savings could allow then the band at which we all start to pay tax to be increased to £10K.............fair for all!

As any business man knows, it is essential that expenses are strictly controlled if a company is to be successful.  So it is with the national economy.  The main priority must be to cut expenses and if services suffer as a result, that is a medicine that the population will just have to take.

I would like to know why a single person living in a property receives 25%reduction on council tax using all services , when an empty unfurnished property is charged full council tax not using any services. Think I will commit a crime then I would`nt have to pay council tax at all. Also MPs do`nt pay council tax on second properties either. 1rule for some and another rule for others.By the way the property in question is not a second property it`s one that is on the market and remains unsold due to the economic climate.please could someone put me in touch with A MP so I can get some answers. Thanks

I suspect you are an employed, well paid, middle-class person who has never had to rely on public services very much.
I know several young people who have been made redundant - minimum conditions or none at all - and have a family to maintain, in some cases also a mortgage. Not everyone who relies on public services is a scrounger, neither are they all responsible for the situation they find themselves in. Sadly the people who must take your medicine are often those least able to do so.

First priority is NEITHER: Remember who caused the huge melt down & resist saying it should be medicine for the rest of us! First priority is to separate out normal banking from risk-taking sections - and then government (our money) need only guarantee the old fashioned banking activities/savings + not the hedge funds etc. of risk-takers whose leaders continue to enjoy mind-boggling salaries. If this means the firms would leave - so be it - it can't be any worse than present problems and a 1st (or maybe 3rd/4th/5th?) blackmail threat to us only leads to more of the same. We need laws to ensure power returns to us, and away from the financial institutions & global monopolies that now dictate financial policy to western democracies. After banks risks are sorted, then I would vote for a combination of the 2 suggestions that would focus on help to smaller companies and normal people.

dont we pay enough tax already???
money is being spent on millions of immigrants... if we were lucky enough to to get into america i dont think we would be given a house, transport, free hospital treatment, free perscriptions and money to spend no would we.... (also long term unemployment/scrounger should never have been an option for anyone prior to this recession)
im all for keeping money in nhs,police,schools, free education/university for uk citizens, etc...

The public are required to work within their financial limitations and the quicker Goverments/Politicians realise this the better for all! If we cannot afford to maintain our current level of public services then cuts must be made so that a true budget is in operation!

Although we all know that the UK debt is of horrendous proportions, I am sure the true figure will only come out after the elections. I feel the true figure will be even more frightening, and that will not include all the debt that is kept 'off' the books.

Why do we also still give money via foreign aid to countries such as China and India, both with massive nuclear programmes, which it appears to be still funding.

During the 'leadership show', it was said that cutting waste wasn't about saving paperclips and pencils. Actually, it is. If every single employee on the public payroll used 100 fewer paperclips, 10 fewer biros  and used scrap paper instead of notepads etc I think we'd be quite surprised at how much money would be saved overall. Having at one time been responsible for ordering office supplies, it's amazing how much costs can rise if usage is not monitored and regulated.

The top priority of the incoming government must be to eliminate all expenditure which isn't absolutely essential, concentrating on Education, the NHS, Crime Control and Defence, preferably in that order of priority. Hopefully, this would involve a drastic overhaul of our town and city councils, eliminating inefficiency and wastage. A simple and effective way to improve our politicians' and councillors' understanding of the 'basics' would be to make it mandatory that they be recruited only if they can prove that they have had at least five years working in industry at middle- or upper management level. This may have a couple of flaws, but it would, at least, ensure that they had some idea of how things should be done!! I feel sure that the national economy would soon see the benefits, including the businesses which had,perhaps, lost one or two good managers.

The bottom line is that the frightening level of borrowing and national debt has to be brought under control as soon and as effectively as possible and it goes without saying that the entire financial system needs to be completely restructured.

So... we (the taxpayer) lend hundreds of billions to the banks so that they don't go bust, the banks then nurse themselves back to health, pay themselves large bonuses and we are seemingly left staring tax increases and spending cuts in the face.

Surely, the banks need to make up any shortfall in government deficits - not the taxpayer???!!!??

Whwn are we tto be reminded by David Cameron about all the disasters Brown has created by his and his Government's poor judgement:-

Sale of gold at rock bottom price now worth 4 times that value;

New doctors contracts- amazing salaries & no out of hours work.

New dentist contracts - major reduction in National Hea;th practices.

Destroyed private employmet pensions.

Massive uncontrolled immigration.

Massive increase in public employment.

Lack of control of financial markets.

Benefit society mentality encouraged.

24 hour drinking

Troops not provided with adequate equipment

I believe Brown lives in a dream world and I don't believe anything he says. No more boom & bust he said what a farce!

I agree with most peoples sentiments listed herein!

The bailed out banks should be making replayments by a 'levy' on the employees wages (obviously scaled to their earnings) as, if the banks had been allowed to fail-the unemployment and dole figures would be vastly greater, plus their earnings are higher than they would get in benefits!! .

The government should stop awarding contracts to foreign companies (French & US) and concentrate on Uk companies (whats left)!

I think 'boot camps' for the uner 18's that commit non serious crimes, is in order and National Service for all at 18+, this I think would be good for the country and no doubt the travel companies as well (a mass exodus of immigrants-legal & otherwise)!!

The next government, needs to put the 'Great' back into Britain, which has steadily eroded over the years.

A referendum on membership of the EU is called for and required, as I do not believe the majority of the electrate want to remain members and it is not as if it is to our benefit a great deal?? 

Re-establish our links with the Commonwealth and also put a bit of distance between the UK & USA.

Business and community life needs to be less controlled by central government and more power put into the local communities-thus bringing back a measure of competition within the country.

Militarily, we were told that the UK forces were the best equipped in the world-what happened??

A reduction in the number of MP's and if they have to live in London during the week, do what everybody else has to do and rent a flat (with rental limits), or share a house!!


I could go on-but that is enough for now!!

National Service for all, male and female and no more of this nonsense about hijabs, etc. - you wear military headgear. If you don;t like it, leave the Country. Banks to repay all the money loaned to them but first of all where the government has control (majority shareholding) all the fat cats get replaced and/or go on a normal salary and no more 'staff bonuses',  Get rid of all quangos, home information packs - what a farce these are - leave the EU except for trade (original intention as put to the public) get tough on crime especially ensuring that anyone who burgles a property getting the wrath of the owner has no redress, no "soosh" unless hours of work commensurate with money provided from public purse, i.e. clean up litter, etc. -  this would inconvenience the 'moonlighters'  - eject all illegal immigrants, put the police back on the beat and get them out of their cosy expensive desks and big cars.  I could go on and on: call me a cynical old man if you like, Oh, and a decent pension for those who have paid NIC all their lives. Really no point in trying to make something of one's life, Get a council house, go on the "soosh" and 'moonlight', pay no tax, scream when you want something, and then stay on benefits and hope you can wangle a mobility car because you have siezed up..........Humbug.

Totally agree !!!!! with Mike Lewis

Although I dont like what Gordon Brown has done to our country, I will be moving my specialist nursing skills Australia if David Cameron comes into power. As soon as he mentioned the mere idea of re-introducing the NHS postcode lottery ansongst many other things, It confirmed my intial gut reaction. Not up to the task

Well said Mike - I couldn't agree more!