What do you think the result of the general election will be?

13% (17 votes)
61% (82 votes)
Liberal Democrat
1% (1 vote)
Hung Parliament
26% (35 votes)
Total votes: 135

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If the Conservatives don't get an overall majority, I suspect the Liberals would side with Labour, so a Liberal vote would be a Labour vote. I respect some Liberal and some Labour MPs, eg Vince Cable and Frank Field, but it's a pity that the party may side with Labour. 

I could not vote for Cameron. Just comes across like a glossy Double Glazing salesman. Huge amounts of promises but would you trust him. Not a chance. I agree about Vince Cable but always seems like a wasted vote.

It is a shame that they all the same really. It really needs someone who will put this country first. They all agree cuts need to be made..........the solution is simple.............STOP ALL FUNDING TO OVERSEAS AID. Just what the savings be??????????? Sadly they will not actually do what this Country needs and what I believe most voters deep down really want. Put GREAT BRITIAN First.

God help us. millions of starving children in the world. Thousands of kids dying every week in the most appalling conditions. We can't do much with what we give as a country but, fortunately a fair number of us give to sports aid, children in need , red nose day etc helps to make a big difference. If you had your way it would not be Great Britain but selfish and mean Great Britain. Must be a Tory 

I agree with ronanderson77 and on top of that, they should start cutting their coats according to their cloth and stop all this borrowing and getting the country deeper in debt.

I was alway brought up with the saying, "If you have £1 in your pocket/purse, then you cannot spend £1.06p.  There is a lot of truth in those old sayings and people; and the country would be better off too.

If wre keep giving our money away we will end up being one of these countries too. Glad to see you are helping these poor unfortunate people to suffer for longer. Their tyrrant leaders are so thankful for your genourosity as you have bought them more medals to  wear on their handmade uniforms. So Tory maybe, but do not forget UKIP and BNP or maybe I might go and live somewhere else in Europe as they know how to look after their own. Grow up and be a realist otherwise our children will not have a nation to be proud off. If you would like me to share my veiws on crime, health, war, oh I mean defence, education, immigration, benefits, housing, finance please ask but they are slightly right of the ideals you appear to hold.  Whatever my political view is none of them will do what is Right, and that is a shame.

Yep,definitely Tories!

I see you do know who will win the Election. Brady209 would you really vote for Labour when you are older and wiser?






I also agree with ronanderson77 in that we always seem to further into debt, yet we are always keen to go further into debt by helping others - would they do the same for us? I somehow doubt it. If people want to give (including me) to charity then that is their free choice, but do not give the public money away without asking us!!

I've made this comment before and will make it again. The Tories got so bad last time they were in, in 1997 they chucked out and gave a 170 seat majority to Labour. Labour was  then so bad  got in with another 160 seat majority just over 4 years later. Then the Iraq war came along and Labour was so bad they only got in with 68 seat majority. This is not solely because Labour was so good but partly because the Tories had been so bad. Then we get a global recession with Bankers playing russian roulette with our money all over the world and a really ugly global meltdown. And after that the best the Tories seem to be able to do is get a hung parliament. Nope, my memory is fine,sorry about the factual history lesson,maybe you've learnt something today. 

I do not think there will be a hung parliment. It will be a conservative majority. Most people are holding back incase labour come good, but in reality, they are not going to vote labour, they just say they are when put on the spot. David Cameron has got the gift of the gab but he always out smarts Gordon Brown at PM's Question time. He has the leading UK buisness heirachy agreeing on many of his policies the main one being his policy of not raising National insurance, and to me anyway this makes sense. David Cameron is a sincere guy, he had a handicapped son which must have been very difficult to deal with at the same time as trying to pave his way to 10 downing street. Just because he talks a good show does not mean to say he is like a double glazing salesman. I bought a conservatory from a salesmen and my wife and i were very happy with the deal and after service, you can't put the guy down just because he talks a good show? As for Lib Dems siding with labour should there be a hung parliment, not a chance, at last weeks PMQ's Nick Clegg told Gordon brown that it was over and it was time for labour to go, doesn't matter that he does not agree with conservative policy, all he knows that its better than labours.

Yes, thanks for the history lesson bardy209, but it doesn't go back as far as it could! Anyone who remembers the winter of discontent will remember how bad labour got then, it's a cyclic thing, the longer a party is in power the worse it becomes - happens to all of them.  That's one of the reasons labour has to go this time and voting for Cleggy is a vote for labour - every time Vince is asked to comment on labour or conservative policies he backs the former and trashes the latter.  Brown has made several promises to woo liberals so they couldn't but help him form a governemnt in event of no overall majority.  Brown blames everyone for the mess we're in except himself - he's in denial - spent everything when he had the money.  This is typical labour policy.  The real choice in this election is between labour who will raise taxes a lot and reduce public spending a little and conservative who will do the opposite.  Trouble is that it's the taxes that pay for everything and the higher they go the less they produce - it's been shown to happen so many times - tax the wealth producers and they don't have the incentive to produce, ergo less tax.  Brown will bankrupt our country if he has another 5 years at it.  I'm not saying conservatives will wave a magic wand as I don't believe they will, but our best chance is with their overall strategies - forget the sound bites - 1p on NI and tax breaks for married people - they won't make a bit of difference either way - we have to stand back from the petty electiooneering and look at the big picture.

Sorry brady209, you have not given a factual history lesson. The reason that the Tories lost in 1997 was because of the financial restrictions which they had had to impose to correct the total mess that they inherited from the previous Labour administration. Because the Tories had taken the necessary (though sometimes rather unpopular) action, in 1997, the Labour government inherited a strong and expanding economy, and, just like EVERY previous Labour administration, this one has led us into financial ruin. If Brown had not been so diabolical as a Chancellor, the UK would have avoided the global recession instead of which he/they changed the governance of the banking system (under the old system the banks would not have been able to do what they did to get themselves into trouble), he sold all our gold reserves so that he could spend on the usual OLD Labour waste of money projects, then when he ran out of reserves he increased taxes so that he could keep spending. Result, when assets were needed to avoid the recession, thanks to Brown we had none. That's the reason why there will need to be major spending cuts and further increases in taxes.You sound like the usual Labour voter - if they see a pig with a Labour rosette they vote for it. And before you ask, no I am not a died in the wool Tory but a Brit with a lot of financial common sense who can see that another Labour victory would be a total disaster for this country and all its inhabitants - of whatever political persuasion.


I am totally with RonAnderson, Gordon Brown has made us a Third world country. The man is totally incompetant. Do I need to remind Bradythat he sold our gold at the lowest possible price, raided our pensions, created god knows how many public sector jobs that are not really jobs but they keep the figures down, is responsible for the deep doodoo we are in now. I could go on and on about his incompetance but there really isnt enough space here! Anyone who is stupid enough to vote for this bent and useless government again will get the country they deserve, the sad thing is so will the rest of us. Never before have I been ashamed to say that I am British, but that time has come, and dont even get me started on the illegal war that he and Tony Blair took us into. Yes Brady I am a Tory through and through and proud of it. They may not get everything right but at least they will do it with style!!

 In 1977 we had a LIBLAB pact government with Callaghan and David Steel and we all know what happened to that shower, it failed - They were kicked out by the workers of this Country. We had strikes and rubbish piled high in the streets so I don't think we need another LIBLAB Pact. 

I am quite fond of Vince Cable and George Osbourne, I think they would do well together if we have a hung parliament but fortunately the Tory's seem to be doing quite well at the moment so perhaps we can have Vince as an independent adviser. After all Gordon and Alastair are'nt exactly the best of pals anymore - so we are led to believe 

All of the above arguments completely fall down I am afraid when you look at the results of the last 3 elections, and this one could go either way, so if it was as bad as some make out the multi millionaire boy wonder Cameron should have had it sown up by now.  

 So Brady, What do you think of Tony Blair - He's  Labour like you and he is living like  a capitalist and a millionaire with an American accent and with a Congressional Medal to boot!  Now he is advising  Kuwait on Oil. Makes you wonder why he took us into war in Iraq. He has done very well out of all the lives lost among our British troops.

All Labour MPs and Ministers aspire to be very wealthy as we have seen with two jags Prescott, Byers,Hoon et al. Call themselves Socialists they all want to be aristocrats.

What a load of humbug!

Susan F

Brady, the reason Labour won the last 3 elections is because deluded people like you voted for them. Why refer to David Cameron as the multi millionaire ? What difference does it make how much money he has got, it is his ability to turn this country around that counts nothing else. The only thing that jumps out from your posts are bitterness and envy, you are obviously not a multi millionare !  Truck,  I agree with what you say.

Brady, I hope you now see what the people of this country want.

All the arguing in the world will not make a scrap of difference as they are all as bad as each other and do exactly as they want regardless of Joe Public.  One thing I do agree on though and that is, BROWN HAS TO GO!!! Who I shall vote for when the time comes I don't know at the moment, except it will not be for the present shower. Whoever does get in, has one hell of a mess to clear up that will not be done over night and things will be tough for all of us and it will be a case of, like it or lump it.  There are no magic wands to clear this mess up.

If it sounds like a Tory, acts like a Tory and smells like a Tory,chances are, it is a Tory. Or am I just misquoteing someone.

Yes Brady all these Tories. I dont see anyone sticking up for Labour and certainly no one is defending the clown who put himself in charge of this country, because he certainly wasnt elected,  do you !!

c vowles

if labour wins another term we as a family will sell up and leave the country



Brady OH Brady please take your head out the sand.

I can remember the destruction the conservative party made on industry in the North East. Thats why Ive voted labour since, Its with a huge sense of irony that I have the misfortune to experience the destruction the labour party has had on all parts of our country. The tory's cant do any worse, or can they? either way I have no connection with this labour government anymore. Roll on the future. hehehehe

if everything was so bad and the end of the world had come, as some above seem to believe is the case , why is it no one is certain of the outcome at the next election. The previous 3 elections, long before election day, were absolute certainties with the Tories leaders resignation speech already written 3 months before polling day. Now, if it's so bad why is all the smart money on a hung parliament and Tories not in the same position as Labour were in the last elections. Sorry to bring a sense of reality to some of the Rabid nonsense shouted out by one or two of our contributors.They are interesting, just not right.   







What state. Some of us are doing very nicely thank you. Terrible for any one from the global recession and banking crisis who have lost their job, but we are fine and our situation is improving. Same for our now grown up kids, and to be frank for most people we know.  Steady as you go.

Brady says he is fine, well good for him, Im alright Jack ! Well under this government a lot of people are not fine, unless you are on the state handouts that this government has so conveniently made millions of people reliable on!  It is not just bankers that have lost jobs, thousands of people through no fault of their own have lost jobs, and as Labour have also seen off all industry there are no jobs to be had. So what are they supposed to do then, vote for more years of this incompetant shower. I dont think so.

I think Brady needs to wake up and smell the coffee, the survey on this site alone should tell him he it totally wrong about what people are intending to vote. This election is being manipulated by the media so what more can I say..............

55 total votes. Hardly a large enough number to indicate anything meaningful. Opinion polls, now there a different matter. Usually 1,000 to 2 ,000 surveyed at a time and as the voting public has had more of a look it gone from big Tory lead to very small Tory lead, hung Parliament territory, and the impetus moving all the time  more to more support for Labour. Check mate I believe, (and we are all self employed, wife and both son in laws, and we have done much better under Labour than we ever did under Thatcher and Major)

Brady209, I assume as you and your family are all self employed you do not pay National Insurance at the same rate as PAYE employees. Then there is tax paid, ordinary employed people do not have the benefit of tax breaks unlike you. It would be interesting to see  what the difference in income would be between the self employed and PAYE employed on say £30K. A substantial amount, of that I have no doubt.  Please indulge me for a moment, what would you do if your business  was in debt and you kept borrowing money but the debt was increasing year on year? Please post your solution here and send a copy to 11 Downing Street, but must be soon otherwise the new occupier may have the solution already.

Oh sorry Brady209 send a copy to the leader of Labour, Lord Mand.... oh I mean Mr Brown

As with most of what you say your ignorance shine like a beacon in the dark. You are obviously not aware of the fact that this goverment changed the rules, so that although we pay a smaller amount each month, when you declare your final income you are hit with a bill for extra N.I added on to your Tax Bill to level it out with PAYE. It is clear from this debate Cameron is getting some of his support from the not very well informed. Still hope you are enjoying the lesson and maybe, just maybe, a red light is starting to open your eyes. I sense very clearly you and others are starting to warm to my cogent  and informative comments. 

We have moved away from my original comments on cutting back on Foreign Aid to fund and rectify this nations immediate problems and then maybe just maybe we will all be able to give more to deserving charities. We have been acting like MPs squabbling, fun but getting nowhere. Look forward to conversing after the Election.

well said

Gordon Brown is the greatest con artist ever!  He under sold our gold reserves at the worst possible price, he has robbed so many retirees of their pensions, reneged on the promise of a referendum on European membership, and as Chancellor, introduced so many back door taxes.  He has managed to completely waste all the benefits of this income, and even now, denies our troops the proper funding to fight the war that he has led us into in Afghanistan, after supporting Tony Blair on Iran.  I sincerely hope that the British public will realise all his and Labour failings, and give them all the boot in May.   

Whoever gets the poisoned chalice of victory this time, has an uphill struggle replacing the £35,000 of debt per person that this country is carrying.  The interest alone will crucify the GDP.  Add this to an unfunded public sector pension liabilty and you have a mountain to climb.

 So , just when we need everyybody to work together, the prehistoric union leaders start calling the lemmings out on strike, causing even more heartache.  The media then overeggs any negative they can find to get a few more copies sold. 

Perhaps "ronanderson77" has a point about ceasing overseas aid until we can afford it again. Any family knows that you have to tighten the belt when the budget has collapsed. The first thing to go should be the non essential items.  Why not also review all public sector pay, including the NHS managers and put it back on an even keel with the private sector. It is currently moving streets ahead of the average private sector wage levels and generous redundancy packages.

Both Lab and Lib ratted on their promise to give us a referendum. Lab gave away our EU rebate and Scotsman Brown deliberately let millions of legal and illegal immigrants into England, hoping they would vote him in again. So why should we believe any of Brown's promises ? So I will now never vote for either of these parties.    

Both Lab and Lib ratted on their promise to give us a referendum. Lab gave away our EU rebate and Scotsman Brown deliberately let millions of legal and illegal immigrants into England, hoping they would vote him in again. So why should we believe any of Brown's promises ? So I will now never vote for either of these parties.    

Perhaps one reason why David Cameron has not got the election sown up is because the Conservatives need a 10% lead over Labour to have a majority whereas a 3% lead would give Labour a larger overall majority.
Although Brady was correct in stating that self employed are eaually affected by NI increases what he obviously fails to understand is that whereas an income tax rise (which Labour promise not to deliver) affects employees/self employed, whereas a rise in NI not only affects employees and self-employed but also affects employers.


Lab & Lib ratted on their previous election promises of an EU referendum, so why should we believe anything they say ? Scotsman Brown and the other Scots cabinet members  let in loads of legal and illegal immigrants to England, hoping these people would vote them back in.  I believe Darling had money or mortgage  in Northern Rock, so is that why he bailed them out, as well as trying to bribe the voters in that area ?    

Some of these comments really make one cringe. Does anyone watch PM Questions? Tweedledum & Tweedledee. Like silly kids. The 1970's Lib Lab pact is irrelevant. There were not enough LibDems to have an impact. We can either vote for a Labour Party a "wholly owned subsidiary of the Unions" [as Cameron put it] or for the Tories a "wholly owned subsidiary of Lord Ashcroft & the obscenely rich exploiters of our grossly unfair tax system", or someone else who doesn't belong to a vested interest. The best possible outcome would be for the House of Commons to function like a democratic institution instead of like an elected dictatorship. It doesn't matter who the LibDems might line up with. Nor is it inevitably Labour. If we had a democracy we would not have had the worst excesses of either Thatcher or Blair but as it was there was no democratic mechanism to prevent them. The largest march in history protested the Iraq War & it was not enough. It is clear that the idea of democracy, working together, finding workable solutions, respect for other points of view etc is not a favourable outcome for some of your contributors. Sorry 'bloodaxe'. Adolf Hitler isn't standing this time.

My only worry is that Labour has deliberately created so many dependants (ie many public sector workers and vast numbers of benefit scroungers),  who will vote for them regardless as a matter of perceived total self interest (a la Glasgow North East aka Springburn constituency last year) they may just creep back in via a hung parliament with help from the Libdems.

The current voting system which favours Labour also does not help.

Hope not but heaven help us if it does.


The only red light in my eyes Brady is from the anger at your patronising and woolly comments! Apart from you there is no one sticking up for this government orthe  lying weasel Gordon Brown. I agree with all the latest comments about immigration, benefit scroungers,and  public sector jobs created by this government to win votes. If Labour do get back in and it is a big if, it will be because of all the handouts, idiots like you and people in the public sector wanting to hang onto a non job!! This debate may not have many people on it but it doesnt take a genius to work out which way people are thinking does it, and history has proven that the polls mean nothing when it comes to actual voting. Roll on May 6th and David Camerons moving day.

In reply to this exact point, I do understand only too well  as I employ staff and have to send off the monthly cheque to HMRC including the staff and mine as the employer 

What party is going to shut our borders and let our own people have 1st choice of houses, some who have been on the waiting list for years. And I don't mean teenage mothers, why should they jump the queue? 

I think we should throw the MP's expenses into the melting pot here! Those who have stolen our money with false claims and when they are suddenly found out, all they can say is "Sorry!" the only thing they are sorry about is getting caught.

Which ever way you look at it, it is Fraud (which is a criminal offence) and if it were you or I, we would be inside by now, yet on the news last night, I hear that the

thieves who have been prosecuted are claiming Legal Aid!!  Something else that we would not be able to do and what is more it was passed in the Courts.  Looks as if our Judicial system has a big question mark over it as well.  The Law always has been an ass, but this really is too much. Is there no-one who we can trust now?  They are taking the "P" out of us all well and truly.  They have done the do-do and are now rubbing it in.

David Cameron called it an outrage, that is a gross understatement if ever there was one.

I think the requirement for claiming legal aid is that the offence can be punishable by a custodial sentence - any lawyers out there can verify that?

i can promise you this people if you put this incompetant lot back in power god heaven help each and every one of us. unelected primeminister.recycled mandelson also unelected a party in power for thirteen years, a recycled manifesto with statements made of things they promised in the last two elections and renegued on now giving us the same again.what hope for the british people if we carry on in the same vien as we have done for the last thirteen years we are moving further and further towards marxzism every living day with this party taking more controll of peoples lives than ever befor. remember the old comunist russia, beware. do the people realise how many different bodies can now enter you homes without a warrent or your permission if i was you i would look up the list.we are now the laughing stock of the world with our immigration regulations. in force for political reasons, our health and sfety regeme, law and order a farce.i am of an age to remember past labour goverments whom did try to look after its people and i voted for some of them as i did for the first blair goverment but was so let down by the broken promises that my disalusionment turned me to the other side.all i can say is get out and vote dont just sit at home as this is no way to give this country a truly representitive goverment.