What do you intend to do with your ISA allowance this tax year?

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I won't be using this year's ISA allowance
25% (13 votes)
I've already invested some money but won't invest anymore before the end of the tax year
6% (3 votes)
I have an ISA and intend to invest more money before 5 April
21% (11 votes)
I've already used my full ISA limit
49% (26 votes)
Total votes: 53

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Have to say while i;m impressed the majority of people have used their full allowance, i'm surprised 26% wont use any of their isa allowance this year! Its free money people - god knows we pay enough tax in this country, you might as well get some back once in a while

Can't wait to use my full allocation in the coming year, all this country's government seems to be anxious to do is to tax the working man at every opportunity, we are the life blood of the country but at present the working man has developed a gaping wound and the only way to stem part of it is to use your full ISA entitlement, so don't delay fight back, before they even close that door.