What do you expect to happen to interest rates throughout the remainder of 2008?

Interest rates will remain frozen at 5% until 2009
11% (3 votes)
Rising inflation means interest rates will have to increase at least once before the year is through
67% (18 votes)
Interest rates will be cut to ease pressure on the slowing economy and housing market
0% (0 votes)
There will be at least one interest rate increase and at least one rate cut
22% (6 votes)
Total votes: 27

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The bank of england says the economy needs to slow but lower interest rates wont do that. Interest rates are the only way, which is just another nail in the coffin for property owners! Let's see if the government is going to step in and tell the bank of england what to do, god knows it could do with some advice, talk about a difficult decession

I really think inflation is getting out of hand...but a rate increase in the next two months is out of the question. Maybe later on in the year, but to do it now would not be sensible!

Interest rates are certain to go up. The number and rate of increases will depend largely upon the actions of the US Fed (inflation is a major risk in the US) and the ECB.
The increases will be required to not only control the insane housing market (and the estate agents!) but to cut out import bills (since we stoped making anything useful) by increasing the value of the pound.
I wonder if not joining the Euro was such a good idea.