What changes to taxes would you like to see in this year's Budget?

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The threshold for inheritance tax increased
21% (10 votes)
Stamp duty abolished for first-time buyers
19% (9 votes)
The threshold for income tax increased
29% (14 votes)
A reduced rate of council tax
27% (13 votes)
The 18% flat rate for capital gains scrapped
4% (2 votes)
Total votes: 48

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It would be nice if the government would make an allowance for people living by themselves on a limited income. These days the pensions do not rise at the same rate as the fixed rates that are charged. This also applies to gas/electric and water.

I cannot understand why more criticism has not been made about the government getting rid of the 10% tax level women who retire at 60 and also have a small  company pension are greatly affected by this.

My wife will be 60 at the end of March and therefore received her state pension forecast some time ago. When the abolition of the 10% tax band was announced my wife wrote to our Labour MP to complain. The response we got from our MP was that she couldn't understand why my wife was saying she had lost 10% of her pension because of this change as she couldn't lose what she has never had i.e. she will not start to receive her pension until after the new tax bands have been implemented. So, what can you do with an attitude like that?

Its not just woman who will be affected. Anyone earning below £15000 will be hit . You are right about there not being enough criticism, any one earning about £7000 will have the bigest increase in tax. So much for Labour looking after the lower paid.