What best describes your attitude to state pension?

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For all women who did the only thing possible in 1960/70s and stay home to care for their own children reduced state pension is a total and utter insult
i cant exist on my measly  £63 a week and with savings interest hammered i cant even afford Xmas Presents for my Grandchildren

Vote for left wing parties. Labour is probably best at the moment.

The state pension as it stands is a disgrace, one of the lowest in Europe. The so-called universal free benefits are an attempt to make it adequate. It seems probable that after 2015 we will see some, if not all, of them removed to save money and pay for the revised pension. The revised pension will not be paid to those who retired before the date set for teh new pension but will lose the benefits. Fair? I don't think so. That will make the pension woefully inadequate and with no mitigation.
We can't afford to look after our own but we can afford to pay money out to the poor of countries like China and India. Something is very wrong with our politicians sense of values.