What aspect of the economic downturn is worrying you the most?

Higher energy bills
20% (6 votes)
Higher mortgage payments
10% (3 votes)
Falling house prices
7% (2 votes)
The increased cost of petrol
17% (5 votes)
Rising food prices
23% (7 votes)
Stockmarket jitters
10% (3 votes)
Rising unemployment
13% (4 votes)
Total votes: 30

Your Comments

Being on a fixed income and no way to increase it, being disabled, I am at the complete mercy of the energy companies.The only way is to live in the dark and cold. Maybe I should go live in a cave.

I am self employed and as prices are rising my income seems to be falling.
I'm currently looking for other work but everyway i turn there seems to be a dead end.
I've looked at training courses and they are really expensive.
I don't know what do do.I'm constantly using my credit cards to buy essentials such as food and fuel and what little savings I did have is rapidly dwindling away.I'm dreading winter coming.

Sorry to hear that, krisia, it is tough when you work for yourself I know as I used to. the most important thing is not to bury your head in the sand or start making yourself ill thinking about money. see what articles on this website can help - for example i have found a lot of the energy bill and petrol advice very useful when it comes to switching and saving money but as you mention food there are also some really good tips about cutting back on food shopping - here is the link:
I hope this helps. My advice is to remember the thrifty things your mum did when you were a child, like mending clothes rather than buying new ones, using leftovers , that sort of thing. also next time you are in the supermarket think about what you are buying. I see so many people spending money on food that i think - do they really need that? we have all got to used to having as much as possible but may be its time to change our ways!!