Were MPs right to vote in favour of increasing student tuition fees to £9,000?

YES: Why should I, the taxpayer, pay for somebody else's education?
16% (8 votes)
YES: Times are tough and graduates will only pay it back once they can afford to do so
33% (17 votes)
NO: It will make further education a privilege of the wealthy
43% (22 votes)
NO: A graduate tax would have been a fairer alternative
8% (4 votes)
Total votes: 51

Your Comments

I think that the government were right to start charging students. Especially foreign students who come here under the guise of being a student and simply want to get state benefits.

the students are really getting a pretty fair deal,why should people on low pay fund their courses when they will be on wages that many of us can only dream of. having said that it doesnt excuse the nasty right wing from charging the weakest and poorest in society in order to fix what their greedy friends in the banks have caused. surely a system of robbing the poor to feed the rich is as disgusting as what can only be expected from the greedy cruel and selfish torys. some would say it all bears a horrible resemblence to what the nazis did to groups of people who could not fit in with their evil right wing minds some would say that the torys are fascists.

I do not understand why students think that they must live hundreds of miles from home in "digs" in order to get an education.
It is perfectly possible to stay at home and study hard and end up with a worthwhile degree without incurring all the expense of living away from home.
It is also possible to get a degree from the OU whilst working a forty hour week holding down a responsible job. I work with many engineers and managers who have taken this route to self advancement.
My son has a degree gained whilst attending a day release course every Tuesday with the agreement of his employer.
Of course this way of self reliance for one's own education would mean foregoing many of the social aspects of being a student on a large campus, which is what I expect all this student whingeing is really about.

Yes , the government is doing the correct thing and having the guts to push this bill through.The students and their rioting is disgusting, and their credibility has gone right down.I abhor anyone who vandalises the cenotaph and the figure of Winston Churchill, I hope they lock up the people who did this.I also want to congratulate Vince Cable and Nick Clegg for voting for this, it took courage, because of their pledge before the election, but they did not win the election, so they have had to compromise. I am thankfull we have a government that are doing something to get this country up and running again, and become stronger.I am a true blue, and proud of it, because the Labour party, never stuck by their proposals , Gordon Brown always did a u turn , and he gambled on all the immigrants he let into this country to put him back in power, well it backfired! We have a good man in David Cameron, a person who will see things through no matter what.

Yes of course they were right and the overall cost of all the damage caused by the mindless idiots who claim to be students should be added onto the increased tuition fees.
If they cannot afford to pay then they should consider going elsewhere.
You cannot educate the masses.

Yes, somebody has to pay!

If they have to pay it might stop people going to uni.to avoid the reality of work.

the Lib Dems made a promise not to increase student fees.
After the last parliament which was corrupt I voted Lib Dem because I believed what they said. Not any more.

I wonder if degree courses could be cut down to two years. Some students,especially in their first year, only attend lectures for 12 hours per week. Then there are the extremely long holidays which seem unnecessary and could be shortened.A saving of one years' fees and living costs would surely be worth considering.



YES - Their education is a way for them to earn more money than people who don't go to University. No pain, no gain. They will be able to afford to pay the money back when they get a good paying job.

I suggest you check your facts .
1) Foreign students have to pay fees and have done so in the past
2) They are no eligible for stae benefits
p.s. Although I have a foreign surname I am a second generation Scot with no axe to grind. My children and grandchildren all hope to achieve educational advancement on ability not wealth.