Was the Budget a...

Damp squib
82% (32 votes)
Vote winner
18% (7 votes)
Total votes: 39

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this is to everybody ouy there. the last election i voted for this body of incompetant morons and i do appologise this marxist lot have completely ruind our part of the united kingdom(ENGLAND) we are the laughing stock of the world .the only goverment in history not to implement the full pension award of two and a half percent we now are told by the eeu to pay family allowance to to children living abroad when thier parents reside here claiming all the other handout this goverment gives them to ensure they get their vote along with all the other wasters illegally living here.dont believe all theflannel we are being told about vote for ukip as they will take us out of europe wont happen icould go on forever but i will stop now but just say please go out and vote god heaven help us if we have to suffer another 5 years of this marzist lot you wont have seen anything yet if you put them back in power

 If it had been up to the Tories we'd be in a much worse state.Vote that lot in and they will only look after their mega rich banker pals and those rich enough to send their kids to Eton like the shadow cabinet.God help us if they get their hands on the NHS.It's a hard to see an ounce of sincerity in anything Cameron says.So if you vote it's vital to make sure we don't let the self serving Tories back in again.

I agree get labour out or we are all for it