Was Alistair Darling right to increase personal allowances to compensate those hit by the 10p tax rate abolition?

61% (30 votes)
39% (19 votes)
Total votes: 49

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His boss gordon brown shouldnt have done it in the first place! Not everyone will even benefit from the extra 500 pounds, and who is going to pay for it... Everyone at next years budget when no doubt we will see taxes increased so the government can meet its fiscal rules. Bring on a election

What a shambles! Is it any wonder that New Labour are going to be kicked out of power at the next election. I don't like the Tories but neither do I like New Labour. There is very little to choose between them. Its about time we had a real choice once more. What we need now is a party that represents the ordinary person. It used to be Labour before it was destroyed by the new pseudo tories like Tony Blair.

Mrs R Thornton
i just am getting sick of this government keep on ruling our lives, i work dam hard for my wages and when all bills our paid i have very little money to live on now it is worst with the 10p tax abolished i am really worst off,my husband has had 2 collapsed lungs and waiting for op he gets £169.00 a fortnight for incapacity benefit,the sooner there is a election to kick labour out the better.

Increasing personal allowances compensates everyone - not just those hit by the 10p tax band. And we want a Conservastive Governemnt in anyway to abolish the tax on buying shares.