Is taxing telephone users to fund broadband networks fair?

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I understood this had been dropped

My daughter is totally deaf so has no real use for a fixed telephone line. However, she is reliant on broadband for communication and it is for this reason alone that she does have a fixed line.

As such, my daughter is now being asked for a tax on something that she does not use other than for the provision of a broadband network.

This idea of taxing a little bit here and a little bit there is just an attempt to try to hide the total tax bill being paid by everyone.      With this incompetent crowd in parliament we have come to expect this as the norm.    Roll on the election

I sympathise with 'Davealucas' as I am also deaf and thus cannot comunicate without visual contact.        I will also morn the discontinuance of " Teltext" and "Ceefax" on the box at the end of the year. 


I totally agree with the previous postings regarding those who are deaf.  This government is guilty of taxing over and over again those members of our society who are least able to pay.  To many the phone is their only link to the outside world and a lifeline in the event of a fall, etc.  Isn't it time someone realised that 50p barely covers the cost of a pint of milk, but gives infinite pleasure in the sharing of a good old cuppa' - and stopped worrying about how much more they can screw out of us all to line their ever-deepening pockets!

I am also a pensioner, but budget my income according to what I can afford and don't want some clipboard Charlie telling me otherwise.  When I decided to go for broadband, it was entirely my decision in the knowledge it would cost me x-number of pounds per month - and I might add that the download speed in this rural area is total pants even now.  Why then should I be forced to pay more so that someone else can do the same as me, when I know full well the service I receive will not be improved, due to the proximity of the exchange?  If I can make my own arrangements and put up with the consequences, then t's about time everyone else was allowed to do the same, instead of these "nannies" forever poking their five eggs in and expecting the rest of us to pick up the pieces and pay yet again! 

Why should I have to pay a broadband tax when my internet speeds won't even be improved as they come in presently at just over 2Mbps? Fair enough if it was going to be used to improve everyone's speed up to a far greater minimum standard, of say 24Mbps. Spending all the money for so little benefit is just typical for the incompetent government we currently have.

In response to davealucas, I'm not sure your argument follows. Your daughters method of obtaining her broadband connection is through her land line (there are alternative options to this), The proposed tax is an improvment to the broadband network from which she would benifit. Another option would be to tax broadband users, which would still result in her being taxed. Alternatively the money could be found elsewhere which may also affect her, or we can allow the country to fall even further behind the rest of the developed world in broadband connectivity.

I did vote No by the way because it clearly should fall on broadband users to fund this.

What about Virgin Media cable customers who only have a broadband connection? Unlike ADSL, you don't need a fixed-line telephone for broadband via cable...

What about cable customers who only have a broadband connection?

Unlike ADSL, you don't need a fixed-line telephone to get broadband via cable...

Its just the thin end of the wedge. In a few years it won't be £6 PA it Will be £6 a month. How many taxes do you know that go down not up?



Scandalous - out in the wilds of Northumberland we (just) get dialup via landline yet have no hope of Broadband (which would be useful) until the local exchanged is 'digitised' or 'local-loop-unbundled' or somesuch - so we'll basically be paying extra for nothing in return :-((

This is "Greasy Gordon" thinking up a new stealth tax. I strongly object to the proposal.

Right now 2Mbps sounds good to me, mine is barely 1Mbps ......

D Pollard

Here in South Yorkshire they have won a grant of a couple of £billion to do just that - ahead of the rest of the country. This was done as investment in a high unemployment area - do they still charge the citizens there the 50p? Perhaps it should now be 45p as they'll have less to do?

Why should the user pay for the upgrade in the Broadband service when it is the supplier that will get the real benefit - MORE PROFIT? Surely the Broadband suppliers should pay out of their vast profit pots.

If you are right, its another U turn by this turncoat lot. Who said that? Mandy?

I dont think taxing people for this is a good idea as most who use broadband and internet are young people who only use mobile phones anyway. Why dont the suppliers who make a vast profit use some of that and some lottery money could be used as well as that would be a good cause where a great number of people benifit ie. older and disabled.

These political morons have conveniently forgotton that we are already paying tax. I understand it's called VAT but what is value added escapes me.

Good point, why the hell should we foot the bill?  Let the ISPs get their act together then we'll decide which of them to go with - or am I in Cloud-Cuckoo-Land again?  Sounds just like the bloody government when they span out all the concentical parts of their nasty little web? 

I do not see why Virgin customers with  fixed line telephones already fed by fibre glass network should subsidise BT etc. customers who are only on copper cables. 

I do not see why Virgin customers with  fixed line telephones already fed by fibre glass network should subsidise BT etc. customers who are only on copper cables. 

What about the people who don't have a connection at all, and there are a few. This is a daft tax, but its a daft party thats doing it. So what do you expect

cannot wait till next year when I can be with Virgin media Have had my fill of going through Carphone warehouse to get a broadbanr service.Load of trouble and money ,Ridiculous!!!!!!!

when they put in decent cables and up the speed then I may consider it


I do not agree with the tax as this cost should be part of a business plan for companies.  Those who already have a fast speed or a different system should not subsidise those who do not.  However, I am sure many would be willing to pay extra for a better connection.  There should be a minimum standard defined whereby the Broadband speed would allow unrestricted emails and unlimited browsing with a download limit to allow for a 'normal' amount of data such as photos, webpage maintenance, music, playing of on-line games (to a set number of hours), etc, within a set price.  Increased costs to provide a higher speed could then be applied to those who wish to download additional items, play online games (beyond a set number of hours), etc. 


total againist it

Will mean a lot of people will cancel their landline contracts - I know I will.

This " copper cable broadband " tax is as iniquitous as BT "small print". The BT booklet with my recent last bill revealed yet another complex series of devious increases, in print so small that many older people will be totally unable to read it. Almost every month this devious company attempts to squeeze extra charges for a service that is totally uncompetitive. Remember the days when directory enquiries was a service and not a revenue collector?
When one considers this Government ( which I voted for) and its undemocratic insidious taxes and legislation by stealth, there is no way they should they be returned at the next election.All we need is an alternative that we can believe in!

only have broadband as do not need landline but still think it absurd.Next year when out of clutches of contract mobile phone will have a landline installedby 'VIRGIN.Just maybe!If the next government reverses the tax if it is bought in, Maybe they would not dare so near to an election,

the broadband suppliers should pay out of there huge profits they make. why the hell should we have this tax pushed upon us.we in the uk seem to suffer the backlash of all our goverments decisions.this goverment only only thinks of buttering there own bread as it as been proved with the ways that they run our country. and they dont care a dam about the rest of us .give us all a break .

I think that this tax is totally justifisable our infrastucture is far behind other countries and needs improving. I currently get 6mps and realise I am fortunate but the rate of technological improvements placing a higher and higher demand on broadband speeds this will be vastly inadequate within 10 years. The only solution is an expensive improvement plan. With this country already in enough debt what other solution is there. the benefits will be great for both indiciduals, business and the economy as a whole.

Brown,  keeps saying We have to save more for old age .

Then he and his band of crooks bring in yet another tax by the back door.

don't suppose they will take off the VAT TAX WHICH IS DUE TO GO UP AGAIN TO 17.5%

well people how about a petition or all of us who are against it start bulllying our MPs to do something for us for a change and get them to make the ISPs paay for this as well.