Should the UK join the euro?

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We should not even think about joining the euro. While I can see why it could be good for some, handing over power to set our own interest rates will be a bad move. Retailers will hike up prices and our housing market couldn't cope!

Plus I rather like Queenie in my pocket.


I would like us to join purely for the selfish reason regarding no hassle exchanging currency for holidays in Europe

I think we should change to Euro's.

No we should not join, we will only lose one way or another!!

No we should not join the Euro. We are 'screwed' enough by the European Union with all their rules and regulations as it is. As a frequent visitor to Greece, I have noticed how the prices have shot up since they joined. Perhaps when things have settled down after the 'Credit Crunch' crisis things may be different.

the uk should of joined the euro ages ago

how can we be leaders of europe with out been part of it

Mandleson and his looney chums gave us the stupid and costly Dome.
So now they want to pull the biggest con trick of all time by trying to kid us into thinking that the Euro is better than the pound.
RUBBISH ! Complete rubbish !
The pound is a healthy currency and the problems this country is facing at the moment is what happens when you have an incompetent and inept government ruining it.
If the Tories get in they will put it right. True.
Having the Euro would deduct 1/3 off the value of your pensions and slash the value of your savings.


Joining the Euro is long overdue - Blair should have done it in 1997 when he was first elected and riding high on the crest of a wave of public support. It would now be history, just like decimalisation of the currency that occurred in 1971. Who now wants to return to £.shillings and pence ?
In the longer term we should be aiming for a world currency, which will cut out all the leeches of currency speculators and financial whizz-kid gamblers who contribute nothing to the real economy or sum of human effort.

No, I think it would be a bad thing to convert to Euro. We would be worse of than we are now. We will only be sold down the river the same as we were when we went decimal When we converted to decimal we were sold down the river then. We should have decimalised on 10 shillings instead of the £1 as they did in Australia, instead of that we decimalised on £1 and everything shot up in price and the same will happen if we change to Euros.

No we should definetly not join - we have enough trouble from the ties we already have with Europe - if anything we should become more independant from Europe, but get our selves further into that quagmire

I'm sorry but joining the Euro is nothing like Decimalisation. The Government of the day (like it or not) still has control over the currency. At least when we get the opportunity, we can vote this crowd out and it will make a difference. If we were in the Euro we would be stuck with it with no way out. This 'one size fits all' currency has been seen to fail, witness Ireland and Spain's economies overheating with no effective national remedy.

we Should get out of Europe,it causes nothing but problems. We are a ruined country if we let the french and Germans Dictate to us, we should never have joined. It is absolute rubbish to say we need Europe, we never needed them years ago, why now.

No way should we be anymore involved with the EU than at present. The sooner we leave altogether and the better for all true English men @women

No way should we join the euro and let some fat cat sitting in europe decide what our money is worth. If 'prudence brown' is worth her salt it would be a non issue

Im 22 and wanted to join the euro when the restof europe did. Of course there will be problems just like there was before but after a year or so we woldnt see those and if we had joined when the rest of europe did we wouldnt be having this debate.

Im in favour of joining so what if europe decided what interest rate we pay i would rather have europe set it then the muppets we have now who all favour there way i would much rather europe set it as im sure we would be given a fair maybe not what we want but a fair interest rate and i cant really see things changing to much just have a much nicer currencyaswell as we are part of europe so why shouldnt we join.

No, no, ten thousand times no.

Most of our troubles are caused by Europe.

We should not adopt the euro. If we do we will sell our political soul to Europe. Whoever controls the economy wields political power. We don't want to lose our sovereignty to a vast super state that doesn't have Britain's interests at heart. What is best for Europe is not necessarily best for Britain. By all means have co-operation and trading agreements - that's what we voted for in the first place, nothing more. Politicians deceived us then; they deceive us now if they tell us it's in Britain's interests to join the Euro. The last time the then government tried to peg the pound to European currencies it almost bankrupted Britain and cost thousands of jobs.

How on earth anybody could even contemplate never mind vote yes is beyond me.The euro is just another obscene attempt to erode our National identity.The end result being a euro superstate where all aspects of regional identity are destroyed.

Who do you think you are kidding uncle Gordo
If you think we'll scrap the pound
Darling, Ed Balls and don't forget that crook Mandy
You've ruined the UK you useless bunch of cronies!

So who do you think you are kidding uncle Gordo
If you think we'll scrap the pound!


Join the Euro and lose control of our interest rates at a time like this, that really would not make sense. We would have to go with the flow to the detriment of this country.

I do not think we should we should join the Euro. We are already govern by too many rules from Europe. Some of these rules are not necessarily appropriate for the UK and there doesn't appear to be any room for adapting them to suit our situation here. The same will happen if we convert to Euro and the idea of being dictated by Europe is frightening. We would have less say. You only have to look at some of the countries in the Euro and the disaster they are in compared to those who are not. Definitely NO

If we join the euro we will be handing more control to Brussels. What did our parents and grandparents fight in 2 world wars for, if we are going to throw it all away. I say NO

Definitely Not!!!!!!!,We have recently taken our Grandson to Spain on holiday,what a shock we had thing are so,so, expensive. Our friends recently went to Greece in their motor home, didn't stay long before returning home, even the local Greek supper markets were expensive, How do the locals over there manage to live.I love our independence, Don't You?.

Joining the 'Euro' would be a colossally demented idea.

I cannot comprehend how anyone, with more than two brain cells to rub together, could think handing over the ultimate controlling lever of our economy - our national interest rate - to a foreign entity, who has the best interests (no pun intended) of 26 (at the moment) other nations to consider, before ours, is a good idea.

Has the U.S. suffered by using a currency it, alone, uses? Has any nation - bar basket-case nations - suffered because other countries don't use their currencies? Of course not. A country succeeds or fails on the dynamism and entrepreneurialism of its economy - determined, in great part, by an interest rate set for its particular needs, not those of another nation.

The argument, those in favour of joining the Euro, put forward, is as idiotic as the argument in favour of adopting metric measurements. Has the U.S., the richest country on Earth, suffered because it has resolutely stuck to pounds, feet, inches and miles?

This pronouncement by the childish Manuel Barroso is another example of the guff he usually spouts. He can't stand that Great Britain and N.I., over the last ten years, has prospered more than Continental Europe and wants us to suffer alongside them.

By the way, I'm pro-Europe, not pro-E.U. We have so much to learn from Europe, but not the E.U.

Yes we should join the euro, its costing business,s millions

I find it extraordinary that anyone would want to join an organisation that brought us the Common Agricultural and the Common Fishery fiascos or one that is administered by unelected and corrupt officials. The amount of fraud and corruption is so enormous that the auditors can't even assess it, let alone find it. And it costs all of us taxpayers a fortune to be squandered uselessly as above. I can think of only one reason that might appeal to the innumerate and apolitical - the convenience of a common currency - but that at a truly horrifying cost. Our own fathers and grandfathers fought for our freedoms from this sort of Stalinist tyrrany and now some of us appear to want just to give away the important freedom to be governed by those whom we elect and who are accountable to us. If they do a rotten job -cf Gordon Brown- we can remove them at the next election and start again. It's no coincidence that the likes of Kinnock and Mandelson finish up in Brussels; no politician of any integrity could possible stomach it.

NO! A thousand times NO.

Of course not, if a certain political party thinks that they can repeat what they did to our country the last time they were in power (loans from the IMF, debt bigger than Mexicos, etc), and then use it as an excuse to join the Euro and they get away with it then we might as well vote to merge with, what was, Rhodesia in the next election. Has Morgan Tsvangirai considered forming a shared government here or does he feel that there is more chance with Mugabi??

Anyway, this is all a hypothesis based on the assumption that a government would consider selling off our gold, spending all our tax money during the boom years, waving goodbye to Rover, etc and then trying to borrow its way out of the hole thereby causing sterling to crash... and that would never happen would it??

Has anyone seen the resemblance of the Euro sign and the Pound, does this not imply that 'they' want to join us but cannot think of any logical reason since 1997?

Britain exported feet & inches, pounds & ounces, miles & yards to America and the Commonwealth.
Has it harmed America, the most powerful country in the world ?
NO it hasn't, so I say sod the Euro con artists and lets keep the pound because we are BRITISH !

i vote NO We should leave europe all together they don,t like us anyway and we don,t need them

It's been proven time and again that we have been (and are still being)totally conned by brown and darling, as everything they touch has not been thought through and turned to total rot, to the extent that numerous U turns have evolved.

If European leaders are so keen to suck us into the Eurozone currency, then they can adopt £ & p - the true currencey of the British Empire.

Remember what our parents and grandparents fought for - our freedom.
Vote yes and you have just given away everything we have fought numerous wars to achieve.

I can hardly believe that the idea of adopting the Euro is being contemplated again as a possible means out of the current economic situation. Has this labour government not already done more than enough to damage this country? The evidence of the detrimental effects of the Euro on the personal finances of ordinary people is abundant. We travel frequently to Germany, Portugal and Spain and have many friends and business associates there. Anecdotal evidence from them, together with our own personal experiences, has clearly demonstrated that, far from bringing prices down, the introduction of the Euro in those countries has in fact had quite the reverse effect. Prices have dramatically risen. There is simply no sound argument in favour of Britain joining the Euro.


Since 1945 the average growth rate of European ciountries has far exceeded that of the UK. We would have been very much better off now if we had been an integrated part of Europe during those years.

You only need to go to France, Italy or elsewhere to see how much more affluent their citizens look than ours. They are well dressed, have lovely cafes, and look far happier.

We will never catch up but we should not continiue to fall further behind if we join them now.

nte that one contributor blames all the problems on Gordon Brown ( a view which I do not share). However, membership of the Euro would have reduced his influence and improved our 'lot'.


Brown and his cronies are allowing the Pound to sink to a £1.00 = €1.00 so it will then be ""prudent"" (sorry to pinch "his" phrase)to change to the Euro.

Just look at the way the Pound is sinking into the gutter at the moment. We should change NOW before the situation gets even worse for the Pound.


Reading those that say yes, it seems they are just ready for 'anything but Brown'. Giving up our system to the EU is about as smart a move as bowing down to Hitler. Do you honestly think we'll be treated fairly? We'll be treated as a last thought as we are so reluctant to join. We prosper as one of the most successful countries in the world financially. That will grind to a hault the moment we join the EU. Our financial difficulties vary massively to those in other EU countries and yet we'd all be treated the same. How would that help?



NO - Never

NO - Never

YES- The Uk should join the Euro. Sterling as reserve currency backed by the UK is in a much weaker position than the Euro or the US Dollar as a resrve currency. It is high time the little englanders stopped thinking that Britain is Great. We are no longer great and should stop deluding ourselves that we are militarily and financially. We are clearly not. There is strength in joining the Euro, there are also risks in the one size fits all policy. But, within the Euro, we could effect anf improve, outside we simply a lone voice in the desert


Ordinary people in Greece, Portugal and Spain to whom I have spoken all dislike the EURO and they all say since joining it has caused prices to escalate. What is wrong with being independent and retaining our own character and who for goodness sakes WANTS to be part of the United States of Europe a direction which the current bunch running?? the country seem to be heading. NO NO NO to joining the EURO.

NO, a thousand times NO.

This is not simply about economics, it goes to the heart of our sovereignty as a nation. Even if we may be better able to ride out an international crisis as part of the Euro, crisis is not the norm and the rest of the time we are doing very well, thank you.
Free trade across Europe is what I voted for in the Common Market referendum a few decades ago, and that remains a laudable goal. What we have now is ever-increasing waste, bureaucracy and pandering to the politics of France and Germany. This is an alien way of life to us Brits.
Don't give them another rope to tie round our necks!
Keep the Pound, Stay Proud!

No........euro rubbish


No way

NO - not until the people of this country have had a VOTE

To the people who say yes do you think that the foreign energy companies have treated us fairly by charging us more for commodities than any other euro country,do you think they will charge us less if we join or will all the other euro members also rip us off if we join.