Should the government introduce a petrol price cap at the pumps?

Yes, it must take action to stop some petrol stations ripping off drivers
82% (69 votes)
No, the government shouldn't interfere with market forces
18% (15 votes)
Total votes: 84

Your Comments

yes, I think the government should impose price caps at the pumps, especially when the oil companies annouce obscene high profits, but we should also be responsible ourselves and cut down on our dependance on petrol and walk or take public transport when possible. I would recommend on your bike but the roads are too unsafe!!

What I cannot understand is how a garage at one end of a town can offer fuel at a cheaper rate than a garage from the same company at the other end of town.

It is obvious that garage owners/companies put what price they think the public will pay on garages on main routes, the prices determined by a cartel so you get stung no matter where you buy fuel.

One 'reputable' garage near where I live had on one occasion an 8p per litre difference between two of it's garages and they are a matter of a few miles apart, one is in a town and one on a main trunk road.

The reintroduction of full VAT was another money spinner, I got stung the day before the rise by a well known supermarket putting up it's price early. I did complain to trading standards who said they would deal with it. I complained to the supermarket as well and did get my overpayment returned but what about the hundreds (as people filled up before the increase) that were there at the same time?

So the answer to your question is YES, the government should get involved, not that I trust them anyway.