Should the government abandon plans to increase fuel tax by 2p?

Yes (I am a driver)
75% (63 votes)
Yes (I am not a driver)
12% (10 votes)
No (I am a driver)
11% (9 votes)
No (I am not a driver)
2% (2 votes)
Total votes: 84

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Getting money out of driver is such an easy target, the government do this time and time again

If the fuel taxes were reduced then the price of goods in the shops would come down as well. This would make everyone feel better, even about this Labour government, perhaps.

When will the government start to listen to the public. Every time the motorist is penalised. If this is to encourage us to use public transport then more of the cabinet need to use public transport on a daily basis they would then maybe understand why the natural choice for people is their own transport. I use public transport for commuting to & from work & it is dirty, unreliable & anti social.

"If the fuel taxes were reduced then the price of goods in the shops would come down as well."
Im not sure this is true, Bazzak, as oil looks sets to keep rising in cost and it is the cost of petrol that is really hurting lorries and the like... if it costs more to deliver stuff to shops then people pay more, simple as that. 

I agree with Pauline - public transport is not up to scratch in this country, yes that is the 80s Tory Partys fault but Labour hasnt much to improve it either.
If Brown does back down over this issue then it is goodby to him - he has no respect from his party, from the media or from the voters.

I think fuel prices should clearly show how much the fuel duty is on a litre of diesel/petrol. I keep hearing about the duty but do not actually know how much it is. VAT has to be clearly stated on receipts, why not fuel duty? Perhaps governments do not wish to draw attention to the fact that we have to pay 17.5% VAT on the fuel duty itself.

I'm sorry Max A you seem to have missed the point. If all the fuel duty and the VAT this attracts, as copyjack rightly points out, is reduced to zero the price of our fuel would be very, very low in deed. Also, most of the lorries on our roads run on diesel, there are not many petrol ones about. When you say it is the price of 'petrol' that is really hurting the lorries I think you mean the price of 'crude oil' of which petrol and diesel are derivatives. As a retired oil refinery worker I can assure you that it is the duty and VAT on fuels that is the killer and should be done away with or at least reduced in these troubled days of oil production quotas.

I heard the other day that cigarettes are set to be taken off shop shelves and advertising banned to discourage people from buying them. Guess who is going to make up that revenue short fall - the non-smoking motorist like me and many others.