Should the congestion charge be extended across the UK?

21% (12 votes)
79% (44 votes)
Total votes: 56

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No it should not be extended... in fact it should be scrapped in London. The motorist is screwed inside out, upside down and back to front in this country and its time it was stopped. The answer to every cock-up this government has made has been to screw the public to divert attention from their own pathetic incompetance. I was always a labour voter but never again... As a former labour voter at least I've got the balls to stand up and admit I was wrong, when will this government do the same? Oops, Sorry I'm living in dreamland again.

I agree with PhilipU having worked all my life it seems now you have to pay for everything.
The attitude of this government appears to be to force people into doing what the government want, If they want people to use public transport more they should seek to make it more attractive and cost effective rather than to hammer the working class with charges.
Throughout our history change has been brought about by people demostrating against what they believe to be wrong,
I believe this country is overdue a major kickback to the government to make the true feelings known.
There is little attraction in being British anymore

PhilipU, I think you have hit the nail on the head with the feeling  and sentiments of motorists.  Tax on insurance premiums, excise duty (car tax), congestion charging (driving tax) and fuel tax (75% of every litre), its about time we got a break.  Its simply not possible to walk to work , especially if you commute!  Public transport is a joke and far too expensive, have you checked out a rail ticket to london from where you live!

I agree to me it sounds like another stealth tax, it is just another way of making easy money for this useless goverment 

If the Crewe & Nantwich by-election has taught the government any lessons whatsoever, it looks like they weren't listening.

The government should start to behave with a bit more common-sense. As it is, the Congestion Charge in London has already began to morph into a 'green' charge which wasn't the original idea.

At this rate, an increasing number of people in London will potentially be driving around town in hybrid cars in 10 years time and we'll still have almighty traffic jams but lots of clean air.

If you'd asked me 10 years ago whether I could forsee the day when I'd have to pay £8 to drive out of London in a morning, I'd have laughed at the thought...

phil stilliard

Try using the train, bicycle.  I commuted into London daily by bike since 1968, 150-300 miles a week, and would still use the bike (not the same one!), in preference to the car.  The bike still does more miles than the car.  Cars and bikes wear out, but the human body goes on and on!

are you people crazy, unless you are a taxi driver or drive a lorry why do you need to drive through central London? The bus system is great, underground (while smelly and bad service) is very far reaching and you can walk most places any way! The congestion charge is to reduce traffic, save the environment (you can't argue against that) and make cities a nicer place for everyone not just drivers!

My son has driven safely for over 20 years. Recently he moved to the East Midlands and had to change his job, and could not afford to run his car. He had to cycle to work as the buses did not run that early.

One morning at 5 o'clock at the end of January he was knocked down by a taxi driver. He was in hospital for nearly a month, two weeks in intensive care and will always suffer from his injuries. The sight in his right eye will never improve. I hope that he never rides a bike again.

Maybe if car users were more patient with cyclists the roads would be safer, it has made me very aware whenever I overtake a cyclist. May be more 'cycle lanes' would be the answer.

My son has at last gone back to work but has to change his hours a so he can go by bus, he is certainly not fit enough to ride a bike at the moment if ever.