Should people have to wait until they're 70 to claim the state pension?

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Sick of paying for successive governments inability to balance the books

i know this sounds selfish but i have worked hard all my life, paid my taxes and more, contributed to the economy by spending and buying property etc etc etc I was promised the right to retire at 60 and I don't see why I should have to give this up just because other people have failed to save for their retirement or because the government spent too much on illegal wars rather than putting money aside to look after this countries older generation. And before you ask I do have a private pension but I feel I am also entitled to my share of the state provison.

I agree with the above statement. All my life I have worked to an agreed time for retiring, and then they want to push things back because they have not made sufficient provisions.

It is totally unfair to expect people to suddenly change their plans due to the govenments inability to make sufficient plans for retirement. People, like myself, have always had a goal to reach that retirement age set, only to find it then swept from under your feet and you have to work longer.

The issue here is why should someone who starts work at 16 work 54 years for the same pension as someone who starts work at 21 or 35? It is inequitable. Pension age should be based on a sliding scale regarding when people first start work. I would suggest 40 years from the start of work.
The other issue is why there is such a surplus according to the National Audit Office in the Social Security fund. The 46 billion would pay for a raise in the state pension to around £165 and allow 16 billion for anything else.

 I have worked hard all my life and my wife is now getting herpension from the state, and I hope to start mine in 2 1/2 years. We saved hard, were prudent with the little income we got. The state have a responsibility to homour their part of the contract made when we started working. If the leaders of the country cannot fulfill their promises, then they should be sacked and their fat cat pensions etc should be reduced in accordance with thei performance.


I personally would like to have a clearer breakdown of what the money we contribute is spent on, so that we can judge for ourselves whether moving the goalposts is justifiable in terms of protecting national interests, or whether, as is so often the case, the individual is being penalised due to incompetence, because huge amounts of public money are being wasted every day on badly thought out projects which go millions over budget, consultants, arms, and provision for immigration which has gone way over what the goverment estimated.

If the government (of any party) want to balance the books then, instead of forcing people to wait until 70 for their pension, they should take the braver - but more equal - step of moving retirement dates for public sector workers to 65. Paying final salary pensions from the public purse for thousands of workers who have great pensions at 50 - 55 is a huge drain and means private sector workers have to work longer to support it.

The welfare state was designed as a safety net, not a way of life. Cut benefits for those who make no effort and force them to work, pay pensions to those who have contributed.

The government should be meeting it's obligations before giving taxpayers money to charity, or Europe.

i and my wife have been very prudent with our money over the years, the result is because we saved we are not eligable to claim for anything. i say all pensioners should recieve a free council tax free tv licence and free road fund tax.only then will we be able to enjoy our retirerment that i spent 50 years working and paying taxes for.i get no private income [pension] so we live on the state pension.

The government should meet it's contractual obligations! Many public sector workers would not have taken the job for the salary offered were it not for the pensions.

As a public sector worker I am aware that my working conditions have statistically 'greatly reduced my life expectancy.' Were I to not recieve an 'early pension' I would probably never make it to pensionable age. All I ask is that I get the same opportunity as the private sector to enjoy some time in retirement. I paid for my pension too!

Many public sector jobs just can't be done by older people. Would you want a 70 year old; fireman carrying you down a ladder; consultant doing your brain surgery; or policeman stopping a pub fight?

i agree all public workers should work the same no of years as everyone else, after all they will recieve a private and national pension. most of us have no private income yet have contributed just as much to the econemy. pay all the same including our politicians the same rate ?.

We should do Gordon Brown a favour and vote him OUT, before someone shoots him.

I am 52 years of age and worked since i was 15.the thought of working another 18 years fills me with horror!!! We should be enjoying our twilight years.It seems we are being punished by the Goverment for their failings.Maybe if they ALL got rid of their second homes and expense claims,we could all retire at 55!!!




Surely it's time we stopped perpetuating the myth that public sector workers somehow forgo access to financail rewards in exchange for early retirement, etc. Yes, it's fairly impossible to earn the astronomical amounts professions like banking have enjoyed, but the run-of-the-mill private sector employee is probably worse off than their public sector counterpart - salary is roughly commensurate, but no right to annual pay increases, little job security, far more scrutiny on performance and now working until 70 to support your retirement at 55 - come on!!!!

As for 'greatly reduced life expectancy' - what ARE you talking about? Are you seriously suggesting that heavy industry such as manufacturing, or the 60 hour weeks of the private sector have less of an effect on life expectancy???

If we have to work till we are 70 for a pension then MPs must set the example and get their pensions 70 and a pension that is the same as what the majority of people get not an enhanced gold plated sum that is way beyond what the majority of people can ever hope to get.
The pension age and amount would soon be sorted. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

Some very good points and suggestions, however I fear mainly from people over 40, which is part of the problem!
Changing the age will only confirm in peoples minds (especially the you get people that pe sions and any sort of planning are not things that can be relied upon as the understanding/contract at start can be rendered useless at any point in time or changed to suit sometimes short term issues.
Work 45 years and get 1/45 for each year, start at any time finish any time, max number of years pay out is 25years!

I totally agree with every thing that is said why the hell should these thieving BAST---- be aloud to dictate to us when they are  feathering their own nests big style to the tune of millions of OUR hard earned tax money.

Well said sheffieldsteel on both your comments.

Xrat, a very selective choice of public sector jobs.

How about the vast number of white collar civil service and NHS workers.
Don't they compare to private sector white collars ?
I doubt i will be capable of computer programming past 60, so what will i do whilst i wait until 66 for my state pension ? Maybe claim unemployment benefits?!

My public sector pension did not reach the full amount as I was at home looking after my children for several years. I then took a part-time job, until the children left school, then went back to full-time employment, where part of my salary was taken for superannuation. I was not allowed to pay superannuation until the law changed to allow part-timers to contribute, and ended up with just 12 years final salary allowance for my pension, (full allowance is 20 years). I believe that I earned every penny, and at least my state pension, plus my employment pension, means that I don't qualify for the Pension Credit scheme, although my savings are very small, but I do qualify for help with the Council Tax. I don't owe a penny, and have managed to pay off the mortgage due to careful financial planning. And remember, these public sector pensions are only part paid for by the State.
I don't see how raising the State Pension age will benefit anyone, as most people have more health problems the older they get, so the costs of providing 'sick pay' could well increase.

I have worked hard all my life and I am a law and tax abiding citizen and I want what is due to me rightfully and lawfully at retirement age........the same as everyone else above...

I am sick of City fat cats and civil servants, and idiots from thehouse of Lords telling us what to do.  It is more like a communist state everyday.  Do as I say but not as I do.  My father died early and never had a penny out of this country and I suppose they want the rest of us to do the same.  But strange we can find money for health care, education and housing for foreigners that have never paid a penny in to this system.

I agree with the other comments it is time everyone even ciivl servants and MP's provided for their own pensions and did not have them index linked and paid for by the rest of us.  They all have a job for life while the rest of us could loose out jobs at any time.  We have a socialist government in power who have systematically destroyed the English working man while their own kind and city fat cats,  plus civil servants profit from our  misery.  Enough is enough!!!

We look and huff at other countries of being corrupt, they just show it that's more honest, than our fat cats in a collar and tie, pretending to be concerned,it's just a fat salary 9-5 job to them.
Sad to say, it makes everyone selfish and the rot to grow.They have created a monster then exploit us to tame it.No way, grab what's yours, when you can, then run.(I bet you have heard someone or knows somebody who is leaving or wants leave this country ?)

I could see this coming many many years ago - when discussing it with friends and colleagues then- I always told them to only consider the state pension at 50% of it's then value - if they got more-it would be a great help- but do not rely on it. That way if it was reduced or delayed- it wouldn't be plan changing.

I live in a very small flat, I shop being as economic as I can- I don't feel I miss out too much and have had amazing holidays- and I was on or below the average wage, most of my working life and am now very far below.. Since adulthood I have always been the sole breadwinner.

But I took my pension saving seriously and I will be retiring at 60- despite the recent plunge in my investments- which I am seriously hoping will recover in the coming years.

According to the state pension rules I cannot retire till I am almost 63 and a half -and I will then be very grateful for that money..

I do not agree with changing the state pension age- but don't just complain- do something about it- the law wont be changing to say you have to work till 70- only that is when you will get the state pension.
It frightens me that we live in a spend spend spend society and people say they are struggling while they really are ok- if they just stop to look at what they buy and how they live.

You say you have no private pension income - I will be getting a pension when I am 60- having been a member of the scheme for over 30 years- I currently pay in almost £2000 a year-£165 a month- did you make an equivalent contribution to a private pension pot?. As with respect, if you did/do not then you cannot complain that I will be getting a pension from my employer.

I acknowledge that being in a final salary pension scheme is a very good position to be in-but working for local government means no overtime paid- even if it meant evening and weekend work- no perks-no bonuses- nothing- quite rightly because it was from the public purse.

My parents both got final salary pension pots as well- both working in hospitals - for example- my mother left the house at 7.30 and I often didn't see her again till mid evening- again no overtime-she was responsible for peoples lives- so you don't ever clock off when you have done your time- she was so often exhausted- so please don't suggest she didn't earn her retirement.

This has all been caused because Mr Brown is a theif and stole all the money in the pension pot - he was the chancellor at the time and responsibilty lies with him.  The recession has come along and due to the fact that the government failed to protect us by properly managing banks and availability of huge amounts of credit to individuals who could clearly not manage their finances - we now find ourselves in even further debt.  So yet again the public have to bail out the government.  I work for local government and have some contact with elected members many of whom are just good actors, they have little knowledge of what is going on in their areas of so called expertise and rely on others to provide them with information for their responses to the public, government and the press.  This whole mess clearly shows that we do not have the best people representing the public.  Therefore my opinion is that - why should we be punished for their mistakes when they have been paid well to act responsibly in representing us - they certainly won't be working until they are 70.  Another point is that the average life expectancy in some areas like the east end of Glasgow is only 54!


We should in fact reduce the pension age and reduce the school leaving age.

The reduced pension age would make way for the youngsters who cannot at present find jobs.     To get them up to employable standard bring back the old forms of discipline at school.      Why is it now necessary for children to stay in schooling longer than in the past to finish up less well equiped to enter industry or commerce than previously.      Why do we need to aim to send so many to University chasing non productive degrees that there will be no demand for when it comes to getting a job.

I think it sould be up to the individual and if they want to work to 70 and beyond fine. There are many, especially those doing heavy manual labour, for instance, or who have health or disability problems should be able to retire at 65.

The main point I would like to make is that whatever the government decides as a minimum age for the pension, it must apply to everybody with no exceptions, MP's, civil servants of all departments etc


I have worked for over 40 years and will be 60 next year. I want to be able to retire and be in good enough health to enjoy it.  All too often by the time people reach their retirement they or their partner falls ill and are then not able to enjoy their time together.  I already have to wait until I am nearly 61 and maybe I am selfish but cant wait to not be part of the rat race.

To raise the pension age to 70 is ridiculous. It is hard enough to work to 65 if you have a manual job. Try lifting heavy engine parts when you are 70 or digging holes in the road or dragging full wheely bins around not to mention bricklayers etc. Its OK for MPs who spend there time nodding off in the House of Commons or sitting behind a desk in an office but they should try the real world!!

Hi I have worked hard all my life and like most of you have paid into a private pension for some years, I now find that instead of getting my state pension at 60 I will get it at 66. I do a very physical job in that i work with young people with autism, and often have to deal with very aggresive behaviour, and can result in me having to help restrain them, this is only done as a last resort and if they are a danger to themselves or others, I am 49 at the moment but can't imagine me continuing to do this for another 17 years. i also feel that we should be able to retire at 60 so that we could free up jobs for the younger generation. I also agree that in some cases ie a less physical job that you may want to continue working beyond retirement age. I am currently training to be a counsellor as i feel with my life experiences could help me to help others, but having a full time job and going to college is another challenge. I also feel that people who have never worked don't have to worry about the raising retirement age they can carry on doing nothing and living off the rest of us. my parents worked hard all of thiere lives mum was a school meals cook and dad worked doing heavy manual work, they both paid into private pensions and now have a reasonable standard of living. they are proud people and know that they have contributed to society. if thier were more people like them the country wouldn't be in this mess

I was a nurse in the high risk / high security hospitals, however much of what was said applies to many police, nurses, firefighters and others.

The job is SO DEMANDING both physically & mentally [Many staff die just after retirement at 55 - Let alone 70]

Presently NHS Nurses in this area are classified as 'Mental Health Officers' and can go at 55 [I am 66 and have been in poor health for 8/10 years.]

Many politicians will retire very young after the next election on EXCELLENT packages. [Set by themselves.]

I think it is an awful thought that we may need to do this but I think it has to go up. The original pension age was set according to circumstances then and things are different now.
I am female and have worked till 67 to give me the extra income (less than average wage all my life) and the increase that deferring my pension adds. Because I have saved a little I will get no benefits at all so I am not looking at this from a privileged point of view. I have to vote yes.

I would love to be the person above who only has to pay into their final salary pension scheme for 20 years to get maximum benefits. I have to contribute 15% of my salary and because I have "only contributed for 20 years" I get HALF pension. On top of that after working for 50 years the dept. of pensions have lost some of my records so I will get a reduced state pension as well.

I would love to be the person above who only has to pay into their final salary pension scheme for 20 years to get maximum benefits. I have to contribute 15% of my salary and because I have "only contributed for 20 years" I get HALF pension. On top of that after working for 50 years the dept. of pensions have lost some of my records so I will get a reduced state pension as well.

Simple really.     Reduce benefits for those who will not work and increase the retirement age for public sector workers. Cut down on the non jobs and quangos that proliferate the current government's tenure.  Cut out spending increases on quoted for contracts such as the Dome, ID cards, NHS IT, MOD ,etc, and make the contractors make up the shortfall of any miscalculation.. this happens in the private sector all the time.. if you misquote you end up with a loss.  Stop sending aid overseas in billions when we are struggling to make ends meet at home.

Suddenly we will have enough money for everyone.

If you work hard to put money into paying into that pension then you have as much right to claim it at pensionable age as people who pay into private.

The Conservative's foray into private pensions still goes on and every year puts £5billion into the treasury. This ensures that no private pension will every increase in value beyond what is put in it. Consequently every private sector employee aged 23 onwards would have to put in 20% of their salary into a pension, until their 65 0 70 retirement date, in order to collect a pension the average of their lif's earnings. Don't tell me the public sector "earn" their secure pensions. The private sector pay for them and very soon, this country of retirees is going to descend in to those that have and those that haven't. Those that haven't are going to be very angry!

I agree with the above statement. All my life I have worked to an agreed time for retiring, and then they want to push things back because they have not made sufficient provisions.


I left Uk in 1987 April, without claiming my Super annuation and tax, hoping to return to UK to continue working.
Now at the age of sixty, I doubt if I will ever be able to do that.
Is there any hope for me to claim anything back?