Should energy providers be allowed to charge regional variations?

No, there should be a standardised rate for all customers
83% (48 votes)
Yes, as long as customers know about it
9% (5 votes)
Yes, it's the best way to get competitive prices
9% (5 votes)
I don't know
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 58

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Neither should they be allowed to confuse people with so many different tarrifs.

Yes, they should be able to.

Distribution costs vary. You'd expect to pay more to send a letter London to New York than to send one from London to York wouldn't you? 

Energy distribution is just the same. Take the example of someone who chooses to live in a remote location: why should other consumers have to pay the expense for pipes to be laid so they can can receive power?

That has nothing whatsoever to do with this issue. This is nothing to do with people living in a remote location paying more than someone who lives in a town or city. The issue here is that people living in one part of the country pay considerably more than people who live in another part of the country, so someone living in, say, London, could pay more than someone living in a remote location in, say, Nottingham.

I don't believe it is really the distribution cost. What about petrol, it doesn't appear to be any cheaper near the refineries than elsewhere ? 

You have taken my comment out of context GUEST.  No, they should not be allowed to charge Regional variations.  No, they should not be allowed to confuse people with so many different tarrifs.

No.... I don't agree with reginal variations, if you go in to a bank anywhere in the country to pay a bill or exchange currencies you don't expect to pay different standard fee's do you ??   so why pay different regional fees for fuel in any form ? ...

They are all needed to be made to have a fixed and reasonable price for all, its not as if they are in the red. we all should refuse to pay anything, they can't cut us all off

I agree with you Geeman, why don't we call for the whole of the u.k to go on strike & not pay our fuel bills, just like our fat cat bosses who don't want to give us hard working people a fair pay rise to help us all pay our fuel bills !!

The World would be a lovely place if we didn't need Money .......

@Geeman150 - sorry to burst your (natural gas) bubble but it's water you're thinking of. You certainly can have your gas and electricity cut off!

I wholeheartedly agree on that.  They've got too much control.

Older Not Wiser!

I am on a Scottish Power Social Tariff based on age not disability, which is supposed to be the "cheapest"available off-line. Unfortunately the rates change almost monthly,and the account/bill is almost impossible to understand.This makes any comparison with other suppliers or areas difficult.

One good thing is the Scottish Power call center staff who up to now have been uniformly excellent.

Rubbish. I live in a small town in Wigan and we relied on oil for heating until the mid 80's as British Gas wanted to charge £2000 to lay gas. We didn't live in the sticks, it's a pretty built up area, so the 'regional' tariff is just a con. Just like broadband!!

If it means I get a lower price, then Yes.

If it means I pay more, then No.

There should be a flat fee for all fuel (gas, electric, water, combined) - its a postcode lottery at the moment with my area being PL6 and my family live in PL2 - i pay more than they do yet we are only 10 minutes apart... Why should i pay more because i live further away from the City... a flat fee for all or no fee at all!!! At the end of the day we are paying for what we use on top of the distribution - surely one of these is enough to get by without the other? Personally - these distribution fees pay the bossess bonuses each year...