Should banks be more closely regulated in the future?

94% (61 votes)
6% (4 votes)
Total votes: 65

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Yes, without being re-iterated millions of times. It should be the stringest of tests and checks instituted.

Off course they should! They have lost all credablity. We have had organisations fronted by so called 'Bankers' which should now be fronted by a capital 'W'

Er I disagee! More regulation especially if it comes from europe will make it harder for banks to be active and could discourage competition. Much as I don't want to see a return to the days of "silly lending" I hope that bamks will one day get back to being keen to lend to people. If regulation is to strict it could limit what banks can do. A free market is important to the economy of the uk and regulation could get in the way of that

If banks require more regulations now, then they should have been better regulated in the past, horse and stable door come to mind, thieving bastards.

If "we" are paying for the banks' mistakes surely we should be compensated by way of.......a share each household or per adult, so that the profit they go on to make does not go into their pockets and "we" benefit !!

Banks should be limited to their fundamental role of simply looking after our money.
They should be made to stay out of the financial products markets.
It is clear that they are not to be trusted with our money.
They have betrayed our trust so they must be very tightly regulated.
If I pulled some of the stunts that the Banks have pulled I'd be in jail.

Never before have I seen so much incomptency and inadequecy when it came to the farce that was generated by the banks. As a Tax opayer i'm not happy about the government (which I didn't vote for) using my money to bail out the banking industry and the big wigs at the top still being in place (and no doubt laughing their heads off!!) My taxes are for the health service, supporting the armed force (who need our support and better equipment!!)
Someone's head needs too roll and the people of the country need too show our disatisfaction with the way this has been handled!!!

As the Banks were regulated by the FSA, then the basic regulations against which they are assessed must be questioned, in addition to the competence of the regulators.
The complete system requires an overall by an independent body from the private sector, and those found responsible for gross negligence dismissed with minimum payment.

Bit of a no-brainer really - OF COURSE they need regulating but by a body thats acts for the customers rather than acting for the banks.Plus NO bonuses -get these people into the real world. I've had enough of the greed-driven 1980's parasites playing roulette with MY money.

well, i was expecting they were closely regulated then..... nevertheless, they should  learn from their mistakes and be more socially responsible! Verdict: punishable by life sentence beyond un/reasonable doubt!