Santander has pledged to improve its customer service? Do you think it will?

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They have got to go some to improve their extremely poor customer service, but time will tell and one can only hope. I personally, think they are too big and have bitten off more than they can chew!

I cannot believe the appalling service I have received over the last two months. Santander do not allow emails as a method of communication between them and their customers which in 2011 is astonishing. when this is raised in branch, there is no attempt to collate data regarding this complaint so that it can be fed back to senior mgmt or the board. there are no robust complaints procedures. I had to complaint that I had no acknowledgement to my complaint before I received one!? I do not have the time or the space on this page to reveal the catalogue of issues but will say that I am shocked at how bad the running of a company can be. this is a systemic failure and one which will continue to lose them business.

When Santander starts to phone me about problems with my account rather than just blocking access, and stop passing me between the “internet help desk” and other departments to sort out issues, I may believe they care about service.

I expect the phone to be answered within a few rings, by a person that then takes total ownership of an issue and personally keeps me informed about the progress in solving the problem – nothing less is fit to be called “customer service”

There must be good reason why Santander has repatriated its call centre, which has come under fire from many quarters. Using overseas centres is obviously cheaper so Santander must be serious about improving its service and image. I just hope they recruit intelligent, articulate staff who have been well trained.

I have been with A&L for over 10 years. Since Santander took over, I have had problem after problem with my step-mothers account and my sons account. Both of which I have appointee access (although Santander messed that up too).
Neither person can look after their own account, both were left without money, my step mum for many weeks had no access, due to Santander''s mishandling and mis-selling to her of the wrong account.
They have still yet to put right all the problems. We are all out of pocket (but not them). I am sick of hearing about their gratuitous payments of a few pounds in an attempt to 'make things right'. Two weeks ago I spent over two hours one Sunday on the phone trying to access my own account as they messed up access to that too when I put my partner on it. (They failed to send him a card or his own personal numbers to access it).
They have messed up appointments at their branch for us to attend, paperwork, pin numbers being sent out, appointee ship, not sent out letters they promised (still waiting after 6 weeks), left us with no funds available for weeks, argued on the phone countless times when they were clearly in the wrong. They owe us charges that amount to hundreds of pounds for accounts they mis-sold to a helpless disabled woman.
The list is endless. They are a shambles and I feel sorry for the loyal staff that have to deal with it daily. I would leave but then I am the one that loses out starting out with a zero credit rating for banks for banking with a new bank again.

I moved from Halifax to Santander last year after researching with friends and colleagues to see which banks had been good to people.

In my experience, Santander have been excellent, always going out of their way to do the best for me (especially in the branch). When I've phoned queries, if they can't help me at the time they always get back to me within a couple of days (and they tell me when they will call).

When I was with Halifax, they were rediculous - they even shouted at me a number of times on the phone, called me a liar and told me that "they wouldn't miss my custom" when I left.

I think all banks have good staff and bad staff - I just don't like that everyone gets tarred with the same brush!

Had a loan with a&l payed of loan they took another months payment from bank then had a 5 week run around to get cash back into account will not use them again

I run a business. Had password problems and it was two weeks to get it sorted. tried to open another deposit account (Banked with them for 8 years) they wanted a 12 page detailed form filled in! Went to Loyds TSB (no banking relationship) Account opened within 24 hours.

OK for normal on-line banking but excessivlely buracratic and no sense of urgency. Manyana rules!

Judging from past experience , whilst undeniably there is mu room for improvemnent, I think it very unlikely that Santander will make any serious endeavours to improve matters

I have had a problem with Santander for 6 years now. The chances that they will address this problem and put it right are negligible .

Details are available

not unless the staff get proper training and want to work hard,sad to say the English dont want to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would be very surprised if there was any difference; Maybe the call centre relocation to the UK will help a little; but only a little, certainly it is appalling at present.

The biggest problem seems to be the total inability for one section of the business to communicate with its other parts.

Customer 'service' was a meaningless joke to Santander and they must have been (are) guilty of raising blood pressure to the point of explosion.

i have been with satander for 8 years and have always found them helpful andcival and i dont understand why they attract so many complaints.

They have more customers than they can cope with. The service IS bad, but they would be mad not to try to improve it, so I vote that at least they are trying. Some, possibly like Ryanair, are not.

Even counter staff are rude and unhelpful.

I have already left them because of poor service and the call centre was always a problem.

My local branch will still have one person manning the counter whilst there are six others in the 'back office'.
My local branch will still insist that customers must make an appointment to access their OWN CASH !
My local branch will still turn the sounder on the phone as low as it will go so they are not inconvenienced by it's ringing.
NB. I'm saying 'My local branch' - not strictly true - I'm in the process of moving to 1st Direct.

The best improvement would be to reinstate the ability for customers to do their banking at the Post Office. Many old A&L customers joined because there was no bank in the village and now they face travelling miles to pay money and cheques in and to find a cash machine to withdraw money.

They've said this before and there has been no noticeable improvement - they get my vote for worst customer service. I .don't think they know what good customer service is - their procedures seemed designed to what suits them.

It is an excellent start to bring call centres back to UK.
Other UK firms should follow suit.

Santander made my ISA savings dissappear in thin air when I asked them to transfer my ISA to Nationwide BS, back in early April. Since then I have been in touch with them by phone and email. Wasted lots of money and time but so far they have not done a thing to resolve the problem. Few weeks ago I decided to take the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). I am still waiting to hear from the FOS as they have a heavy workload, thanks to companies like Santander!!

I have never ever had such poor customer service from any other company as Santander. I have been with them a year, and have had enough. I have now cancelled my account. I wouldn't touch them again with a bargepole!!!

Santander- formerly Abbey will need to clear out all their staff before they are provide good customer service. Words are meaningless without action- they are too big and too full of themselves to make the changes needed.

Too large an organisation!!

Took me nine months to sort out a discrepancy which could have been dealt with in five minutes.
I had to tell them their latest rates as they were uncertain.
My local branch manager was usless as the complaint she passed on bore no resemblance to what I had actually said although I went through it several times to make sure that she understood what I was unhappy with. Transferring customer service from India to the UK will not address the problem which is in the UK.

too little too late...i took my money out years ago after"sonia" in india screwed up my account...took years of fighting with the muppets to stop the charges & get it be blunt i wouldnt pee on this lot if they were on a bank they are a joke...very happy with halifax...santander have a loooonnnnngggggg way to go to be taken seriously

They don't have a choice if they want to seriously stop the bad press. I for one am considering leaving them..

They don't have a choice. Act or loose customers to other banks and building societies

I doubt that they can prevent the Titanic customer service delivery issue round.

They use an 0845 number for complaints so profit from any lengthy call : an easy way to increase good will of customers would be to change to a free 0800 ... number. I have had a problem with a change of sort code of a POBank savings account ( the Alliance and Leicester one now Santander) opened some time ago Santander blame me for not updating an out-of -datesortcode when requesting a transfer of funds to a linked account.with them. Yet when I informed another Provider that the sort code had changed it also caused confusion and delays as they had already made the change.

It took months to get my Mother-in-Laws money out of their rip off savings accounts, numerous phone calls letter and visits to branches, each time they came up with a new rule that meant I had to provide another bit of paper or jump through another hoop. I wouldn't go anywhere near them, they are the worst bank in the world. They can't improve their customer, they don't have any too improve !!

It has to improve before there are no customers left. The trouble is those who have already left are unlikely to return.
Banks are two-a-penny, it's difficult to shift customers if they're happy with the service they already have, but impossible to keep them once they are not.

I would not touch Santander, their reputation cannot be retrieved and the financial market is apparently run to make them rich on our money.

santander has been "focused" on improving customer service for over 2 yrs now, i should know I work for them. During that time, the service has gotten steadily worse. Never mind, Alison Brittain, who was in charge of improving that serviced "committed to it " I heard her say, has now been given a big pay rise, lots of share options and been head hunted by her former boss to join him at lloyds. heaven help us all!!!!

Every time u have to complain and beleive me i have had more than my sfair share, They try their best to avoid responding by enticing you with a credit of £10 in to your account straightaway. They think we are fools

I have been with Santander, A&L,Girobank for over 30 years. I know there are hiccups when banks change hands, merge etc. but I have found staff at all the branches I have used very helpful

They will not be able to do it, mainly because they do not know what good service is.

In April I made a payment to them and 9 days after I had done this they insisted that they hadn't received it, although the money had been taken out of my First Direct (an excellent bank with good customer service) two days after I presented it to them.

It might help if the CEO left, nepotism never works - look at News International

Why is it necessary to move its call centre from India to the UK to improve customer service? Do Indian's provide a worse customer service or is that the British do not like Indian accents?

If Santander is serious about customer service, it needs to provide a human telephone service rather than an automated menu based telephone system. It also needs to respond to customer requests quickly, and offer the same interest rates to its loyal customers as it does to new customers.

I have asked many times at Santander when they are introducing the faster payment method where bills or transfers are done within 2hrs. Their answer was originally it would be introduced Sept. 2009. However it still has not happened and the other large banks can do it why not Santander? They tell me that it can be done for a fee of £25 otherwise it takes 3-4 days to process obviously making more money from me, whilst my money is removed from my account. I would be interested to know when it will be introduced and stop them from exploiting us once again.

I have been a customer of Santander for nearly 4 years, during that time I have only had one problem due to a change of my home address. The problem was dealt with courteously, effectively and speedily. I called into the branch and explained the problem. Perhaps if the people who complain about the service from banks did it in person, they would achieve a better result. Don't expect a personalised service just to accommodate you as an individual by using an on-line or telephone help desk. Call centres generally handle thousands of calls a day usually from very rude impatient people. Most problems can be sorted by being polite, you would expect politeness form others so why be abusive just because you have a problem. Biggest problem with the UK today is we have become a very rude, impatient, self centred nation, its about time we all had a reality check.

What a pity they didn't act sooner.

As a VERY long-term customer of the original Girobank, then Alliance and Leicester, then Santander I've been progressively disappointed over the way they have recently sought and gave rich pickings to new customers without any regard whatever to the enormously loyal customer-base they already had.

Sadly too late from my perspective, they've decided to bring their business back into the UK economy - but I have only recently decided to move my account to a bank that appreciates me enough to pay me something each month, instead of nothing ...

My experiences with Santander (formerly Abbey National) have been terrible. Not only do they fail to return calls when asked, face to face service is equally bad. For personal reasons I prefer to transact directly with counter staff in making withdrawals and deposits. I would say at least 80% of the times I am made to feel that I am wasting time and am often ordered to convert my account type so that I am forced to transact via a cash machine. I have even been told that once all the rows in my passbook is complete they will not issue me with a new book. On challenging this, the manager proceeded to lie to me stating that customers had told them this is what they wanted. On enquiring on how many people were surveyed and to see a copy of the survey - results and findings - the manager in question unsurprisingly clammed up and argued that she did not need to show me the results. In addtion to this, on previously closing an account with Santander, I waited near enough 2 months to receive a cheque for the balance of my account. Surprising this arrived neither recorded or registered post - I was not impressed. I now bank with the Nationwide, who generally I think are brilliant.

Alas, too late ....

I was originally a very satisfied customer of Girobank - then taken over by Alliance & Leicester, also very efficient service, paying interest on my current account. - and also at this time an Abbey account holder - but we all know what happened next, don't we?

The mightly Span-tan-der took over the bloody lot ... including another long-standing UK mutual - B & B (not that we need an overnight stay) .....

Since then, even if I won the Lottery and deposited my millions into Span-tan-der not even one Groats-worth of interest would I have received ....

Had I been a NEW customer, they'd have given me £100 just for depositing £1. At the same time I was depositing 1,000 times this minimum deposit every month, but receiving absolutely ZERO INTEREST

Now, guess what I've decided to do? Engage brain, find a High Street bank that actually values its customers and PAYS THEM EVERY MONTH ...

Delighted that Santander are moving from India to U.K.
The operators in India are very pleasant and helpful but I felt I was n"t getting my point across due to the different accents on both sidea.

Lets face it, their service could not get any worse. The refused to look into my complaint because they had lost the paperwork when they took over A&L. They just kept deleting my emails and handing my official complaints to untrained staff in customer services. They have now admitted they caused all the problems by firstly making a mistake and then by not sorting it out - but they still have no intention of helping to resolve the issues. I would stay clear of Santander - they are definitely by far the worst company I have had dealings with

 The problem is not India but the attitude of its UK staff.  They insist circumstances apply but refuse to elaborate and explain any further.  They appear not to liaise within the Bank and bully customers!

This bank cannot send me bank statements to my address, ive wrote to them, rang that stupid customer services department, visited direct to about 10 local branches around the North West and still they cannot send me my statements....What is this all about here? I cannot believe this is happening when each time I tell them what is the problem they say they will be sent out to you in so many working days. Oh and guess what I still havent recieved them.

Santander recently sent me a letter to let me know that they had sent all my cc details to someone else. Later the same day I rang to let them know that I was taking my CC abroad for 1 week. I failed their 'security test'. So I couldn't do anything. All this while I was on a Santander branch phone having been directed there by one of their assistants. Talk about mad......

Since joining Santander some 11 months ago, I have nothing but praise for their excellent and highly competitive rates on current accounts, savings and ISA's. I was expecting problems with customer service after reading of how bad santander were but have never had any problems and they handled the most difficult aspect, that of transfering my account from another bank to Santander quickly and efficiently - don't know what all the fuss is about. Re: the call centre move from India to UK - Excellent - just wish AVIAV would follow suit.

They are at least trying.I have no problems with Santander,not like my last Bank
LLoyds who I was with for over 50 years.