With only days to go until the general election, which party do you think will best steer us through the recovery?

The Liberal Democrats
13% (18 votes)
17% (24 votes)
The Conservatives
60% (84 votes)
A coalition government
10% (14 votes)
Total votes: 140

Your Comments

LABOUR: Raise Income Tax and give us value for money! I want a life of QUALITY (public sector, nhs, education, roads, etc.).

Dear old Gordan I'm afraid, dont much like the look of him but then I'm not voting for his appearance just his policies and i feel he has the right ones.

The fact is that the Conservatives have always had to sort out the financial mess left for them by an outgoing Labour government! And they always succeed. For all their faults as human beings and as politicians, the Conservatives are better able to manage the national economy, whereas Labour has always borrowed heavily and spent unwisely.

 In 1997, the Conservatives left Labour with Great Britain having the strongest growth economy in the whole of Europe and we all know what Labour, true to form, has done to it!

 It was exactly the same with the Labour government immediately after WW2 in 1945 and the great British public threw them out after only 4 or 5 years because of their inability to sort out the post-war recovery. [They did, to their credit, achieve one good thing during this period and that was to introduce the NHS.]

 Harold Wilson's Labour government followed the same pattern and so did his successors.

Apart from landing us with a national debt of almost £1Trillion, Tony Blair and the unelected Gordon Brown have probably done more damage to all aspects of life in Great Britain than any government in history!

 The Lib-Dems have shown themselves to be as deliberately deceptive as New Labour and, of course, they have absolutely no experience of government or any understanding of how and where to get advice, at a time when we desperately need some good decision making. [Vince Cable and Menzies Campbell will probably retire within a year or two.]

 So, we need the Conservatives back in again. My only concern is that Mervyn King may have a point when he says that because the next Government will have to do so many very unpopular things in the recovery process that they may well be kicked out at some point and find themselves banished from government for at least a generation. This would allow Labour back in, or the Lib-Dems(?), to repeat the same old cycle of events. This time, however, it would be even worse if the Conservatives weren't able to check them.

Suffered under Tony/Gordon for long enough.  Lets have a proper government (Conservatives).

How true Geoff Garness. People tend to have a very short memory when it comes to politics. Even remembering recent events such as our promised 'referendum' to join the EU, british jobs for british workers, the 10p tax fiasco, stealth taxes, tweaking the county boundaries to ensure more Labour seats in the commons and numerous other lies and deceit Labour have proved themselves as complete failures. With a likely hung parliment nothing much will happen, except of course your continued falling wealth, loss of income, rising unemployment and a probable down-grading of this countries credit rating. In any event prepare for massive tax rises right across the board.

You must be joking! Cameron?---The great pretender.

You need to have some respect for the leader of the party or you should not vote for them. They have had 13 years in power and should have had some money in the kitty for a rainy day, instead they spent it all plus sold all our gold cheap. He has been found out to tell porky pies so is he the only one in the cabinet to do so. Why did he not clean up the MP expenses earlier, where are the jobs he promised? The list goes on and on and on and on.

It really doesn't matter who gets in what ever they promise and give on one hand they will take away with something else. They need to help everyone, normally the richer get richer and the poorer get poorer.

It is time a law is passed, that every person MUST vote, Everyone must pay council tax, so why not everyone must vote. If everyone voted at the last election then we would have had a Conservative government, and we would still have been a very wealthy country.

I see that the percentages put Lib Dems in second place but when you convert that to seats it makes a mockery of the voting system. Thats why I would vote Lib Dem to change the lousy voting system we have now. The other two (the main ones) are of course hoping that they can keep this voting system between them as they have done for years. It is time for change in that we need a complete new look to the way we vote and the way we run the country including control of the banks and the disgusting amounts of money they cream off for themselves.

Lets have an overwhelming vote for the Lib Dems to change politics from this money grabbing system of politics and banks to a fair system for all and not the few.

Just a small comment in response to your -everyone must pay council tax nonsense.If you have never worked,live in a council house, claim benefits or an illegal imigrant you DO NOT have to pay council tax.
If you have worked most of your life you are entitled to NOTHING.
Only the lazy good for nothings get things for nowt.
Oh, and by the way,down with the tories, although i might vote for them as there isn't many industries left for them to SHUT DOWN as they have done in the past.

I used to be for conservative until I had to experiance their cuts, back in the 90s I had my children while under conservative, the hospitals had no staff! people where giving birth in beds in the ward!!! There was a desperate need for more nurses and no one doing anything about it.

Labour I do feal has it correct, Gordon is being given a lot of stick, I live presently in Spain, the recesion here is bad, and i feal if conservative get in the people of England will regreat it, Labours Gorden Brown makes a lot of sence and has worked on given the uk a good foundation to carry on building up from, he has had to make difficult decisions , but he has protected thousands from loosing there their homes, in spain I am seeing people loosing their bricks and mortar, governments not helping the banks the results of that!

I think that Labour would be best for the people of the Uk. The grass isnt always greener on the other side!!!

Firstly there can be no use in an everyone must vote rule as it would simply lead to more sploiled ballot papers. I have to confess I still do not know who I shall vote for on the 6th. There is a local husting, the first for a long time, on the 4th which may help.

Whoever gets in they will have to raise taxation. It is merely a matter of how. Logically income tax but everyone seems afraid of that one. VAT is a bad choice for it hits the poorest hardest. In fact direct taxes are the best choice for fairness.

I think people are intelligent enough to see that we have borrowed a lot and need to pay it back. After all most of us have been there in our time and we know the score! There is no magic wand to create money.

I don't think it is feasible to compel everyone to vote; not everyone is on the electoral list and people move away during it's lifetime.  What would make the biggest single difference to the electoral process is to make every vote count.  If you are in an area with a massive majority, and you want to vote for a different party, it is very likely you won't bother as your candidate stands no chance under the present system.  This is a major reason why only about 60% of eligible people vote.

Change to proportional representation like Scotland and every vote does count.  The coalition (or balanced)  government as they call it, stops any party having such a majority it can do what it likes, like take the country to war against the wishes of the majority of the electors.

Is it fair that, for example, Labour can be the party with the third highest number of votes, but still have the most seats?

Vote Liberal Democrat- they probably won't win, but will have a substantial say in the controlling the excesses of the others, and hopefully, changing the country to a proper democracy unlike the current system, where the party with the least votes can still form the government.

Ian Maxwell


Rarely have I seen so much distorted twaddle.

This recession has been caused by world wide inefficient ill managed and some times corrupt fiiancial services & banks.For instance Lehman's RBS, Northern Rock & Lloyds etc can not be blamed on Gordon Brown & Obama, but can be laid at the door of people like the previous RBS chairman. It  was only the swift & prompt world wide leadership from Gordon Brown that prevented a world wide depression, rather than the recession, that G.B/Labour policies are now leading us out of.It worth noting that the Tories voted against the economy saving public ownership of the banks

How can a Conservative team with Osborne as Chancellor, a person who appears to have had NO experience of work out side the Conservative Party, possibly have have sufficient knowledge to manage the economy?

There is no substitute for experience, and to place our future in the hands of lay persons would be foolish.

Even Cameron's C.V would not enable him to reach the interview stage in many organisations.

It does seem with the Tories a privilege life & who you know are the main criteria for progressing in the party

Doesn't Geof Garness remember the 3 million plus unemployed, financial chaos with 15% interest rates, the NHS & public services starved of finances,& many of our public services sold of in many instances to foreign companies, the pension link to the average wages broken & no minimum wage. Happy Conservative times? I think not

Ian Maxwell


 I have a feeling the electorate are making a statement by showing no clear winner of this election, due to many things - the MPs expenses - the state of the economy and being completely fed up with the constant  barrage of pointless TV analysis from all the TV channels. All these TV presenters are having a field day and being a complete pain in the butt and picking on the slightest piece of nonsence.

I do not think these TV debates are a good idea and infact have debased the whole point of this election which is to judge each party on their manifesto and policies and not on their personalities.

I believe the vast majority of electors have already made up their minds as to which way they will vote, so lets stop watching the TV interviews and analysis and let us just see what happens on the day.  I hope its a Conservative victory but I could be totally wrong.


I totally agree here, vote Lib Dem, because if the conservatives get in and start paying back our debts straight away, it's too soon and we will be back in trouble again.

I also think that proportional representation is a much better way to go, I could never understand why a party can still form a government even with the least amount of votes and another won't stand a chance even if they have more votes.

As for a coalition government, that's probably the best at the moment, that way no one party is going to make all the decisions and we may get the bast of both. I think and hope that it'll be hung between the Lib Dems and the Tories.

Please everyone vote if you are able, lets make a change now!

Labour are best at dividing poverty equally and makes sure nobody gets rich. They will create thousands of allowances ,benefits ,give council houses to those who dont want to work and take away the incentives to work. I have been a gp thirty years and i know ninety percent of people who are sick are perfectly fit for work and dont desert benefits and allowances.

Why do you think Labour would be best for the UK? You have done a runner and don't suffer like the rest of us back in the UK, wasted comments!

It is not possible to think of anything that Labour is trying to sort out that is not a result of either Edward Heath or Margaret Thatchers disastrous policies.
We are now paying the price of them and what do the Tories do? Blame Labour for trying to sort out the mess they left

Lets be realistic the thought of Gordon Brown being in power for another 4years makes mw want to throw up, or emmigrate! He is not for the working class, or any class really, only for himself.He is a self opinionated , selfish , bully.If you do not agree with what he says , the outcome is Rochdale etc, the lady who became famous overnight because he called her a bigot! People have short menories, he took away the 10% tax band putting more people in poverty.He keeps going on about the Conservatives, cutting tax credits, yes they will, but only if you are earning above £40, 000.Nick Clegg, said at one of these political interviews on tv, that he is eligble for tax credits, which he openly admitted is disgusting, b ecause he has a decent salary.This is where the money is being wasted, families on this income do not need it!We need a Conservative government to give us change, a new direction.They will scrap HIPS, this was the estate agencies nightmare.!A nonsensical procedure, that allowed the government to line its pockets again, but causing more expense to the homeowner, who wanted to try and sell his property.!.
Lets not forget the elderly, and David Cameron you need to target this group, because, over the age of 55, their a few million you can target to vote for you,Please.do not feel they have already made up their minds because they have not,I am one of those people.I voted Labour for years, it was a tradition in my family, but never again!.I have watched my savings dwindle under this government, and I am retired with a state pension and private pension, .The state pension is a joke.Gordon Brown goes on about pension credits, you can not get this if you have worked hard all your life, and made sure you have another pension , and own you own home! You can get these benefits if you live on a council estate,and rent of the council, and have not worked,This government looks after the idle! VOTE CONSERVATIVE NOW AND LETS MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN
That bigotted lady also asked him why she was taxed, on her late husbands pension, and her state pension, and the same happens to me, becuase I have a private pension.,and because this just brings me over the tax allowance, I have to pay tax. Vote for David Cameron, becuase I believe he is a good caring person, give him a chance, because as he says if he does not deliver his promises , at the next election throw him out.!


I think you have the right idea by deserting the UK for Spain, if Labour get in again I think I may do the same. The Tories have always had to come in after Labour and clear up the mess they leave behind. In doing so some hard decisions have to be made and this doesn't suit everyone.

Labour and Gordon Brown have brought this country close to bankrupcy and have done very little in the past 13 years so why should we believe they would do any better if re-elected.

As far as the NHS is concerned, I assume you haven't been in a UK hospital lately, they are still understaffed and overworked despite all the money Labour has thrown at the NHS, the fact is the money is being wasted and not going to where it should, too many overpaid managers.

There is only one hope for the UK ever getting back to any semblance of greatness and that is under the Conservatives.

Have you forgotten that Labour have put our country into a £138 billion debt,. Have you forgotten all the allowances we used to get under the conservatives i.e.  Miras (tax relief for people with mortgages.  Passports are now £70 - and where does the money go - to the government.  How about the price of petrol.  Dear Gordon as you call him puts tax on and gets that plus VAT as VAT goes on top.  Most of the cost of petrol is tax so that makes everything expensive a most products travel by road.  There are many stealth taxes which you are probably unaware of but there are too many to go into now. This country has fallen apart since labour have been in power - just the same as when Harold Wilson was prime minister.  When labour came in in 1997 this country was in a very strong position but now most of our industry has either closed down or moved abroad.  If that's what you want then good luck to you.

The Conservatives destroyed the manufacturing base of this country which is only just beginning to recover. They destroyed public services like public transport, which apart from the railways is a joke, and in any case our railways are light years behind those in Europe or Japan. They made our hospitals filthy which allowed in the superbugs that we are fighting today. They created mass unemployment over a long period leading to the underclass that is creating such social problems today.

Unfortunately much of the damage done by the previous Conservative administration is still with us. The Labour administration has attempted with only partial succes to repair the damage in some ares, but many of their policies, particularly early on were similar to the Conservative policies including allowing almost unfettered freedom to our financial institutions, who through irresponsible policies built up huge consumer debt, while at the same time building up excessive government debt.

I think only now is the Labour government beginning to understand its mistakes, however I see no sign that the Conservatives have learned from theirs. I don't know who I'll vote for, I only know that it will not be for the Conservatives.

  1.  "Kay" is absolutely right - what has happened to the UK collective memory?  Or is it because education has been so downgraded by the liberal left that people are not able to read, analyse, and/or think for themselves any more?  Are they simply lured by lies (Labour) or lies plus slick glamour (Lib-Dem)?   A Conservative government has been required to rescue this country so many times - it is our only (maybe our last) hope if we want to regain a land that is worth living in, and where we can see a future that is worth handing on to our children.  
  2. Vote Conservative tomorrow - or you will be throwing away possibly the last chance, in your own lifetime, to ensure freedom from total State control!
  1.  "Kay" is absolutely right - what has happened to the UK collective memory?  Or is it because education has been so downgraded by the liberal left that people are not able to read, analyse, and/or think for themselves any more?  Are they simply lured by lies (Labour) or lies plus slick glamour (Lib-Dem)?   A Conservative government has been required to rescue this country so many times - it is our only (maybe our last) hope if we want to regain a land that is worth living in, and where we can see a future that is worth handing on to our children.  
  2. Vote Conservative tomorrow - or you will be throwing away possibly the last chance, in your own lifetime, to ensure freedom from total State control!

Thats it. Vote Conservative and bring back 15% interest rates like we had last time they were in. 4 million+ unemployed. Riots on the streets. Inflation in double figures. Record re-possions. ERM DEBACLE WITH CAMERON AS ONE OF THE ADVISERS IN THE TREASURY. You don't realise these are not great times but much better than the alternative. As for Clegg, no hoper till he looks well on Tele and suddenly the fickle british public go mad. Good job we don't have a candidate from a soap programme they might just get in.