M&S is to start selling branded food - will this encourage you to do your main shop there?

16% (14 votes)
81% (73 votes)
I already do my main shop at M&S
3% (3 votes)
Total votes: 90

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M and S have a good reputation for their own brand. I would be less likely to shop there if they started selling other brands.

If they are going to sell exactly the same items that can be obtained in any supermarket, surely the deciding factor will be the price.

What I especially like about M AND S is that its shelves are full of their own brands unique to them. What a lazy cop out and they will not be cheap either

You can bet it WILL be dearer....

Too little too late by M+S.Now they are neither Posh or ordinary.I think they have lost their identity !!

My wife stopped buying Marks and Spencer food when they started charging for bags. I cannot see her being impressed by them offering branded food which she can get from Waitrose and Sainsbury without the hassle of always remembering to take her own bags along. I have always wondered why very high margin clothing is happily supplied by M&S in free bags!

Older Not Wiser!

M&S Food is fine for those who do not have to bother about cost . I shop for both quality and price so my main food shop is Morrisons with Aldi and Netto and Iceland for basics. A M&S takeaway is fine when you havent the energy to defrost and cook from scratch, but you pay throught the nose for it!

You get a "better class of shopper" for M&S food cf Netto, but value for money is my standard.


If M & S want to keep their food business they should piggy back on their "quality" image and just create a lower priced range of the basic products so people have a choice of their M & S foods rather than stocking food that  all the other supermarkets have. Carrefour in France have recently done it and all their discount range sells out before all the other expensive branded ranges but they haven't skimped on quality. Their olive oil, sugar, flour, biscuits and other basic foodstuffs are great. Maybe they should copy that idea.

Mrs H, Southport.


I voted no because I dont think it really matters to me if they sell there own brand or not as it seems to me they charged alot any way for their own branded labels hence I did not shop there and went to a local supermarket.

If M and S want to be competitive they must price match food items accordingly or they will go under just like the famous 'Woolworths' in my humble opinion.  Well I dont shop there so there must be some truth in my theory or I would shop there if it were competitive!

Its not Rocket Science!

When I shop at Marks & Spencer it's because the quality of their own lines is almost guaranteed. I can buy the branded lines elsewhere.