Is it fair people can write-off debts using legal loopholes and technicalities?

13% (15 votes)
88% (105 votes)
Total votes: 120

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if its legal its good

its due to irresponsile silly borrowers like these that ordinary people like us have to pay - indirectly: account maintainance charges, overly excessive credit card charges, and higher borrowing rates.

These irresponsible inducements pumped out every day to aid people to act irresponsibly should be made illegal.    In fact all advertising on television aimed at inviting people to borrow money and get into debt and then slide out of the obligations they had comitted to should be banned.    


If they are your legitimate debts, then you are entitlied to pay them. In being allowed to have the credit facility in the first place, then you were possibly helped out at the time depending on your particular circumstances.

Where would these people be, if when applying for the debt facility, they had been refused.

To then try and get out of the debt, by almost underhand means, is no better than stealing from others.

The previous comment about this being one of the reasons why the rest of us are hit with various degrees of mark ups, is wholly correct.

People have a duty to honor their debts, or pay the consequences.