If you're over 50, will you be using your increased ISA allowance?

Yes - I'll invest it in a stocks and shares ISA
16% (19 votes)
Yes - I'll invest it in a cash ISA
53% (63 votes)
Yes - I'll invest it in both cash and a stocks and shares ISA
12% (14 votes)
No - although I have used some or all of my allowance this year
8% (9 votes)
No - I haven't used any of my ISA allowance this year
11% (13 votes)
Total votes: 118

Your Comments

My wife and I have already placed £3600 each into a Cash ISA this year and will deposit a further £1510 each into that Cash ISA on October 6th

yes i will invest in bothcash and stocks shares I S A

I have already asked Power Robbins for application forms for additional investment by my wife & me.

Clifton Pyrke

I will certainly be using my increased Isa allowance from Oct. 6th this year. But only in the

cash part of my Isa holdings. I do not believe shares have stabilised enough yet to make use of the increased allowance in equity markets. But it has to be remember that even at the best rates on offer, the increased allowance in cash will only be worth about 30 plus pounds extra in interest for this current year.

In major terms, hardly worth bothering about.

There may be a problem if you have already invested £3600 in a cash ISA as some accounts do not allow additional funds to be added, particularly fixed rates. As you can only use one ISA provider per tax year you will lose the extra allowance.

Will use my cash ISA allowance with a reliable provider in the hope that nothing goes belly up.

Yes,this is unfair!!! I deposited £3600 in a cash isa bond, and the assistant didn't tell me that I couldn't add my extra allowance to it.
Just after she lodged it, I asked her if i could and she said 'no'. so I asked to take the money out of that isa and put it into another non-bond type and she said I couldn't or I would lose the isa status. It had only just been put in there and she didn't tell me about the restriction, but that's the Halifax for you. So I have lost out. it is unfair isn't it?