How important is leaving an inheritance to your loved ones to you?

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Very – I have taken steps to protect their inheritance from the taxman
21% (10 votes)
Quite – I want to leave them an inheritance but haven’t gone to great lengths to avoid inheritance tax
28% (13 votes)
Maybe – it there is something left for them that’s great, but I don’t want to make sacrifices in retirement
34% (16 votes)
Not at all – it’s my money and I intend to enjoy it
17% (8 votes)
Total votes: 47

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I feel it is important to leave as much as possible to my descendants, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect hard-earned money from a very wasteful and avericious Labour Government, who seem to expect more and more "perks" from hard-working taxpayers, and seem to find increasingly inventive ways of taxing us. We are now being taxed heavily as long-term investors, by removing indexation and taper relief. Why should we be taxed on being prudent over many years of Inflation? Gordon doesn't know what Prudence is! It is even more difficult when one is a widow, as there are even fewer options left.