How important is customer service when buying financial products?

Vital - you get what you pay for
38% (6 votes)
A consideration, but not my priority
44% (7 votes)
Not important at all, I'll always chase the cheapest quote or best rate
19% (3 votes)
Total votes: 16

Your Comments

Funds.....You only have to look at the yearly tables regarding Fund Managers, they show many often loose you money, so why pay others to loose your money.

Mortgages.....As to mortgages, it is far easier and cheaper to find your own via the internet.

Shares.......You can often see the same shares, being tipped Buy/Sell/Hold. So two so called financial advisors will be wrong, whilst only one is right.

They are a total waste of money.Many also have their own agenda.

Good customer service would be good these days. Just been offline, no internet for 13 days due to appalling customer service from Talktalk!!!!, Buyer beware if you thinking of switching.
They are cheaper and for 'basic' requirements are good. The only 2 problems that i have had with them turned out to be faulty modems on both occassions. I am now getting hassle to pay out their engineer visit of 30quid. I have said that it is their equipment that is crap and i will not pay anything....................... still ongoing so be aware......................

Greekman, I know what you are saying about funds! Exactly why I pay spmeone to choose mine for me. They then look at them and review via a face to face meeting every 3 months.

The growth in my pension fund since I have been doing this (probably 3 years now) has been fantastic.

Don't get me wrong, I pay for it, however my adviser earns me a multiple of what i pay him! You get what you pay for.

I would however qualify that by saying that I deal with an adviser that does not charge commissions. He charges me fees.

I think due to cost cutting we are ending up more and more often with poor quality service, faulty goods and so on. An example: I bought my car 2 years ago and my wife got hers a year ago. Both cars came from different manufacturers and both are plagued with stupid solutions implemented to save money. The difference is my dealer provides excellent customer service and hers doesn't care at all. Even despite some issues I am quite happy with my car where my wife's can be very difficult. We don't really think about customer service until we need it and if we don't get it we may loose much more money than we saved buying cheapest option. I could save £5 a month buying internet from TalkTalk but then spent £100s on petrol when service was down (their fault) and I had to commute..