How frequently do you review your current account?

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I've been with the same Bank, although in different Branches, since 1964. I don't feel under any pressure to change my Current Account with them, even though it pays a microscopic amount of interest!

 I review monthly and modify when necessary.  I have been with RBS since 1963 having moved from The Trustee Bank and have had no regrets - they have done me proud!!

I've been with the same bank (Midland, later renamed HSBC) for over 20 years. I started as a young saver, moved to a Student account (they had the best deal at the time) & then 'graduated' to a Graduate account. The interest rates offered throughout this period were not the best, but in terms of customer service (esp. with internet & telebanking), they have always been excellent. Current accounts don't usually reward you well in terms of high interest payments (that's why you need a good savings account or two), but if run properly, they should ensure all your payments in & out are processed efficiently, your account is easy to manage, and perhaps most importantly, when things sometimes go wrong, your bank should be able to help you resolve things quickly. In these terms, HSBC is excellent so I have never been sufficiently tempted to bank elsewhere!

I believe i have one of the best current accounts on the market with First Direct i.e excellant customer service and every Monday morning at 8 on the dot i receive a mini statement via text.They always keep you up to date with information & offers - so under no pressure to change accounts.