How do you plan to top up your pension income in retirement?

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The other option is Equity Release, I think many will have to go down that road including myself.

Why do we have to select only one option? I have investments, I have a buy-to-let, I can downsize, and I can carry on working. I intend probably to do all these things + Equity Release if I need more!

as i have had an injury which has left me 17% disabled i will have to try and keep working but retirement looks bleak and scarily enough its less than 20 years away

I'm 62 and my state pension is a little over £20 a week. (Don't get any other pension). I still don't understand how to work out with any accuracy whether I'd be better off topping it up and getting more pension (don't know how long I'll live!!) or using any spare cash to live on now and continuing with my very low pension (and possibly living another 20 years!) Any ideas?