How are you cutting the cost of motoring?

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When motorists keep their engines running for up to an hour whilst either sitting in their cars going nowhere or not even in their cars. This makes me very annoyed. Do they not worry about pollution. the environment and of course their pockets by wasting fuel to go nowhere.

My Seat Leon has stop/start and a real time mpg reading, I use it all the time and compete with myself to get the greatest fuel saving I can.

Amusing to have cars overtaking at great speed only to meet them shortly after at traffic lights and junctions.

I generally set of on any journey a few minuets early and am able to drive conservatively, I arrive relaxed and on time.

I don't see the box for, 'All of the above.'

Motorists keep their engines running for the air conditioning, and they generally don't pay for the fuel.., you do. Company car = company fuel bill = tax write off. If the company is paying for fuel rather than paying tax, your tax has to stretch to cover the gap left behind.

I have noticed driver with engines running whilst they wait for children to finish the scouts meeting. I have no doubt this happens all over the country and at other palces. What a waste of fuel/money and they don'tthink of pollution either.
I was in a queue at a roadworks the other day and nearly every engine was running. I stopped mine every time the queue stopped moving as we were waiting up to 2 minutes each time.

Join the Institute of advanced motorists, You will save on, fuel, wear & tear & Insurance.

Try breaking your wrist - you will then apparently be uninsured for driving until the plaster comes off so the cost of your own motoring will go down dramatically! But I fear that if you live in a rural area, apart from the inconveience, the cost of replacement cab service just to restock the larder once in a while will still leave you somewhat out of pocket .....