Have you switched your central heating on yet?

YES - The temperatures dropped so the heating's gone on
24% (243 votes)
YES - But I've turned the thermostat down to try to reduce the bills
31% (308 votes)
YES - I have the heating on most of the year round
3% (27 votes)
NO - It's not cold enough yet, I've just popped a jumper on
22% (222 votes)
NO - I'm cold but heating is expensive so I'm holding out a bit longer
20% (194 votes)
Total votes: 994

Your Comments

Fuel bills are far too high so we have put on jumpers and warm drinks will keep off for as long as possible

yes been using my heating but go to bed early now cold weather here

I am now the slave of the thermostat, continually adjusting it to maintain an average of 21Deg C. Its the wind that cools the most despite insulated loft, walls and windows.
Winter thickness duvet now on board !

NO i am 58 years old on disability allowance and can not afford to put central on to expensive .I put extra clothing on instead and drink plenty of hot tea and soup.

My home has an electricity and gas supply. It has a boiler that can centrally heat my home. I can't afford to turn this central heating on. Luckily sunshine comes through my lounge window in the daytime. We wrap up in warm clothing. We have got blankets in my lounge. On my bed I have two duvets and two blankets. I am glad I got my loft insulated. I worry about energy costs going up even more.