Have you switched to a cheaper supermarket?

Yes, for all my food shopping
3% (1 vote)
Yes, for some of my food shopping
31% (11 votes)
No, I was already shopping with the cheapest
17% (6 votes)
No, I have stayed with the same supermarket
49% (17 votes)
Total votes: 35

Your Comments

Lidl is cheapest.

lidl may be cheapest but i think it depends on what you want to buy for example i like to buy organic meat and some vegetables but you can't get good quality at places like Lidl. A while back i discovered the Asda is cheap and does a really good range of different foods so i can get vegetarian sausages for one non-meat-eating family member and all the stuff i would normally want. It also has a good foreign food section which is nice for the variety and is alot cheaper than Sainsburys and even Tesco!

My husband and I wandered all the supermarkets last week out of curiosity and to get a feel for what was going on, we found bargains everywhere!! Sainsbury selling top brand large cereal at £1 a box, fresh spaghetti(large bag) at 64p, we are familiar with regular savings such as bogof etc but it seems that prices were being slashed exceptionally so. We moved onto Lidl and noted that their fresh veg and fruit was exceptional as was the prices, advocados at approx 35p, really large cucumber at about 40p certainly cheaper than Tesco and then onto Aldi where we felt their refrigerated goods were brilliant, sausages, meat, potato salads, crisps even like kettle chips but a large bag for 45p Admittedly you dont want to spend silly fuel amounts running around but you can shop carefully and save a fortune. Asda too was good but it always has been to be honest, if you live locally to one then you can be sure they are pretty safe bet price wise.