Have you switched energy suppliers in the last 12 months?

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I change my supplier whenever need to depending on prices. Sometimes twice a year.

I would be willing to bet that yet again the profits of the fuel supply companies increases well above inflation.
The excuse that any rise is due to initial cost just does not wash.

I would also like to know what use is the energy regulator OFGEM. Do they do anything, or just sit back taking their no doubt excessive salaries.

They are a total waste of money.

I understand there is to be yet another inquiry into energy pricing. This will have the same effect as previous inquiries, NOTHING.

As to changing supplier, I will wait a few more weeks as then I will be able to judge more accurately were I can save most money.

I used to switch quite frequently then worked out how much I was (not) saving. Now I stick to one supplier and leave it at that. They all rip you off so it does not make that much difference.

I switched from British Gas to eon just before the projected Gas increase was announced. Looks as f it will prove to be good timing. Thank you USwitch. It is tiresome to have to do this every few weeks. however. cannot it not be checked centrally on a continuous basis. Arthur Welsby

I deprecate that on line comparative sites which include under fixed or capped terrifs , tariffs which merely provide a fixed discount on a variable standard rate

It is frustrating that no sooner have I changed supplier there is another company offering a better deal. One company even refunded my £50 penalty for leaving another supplier before the end of my contract! It is maddening and tiresome to be constantly wondering if I have the best deal. This of course also applies to phone, broadband and investments!

Again, all energy companies are ready to rise thier prises as soona s they get chance?

I review upon receipt of every bill, each quarter. However, the result over the year always comes out in favour of Ebico. OK, I am a low user but I always use the Which? comparison site as they have no axe to grind and, as Ebico refuses to advertise, they get ignored by the major comparison sites including Moneysavingexpert.

No matter which company you are with they all put they prices up even after telling you that the price is fixed for a year. They do not tell the truth over the phone.

I review my energy provider for duel fuel costs regularly. I am currently with Scottish Power, but having been with Eon and NPower over the years Scottish Power is by far the cheapest. I pay on monthly direct debit.
Even so I am just upgrading our 20 year+ old boiler, and as the gas part of our bill is 60% of the monthly cost I am having solar tubes for our hot water installed too! Prices aren't going to ever come down so thought was a good investment!

I'm with scottish power at present using an online tariff paying by monthly direct debit. I try and have proper insulation in the house and other energy saving measures, but there is a limit to how much you can save. Energy prices will always keep going up as we're a captive audience. The only way ultimately to make a differerence is to use alternative forms of energy like solar heating and photovoltaic, wood burning stove and other forms.

i switched and ended up with the same supplier.
As Customers , loyal for now we should be offered the best tariffs , there are too many to trawl though and too many different types

I recently swapped to Scottish Power, and look what they have now done. I ask is it really worth it? If I swap again, they will then put their prices up, because all the others always follow

They are nearly all Foreign Owned lets Nationalise them all again ,bring them back into State ownership.

We were notified by the company who had given us a good deal because we were on a very low income, and they told us they were reviewing it and when they asked the usual questions about income they had 'changed the goalposts' and knocked us off any of the former discounts they had given us. We had just had a Combi Boiler installed by our Housing Association and were beginning to get on top of the bills because of the lower gas bills, so the 'change of goalposts' put us right back where we started.

I have been with E-on for a few years now, on the Age UK tariff. E-on recently advised prices were to rise and offered 2 or 3 tarriffs. I chose the Age UK as would also get cold weather payments.
I think this is honest and not what many other profiteering supplliers do.
All fuel is expensive, in the 1980s I remember the goverment "managing" similar rises in energy. Why not now?

I was with British Gas, last December when the national press stated that BG were putting up there prices by 7%, because I am what is classified as a low user my bills went up by 26%. This May BG advised me that the online tariff that I was on was being closed and I would be put on the Standard tariff, I was looking at another large increase, so used a comparison site which showed that Ovo Energy could give me the best tariff, so I switched to them. They have gone back to the old system where you pay a standing charge(18 pence per day) and all units used are charged at the same price. I still found that paying the standing charge and the first 720 units of electricity at their standard rate works out cheaper than no standing charge and 720 units at BG primary rate price, in addition all further units are also cheaper than BG. One further addition that Ovo do not make a big deal over is the fact that what ever their rate is when you sign over is fixed for 12 months. Can anyone better this??

I change whenever I can, but always seems to have problems with direct debits being set wrong, then big bills to repay. This time the price of the one I am switching to has changed before my first bill, they all seem too expensive but what can we do? we all need fuel....