Have you switched energy providers in the last year?

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I switched from npower to scottish power by using a "uswitch" website. I cannot determine whether I have made a right decision as one needs a Phd degree to understand and compare the tariffs provided by various power companies.

The power companies should standardise the tariffs so that consumers are able to compare effectively before they make a decision to switch.

I am very happy with my Scottish Power deal.
I do not understand people who say they do not understand tariffs.
If you use the uswitch comparison site, enter your current supplier, using your best input data, best in kwh's per year,( now shown on my Scottish Power invoice), or use monthly usage cost.

You will see the best cost deal, you then have the option of comparing side by side your current dealer with the "best" other deal. There it shows the unit cost and standing charge/ or no standing charge. This may not be the best "service deal".

Whether the fingings of today are good for tomorrow, you need a crystal ball.

I hope this may be helpful to some, although many will already know all of this,but thats the risk you take when you offer an opinion.