Have you struggled to get an NHS dentist?

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I don't have a dentist and haven't been to one for years because it's almost impossible to find a NHS one.

can't find one at all. mine just says it is £200 each time I go. Never get a receipt, she takes about 15 mins max.

My husband is in need of a bridge. The NHS charge for this is £200, but my husband was told that the cost would be £1200. This I rang up and queried, and the receptionist said that if it was not a straight forward bridge the cost was higher.

How ironic of greedy dentists wanting only private patients

I was asked by the dental practise i had attended for nearly 25 years to join the Denplan a couple of years ago as they were no longer treating anyone on the NHS, i didn't join this plan and was subsequently removed from there books although i have always paid for treatment now a few years on the same practise is running campaigns for new patients on the NHS how ironic needless to say finding another NHS dentist has been a very difficult task

I am a dentist.
I turn away 100 NHS patients a week because I am too busy.
I have just got another dentist to work for me.
I went to the NHS/PCT to ask if We could treat them and was told that we could not as the PCT had run out of money.
Don't always blame the dentists, lobby the government instead.

I have an NHS dentist, their books are closed at the moment but they open them up from time to time

A dentist close to my home was taking on NHS patients earlier this year. I am on income support and incapacity benefit because of ill health. To qualify for free treatment I had to supply an evidential letter from the DWP. I had requested one in December but despite seven writing seven times and phoning six times they refused to send it because I have an appointee, who told me I wasn't entitled to it. Eventually, she relented and forwarded one that was a year old, by which time the dentist had closed his books.

I recently managed to find an NHS dentist after 3 years of going without. What he said about the treatment I needed was however contradictory to that of the local teaching dental hospital. I have stayed on his books but I don't have much trust in him

We had no HNS dentist nearby until about 6 months ago. Now a new place has opened they have a large notice in the window saying they are taking on new patients. I'm surprised that their list was not full much quicker. Perhaps there is no real demand for such a service.

THis is rubbish. You are being charged a private fee

£200 for 15 mins?! Don't go anymore stating the price if everyone did the same the cost will soon come back down.

Having recently retired and enjoyed private dental care in employment.. we tried to get on an NHS dentist list.  It took over 14 months of trying and several failed attempts at help/ direction from NHS Direct. We kept getting the names of dentists that were no longer taking patients.

Happily we are now with a local NHS dentist.. but he immediately relieved us of £87 worth of treatment that we were unaware we needed.  So I am not sure what has chaged.

Is rubbish £200. The dentist charges for the work done eg my private dentist is £70 per filling [ white ones ] £120 for conscious sedation £500 for a crown etc. And of course you get a receipt! Im charged 1/3 after the initial consultation then the other 2/3 after the work has been done [ just as well or i'd have to rob a bank! ] If that  little tale was true that dentist would be struck off!

check this out,  find a private dentist who will examine your teeth at the private rate of about £25 and subject to your teeth being healthy they will then take you on as a  n. h. s. patient, it worked for me,just ring round or visit to put my words to task, good luck- Billy    

Reason no NHS vacancies dentists insist on 6 monthly visits . These are not justified .
I've visited my dentist every 6 months for 10 years and have never had any treatment , if you don't count a clean up .
But they've closed ranks , shades of closed shop ...and the NHS are being blamed for the lack of dentists .

Mrs H, Southport.

I would not recommend leaving your teeth unchecked for so long Beth.  A check up would only cost you a small price even if you went private.  But alot of hospitals now have nhs dentists working for them throughout the country now and they are offering a great service so look into this.  You dont want your teeth falling out!  Remember to floss too as my nhs dentist told me its very important including the back molars too! lol.  I also get a plan from the HSA so you can claim back alot of the cost you paid out on dental costs.  So your quids in!


I have been with an NHS Dentist for several years now and have check ups every 6 months.

Older Not Wiser!

Those unable to find an NHS Dentist should attend their local council Health Scrutiny & Overview Committee. These are mandated to ensure that the local NHS Primary Care Trust  as health care providers, meets the demand for local NHS dentistry etc.You may also be able to attend your local PCT Board Meetings and press them to fund adequate dental services.

Council  Committees are formed from democratically elected members, but PCT's have appointed boards and so are not responsible to the public. They do respond to publicity and local pressure.

I used to be in denplan but my denist changed back to nhs , i moved district and was unable to find a another dentist , when i did i was very unhappy with the treatment i recieved ,so i now go private what a difference , No contest I dont find the cost to bad I only get charged £25.00 for a check up . i did need some work at that was £180.00 , My Husband paid that out when he had some hhs work done on his teeth , and had to complain and have some of it done again .i

hi just scrolling around.I'm classed as a nhs patient in an nhs/private practice but seem to always be charged exorbitant prices eg;2 half years ago £560 for crown told today if I have root canal on tooth causing problems £600????what can I do as even when explain its pricey told cheaper option is extraction but.........how do I find if being diddled or is it case of this price because??

Spend your money on a nice holiday and find a good english speaking dentist say in Hungary. Get your teeth fixed there. Or don't bother seeing your dentist for check ups, do your own, magnifiying mirror, electric toothbrush, toothpaste, flossing stuff dental hook from Boots the chemist and then remove your own tartar, carefully polish. Good job. BUT, do not trust our dentists they are greedy and create unneccessary work. Make sure they have their qualifications on display not like the one I went to who has caused me dental trauma. He fleeced me, the pain is ongoing I could have paid for a holiday in South Africa and had work done there, anywhere but not here.