Have you had to use your savings to stay afloat this year?

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I have been using my saving (since I was made redundant for second time over 10 years ago), to cover holidays, household repairs, car tax & servicing etc.
I have no sympathy for public sector strikers. The unions did not complain when Brown destroyed private pension scheme, no doubt they enjoyed the £5 billion he robbed each year.

I work within the private sector and have been advised no pay rise yet costs are going up all the time - when will it end, savings will not last forever. Yet the cost of everyday items are increasing over the rate of inflation, and what is going to happen at the end of the year when farmers corn, wheat etc fails to yield the expected yields, dearer flour, bread, biscuits etc etc remember wheat goes into a lot of our ceareals too!! What is going to happen then, home fuel is increasing, when is it going to end when we have no savings left.
The current government keeps blaming the former government, yet no one is holding the BANKERS to account, they get their bonuses where is mine - it might help even if to only give us a holiday!

Not many savings left now, not sure what will happen next year!