Have you had a pay rise this year?

NO - my wages are exactly the same
65% (437 votes)
YES - and I'm happy with it
14% (91 votes)
YES - but it was under the current level of inflation
22% (146 votes)
Total votes: 674

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I have not had a pay rise for the last 3 years but that's OK as I'm one of the "wealthy" local government workers.

Briefly my company rewards only friends and illegal immigrants. Does the Home Office is aware? Someone on a travel visa should go home at the end of the period especially when the intentions were clear from the beginning that they were in the UK to establish their own residence. Easy to cheat as that person says at all times!

I'm one of the lucky few

The public body I work for has pledged to increase the wages of all those who are currently earning under £21kpa, hence I got a payrise. Anyone earning over that amount is subject to a two year pay freeze.

However, the payrise I got was under the rate of inflation and after deductions will probably be less than £10 a month - hardly the fortunes that people seem to think the public sector are being paid!

Now in the second year of Local Govt. pay freeze, likely to be 3 years, by which time we'll be substantially behind the private sector - if we still have jobs at all that is.

Also subject to sucessive rounds of restructures/ redundancies. It's definitely no longer a job for life!

The only thing decent local govt. workers have is their pensions and those are under threat too.

In your survey you have not taken account of those people who rely upon their investment income, which over the last 2 years + has decreased significantly. There are many millions of people dependent upon this income and like all other commentators are ignoring these people.

Ive actually not had a pay rise for 3 years now. Working for a private health provider, and me being non clinical staff, pay rises have been awarded to clinical staff to keep them from defecting to the NHS which has continued to enjoy pay rises in recent times. Add to that, last year I nearly got made redundant and managed to get a job in another division of the same company, but at 8% less salary. Add that to inflation and on one hand I feel pretty hard done by and am feeling the pinch big time. On the other hand I could be redundant and looking for work so I am happy with my lot.. for now...

I am on a modest wage under 18k and have not had any pay increase for over 2 years now. I work for a small company with a work load that is not consistant. Sometimes we get busy and sometimes not so. When we got really slack we tidied the factory and painted the walls. At this time I got anxious that I may lose my job, but my boss has kept me busy the best way he could during these hard times. I AM REALLY GREATFUL TO HAVE BEEN KEPT IN EMPLOYMENT WHEN THOUSANDS OF OTHERS ARE LOSING THIER REGULAR INCOME.


Awarded a 5% pay rise in June - successful performance by the telecoms company I work for!

Unfortunately not all wages have stayed the same, even without a pay rise. My salary has decreased due to the increase in VAT and NI so disposable income has decreased.

In retail and catering many people have not had a pay rise for years, my brothers work in catering for a local government building. Their job has been T.U.P.Ed 7 times. The last time back to the local government under a charitable trust. They have worked for the company for over 30 years. They were put on £6.10 per hour and no over time rates 5 years ago. There has been no pay rise since that time.

As for myself, i was in retail management until in was made redundant, again, the fantastic pay for managing a shop or more than 3 departments was £15000 per annum and if you can get one now will not really have gone up in the last 3-4 years.

I was offered a job as a manager a while ago at £13500 for a 440 hour week.
It seems to me that nobody tells the truth about work in general in this country. A lot of people work long hours and still struggle to pay for a home, especially in Bournemouth where the average wage seems to be less than elsewhere.

i am a fireman and i have not had a pay rise for 2 years and been told i wont get one next year either.

Not this year, last year or the year before that! In fact it was 2004, but that was before the company I worked for was taken over by the Nottingham mafia, aka Pendragon plc.

what about no i've had a pay cut, or perks have been removed leaving me worse off

Not only no rise for two years, therefore a cut because of inflation, but as a public service worker I am going to have to pay extra for my pension to deal with the government's too-deep cuts.

This is what you expect from a Tory scum government assisted by the Liberal poodles.Rob the poor to reward the rich......its a reverse Robin Hood strategy.

I work in a dental practice that has 2 surgeries. The other surgery where the partners and associates are based have had a pay rise this year, but we have not had a pay rise fin 3 years and I am personally struggling financially more than ever.

I am on incapacity benefit which is not supposed to be means tested but DWP always deduct an amount due to me receiving a small company pension. In April this year there was a small increase in my company pension payment so DWP have reduced my incapacity benefit by the same amount leaving me with a net nil increase

Is it right that a company can with hold a pay rise for 10+ years

Is it right that a company can with hold pay rises for 10+ years

no wage rise for last 3-4years

Pay freeze for the last 2 years with a lost of retention bonus and less possibility to work bank because of the reduced number of posts.

I am a teacher, so pay is frozen and will soon have to pay an extra 50% into the teachers pension (which is no longer final salary) - and my retirement date has been put back by 8 years. The changes are an absolute disgrace - a con by the Tories to force the majority oif teachers to drop out of the pension scheme due to lot being able to afford it. I'm seriously considering emigrating to get away from this back-stabbing government with no respect for education.

I get a bit fed up of people moaning about the tory gov. All the cut backs are a consequence of a complete useless labour gov, who set up an entire fake economy, by borrowing continuously & letting lazy benefit cheats live the life of riley. Now the torys have to try and rake through all the mess labour created & guess what people have to work & plain & simply a lot don't like it!!!! And as for the robbing the poor.....I think we have to define poor; the people in the slums of Bangladesh & those dying in Somalia are poor. Not those in council houses with the latest wide screen TV's & Nike trainers!!!!