Have you ever told a financial fib to your partner?

I am keeping a big financial secret from my partner
18% (2 votes)
I lie about money all the time but not about anything major
0% (0 votes)
I have told the occassional fib but I don't make a habit of it
45% (5 votes)
My partner and I are totally honest about money matters
36% (4 votes)
Total votes: 11

Your Comments

The only lies I ever tell are to do with how much I spend on clothes but I say this is might right as a woman! Plus my husband probably lies about how much he spends down the pub. A few white financial lies are ok in my book as long as they don't hurt any one.

I have been known to spend a fortune on make-up and I certainly wouldn't tell my husband about spending £30 on Chanel eye shadow, however the good thing is I know I'll never have to physically lie about the price - he's wise enough not to ask!

I must admit to a few minor fibs. Upgraded my mobile phone and told the missus that it was a free upgrade when it cost me £99 to upgrade. I'm also guilty of rounding down the amounts spent on lunch in the pub, but I'm sure most blokes do. It's hard to lie too much with a joint account.

I lie about money all the time but not about anything major