Have you ever heard of Zopa - winner of Moneywise most trusted personal loan provider?

Yes, I've used it
17% (13 votes)
Yes, I've heard of it
27% (21 votes)
I've heard of it, but don't understand how it works
6% (5 votes)
No, I don't know who Zopa is
50% (39 votes)
Total votes: 78

Your Comments

I have heard of it but not sure how it works or how reputable it is

Yes I've heard of Zopa - and I've been using it for over a year! It takes bit of work to understand all the ins and outs, but really it runs itself and you just have to keep an eye on your lending to make sure you're lending at the right rate.

Not one I've heard of. Not the greatest way of making money (for a lender). For a 5/6% return I'd want a much safer option.

Is this sort of lending safe? Are they protectedby any financial institution? Who knows?

Yes I have heard of it and downloaded the info. and although tempted will not lend will not be doing so..
With all the public sector cuts, redundancies, increased VAT, etc. there will be more debtors and 2011 will be harder than 2010.