Have you ever been a victim of credit card fraud?

40% (20 votes)
Yes, it happened to me once
44% (22 votes)
Yes, it's happened several times
16% (8 votes)
Total votes: 50

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I do not know how it happened, but it followed a transaction at a self service deisel pump in Cornwall. my bank became suspicious and telephoned me to ask about a purchase in America, they refunded the money right away, after talking with me.

A barclaycard that had been locked away and unused for about four years had a purchase in the USA and France with a  total spend just under £3,000

As my card had not seen the light of day I could not understand how anyone could get the card details but Barclaycard made a full refund within a few days.

In Miami the waiter brought the validator to the table I inserted the card and entered my pin. He couldn't get a signal so I went to the desk and used the validator there. Within a couple of hours my prepaid Caxton card had been cleaned out.

I was subsequently told that the validator was the waiter's personal one used for getting card details and pin numbers. So beware!

Incidentally Caxton were very good and refunded me all the bogus transactions.

I recently received a replacement card for my expired credit card and the first time I used it was online at Play.com. The following day we received a telephone call from the card provider querying purchases that day, one for a small amount followed by a larger amount. Neither of which were mine.

The card details could only have been retrieved from Play.com's website and although I have tried to contact them on several occasions they refuse to respond.

This is not the first instance regarding Play.com, as a similar incident occured with my nephew a couple of years ago.

C.J.Platt I destroy all my addresses that are on my mail whatever it is and pay by paypal in the hope that it will not be stolen.


Never allow anyone, espcially hotels to swip your card for any reason. Chip and pin or nothing is the rule for me now.

Yes, I was a victim of fraud, I very stupidly use an un secure site, I even thought about it twice but I still went ahead, it was strange I did not get a credit card bill, luckily I could check online and to my horror someone had bought quite an expensive phne, iphned the bank who put a block on my card and when I went in, these people had over the phone managed to get my address changed, it was all too easy. Eventually the money was returned but I still got charged £15 because the bank said I did not return the form, in fact, I had twice, both of which the bank lost, this money was never returned and this all happened one year ago. Please be very careful with the sites you use.

Yes, had card swiped

Yes, it happened to me a couple of years ago. Someone got hold of my credit card details from a Tesco forecourt whilst I was filling up with petrol. They used my details to fill up a fleet of vans around the country averaging £60 a day, unbelievable but true.  Tesco did the right thing and reimbursed me.

Many years ago we purchased a pair of children's shoes using a TSB Credit Card. The item showed on the next monthly statement, I cleared the balance in full, then a few months later the same item appeared again on a later statement. I called at my local TSB branch and suggested this looked like internal fraud, and was reassured that this was unlikely. They quickly removed the item from my account, but I received no further response or explanation.

Yes - (Few years ago) My card was stolen from my house, I blocked it on the same day, 1 Month later i find that someone has been using the card in a Odeon Cinema.

Card was used two months in a row, Then called up card company again, and they said it must be internal fraud. They were doing their investigations and it happened again for the third month.

But i was reimbursed the full amount as soon as everything was sorted out

Someone got my details (I know how but if I told you I would be broadcasting the method).

Basically the card company was at fault by allowing very large transactions (£1000 +) and allowing the card to run up to its limit (£4500+) on a card that was hardly used.

On another card when I purchased an item worth about £1500 the company rang the shop and checked by asking me security questions.

R Matta

My card was used in places I had never even visited in the UK.  There were about half a dozen transactions both online and in stores.  They all occurred after I had been sent a new card, so my opinion is that my details were taken at the credit card company.  It took over 6 months to clear up the issue.

I had around £800 taken from my Bcard visa card in three transactions at J Sainsbury's on line. I have no idea how it happened. I've never shopped there online, and I've got a Verified By Visa Password set up too. Although BCard refunded the amount, they have NEVER contacted me to explain how it might have happened. I wish I'd registered the fraud with the police then at least I might have found out what actually happened.



Don't bother. I reported my credit card fraud to the police by phone - the card was never out of my possession and hardly used.  Around £4500 taken out. Quote: "No crime has been committed"


Happened twice. Complete mystery. Bank refunded after protracted investtigations lasting several months. The Banks must have a mass of data on how the fraudsters operate and get hold of card details, yet they never tell the victims how their card was abused. If they shared some of the intelligence, everyone would be wiser and could protect themselves better. I'm as paranoid about security as the next person but I don't believe it is always a bent waiter/petrol station/online purchase etc. There is a wholesale market for card details, centred in foreign climes, yet the Banks happily relocate their labour intensive operations abroad. Neccesity is the Mother of invention. What would you do if you had a large dependent family and lousy wages? Call centres employees have to be soft targets for organised gangs. Most people would see it as a victimless crime - one over on the fat cats. Banks are universally reviled and for good reason. Everything they do is shrouded in secrecy until it all goes horribly wrong. Then, they retire on massive pensions or worse, plunge the world into recession. Come on Banks, clue us up........and get our details back in the UK. There will still be fraud but at least it will be home grown fraud and the money will still be in circulation in the UK.............I think?  


I am extremely careful (shred everything with ANY personal details on) and only ever use sites with a locked padlock yet last year, my card details were used over the net in three different countries - all transactions were on dating sites!  Around £600 went and my bank after a while refunded it.  The fraud dept in my bank picked up on the fraudulent transactions straight away and stopped my card. 

The latest one was only in the last month where a bank employee apparently hadn't cleared my screen after a phone call and had paid someone else's credit card bill using my account!  On seeing the transaction when checking my statement, I immediately queried it (especially after last years fright!) - the tellers manager even rang to apologise and when I went into a branch to re-identify myself, there were more apologies!  I would advise everyone to check their accounts daily - as this incident is proof that mistakes can happen!

Do you know if this took place using a hand held device? I work for a local newspaper and we're keen to investigate this story.