Have you changed your level of insurance cover because of the downturn?

I've increased my level of cover
3% (2 votes)
I've reduced my level of cover
3% (2 votes)
My level of cover is roughly the same
93% (54 votes)
Total votes: 58

Your Comments

Am I the only person to actually think now is a good time to save money, cut back on spending and increase my insurance??? I re-jigged my home insurance recently to try and save money and i managed to actually get better cover with my personal beloggings now included away from the home. The reason? I can;t afford to replace my lap-top at the moment if it does nicked or lost or damaged and it seems like a better bet to make sure if the worse happens i can get a replacement as I can't work without it. It makes sense to me, and its cheaper anyway!

Insurance is all about peace of mind, and now with the Internet you can search all the most popular Insurance Companies via comparison sites and get the policy that best suits you. I have done this recently and the costs are better than last year and I have ended up with a much better deal. So to be safe for not much cash go OnLine

 You should have adequate cover, saving by reducing your cover is a false economy, In this time of financial difficulties, when jobs are being lost it is difficult to replace items that have not been covered. At least, if you have any money, and you use the ATM, and are a little worried, Gordon Brown will come to walk you home, Or is this another one of his false promises? Or is it another ploy to distract us from all the other messes, he and his ilk have got us into?

I considered changing my ISP for a cheaper option. My present ISP provider gave me 6 months free (worth £120) plus a drop to £13. per month after. They don't want to lose customers!