Have rising petrol prices forced you to drive less?

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My wife is disabled so im forced to use the car for most trips ,but we have stopped going out to the beech ,as much as we use to, and day out trips. when we go to the hospital, we now get the boat to portsmouth, and use are bus pass to get to ( Q A ) hospital, if we take the car all the way round its over 20 mile round trip, at the hospital you have to go to so much time and trouble to get free parking, now that thay have altered everthing, its cheaper to get the boat, but it can be cold on the boat in the winter.

I also think the price of diesel should be reduced to well below the unleaded petrol price by lowering the duty. This would ease the upward pressure on prices of everything we buy in shops as everything is delivered to them in diesel powered lorries. A genuine inlation buster.


I am driving less because of the ridiculous price of petrol (which the gov. gets most of -- it's our money!!).

Maybe if we all bought less the message might get home to the gov.!!

Since January I have reduced my cruising speed on motorways from 75mph to 65mph and my average mpg has risen from 53.6mpg to 60.1mpg and hardley noticed a any increase in journey times.

when you are disabled like me you have got to use the car or stop at home all the time, and even going to the nearest shop entails getting the car out as going on my scoorer this weather is not an option to be considered

Living in a rural area (Herefordshire) with NO public transport means the only way to save money is by reducing non-essential journeys e.g. fewer trips for shopping, pubs and events. Estimated reduction is about 10% in mileage

Am seriously thinking of quitting my job as its a 50 mile round trip and I get paid a whopping £6.90 an hour for a 39 hour week!!!!

Being both disabled and unable to work, i have had no choice but to cut down how often i am able to go out on a daily basis, i only now go out for hospital and Dr's appointments and once a week to the supermarket.

I only fill up in short bursts now and wait till I pass a garage with a more competitive rate before I fill up properly. Currently Esso garages in my area are selling at 1.24.9 compared to the infamous tesco stores of 1.29.9.
Why aren't the lorry drivers creating bockades like back in early 2000?

RIP OFF BRITAIN. Nobody else pays as much as us. If we didn't have all the illegal immigrants and asylum seekers to keep paying for we wouldn't have to raise so much in taxes

My place of work is 25 miles from home. Fuel has always been my largest weekly cost, but the dramatic increases over the last 1 - 2 years are now causing a massive dent in my income. A dent I cannot afford. Luckily, because of this, I have managed to wangle working from home 2- 3 days each week, and this has made a big difference to me.

As I live in a rural area and have to walk one and a half miles to the nearest bus service, which is infrequent, I have to use my car for short to medium journeys.
I would love to use my bicycle more but the 12-week diversion of all traffic , including HGVs, double-decker buses, coolchain lorries, etc., down our very unsuitable road makes this a very dangerous option.
Therefore I can only use less fuel by using public transport for longer journeys; so we'll be going to Manchester for a long weekend this month by train using our senior cards, and will use free buses when there.
Next month we're going to try taking the train to the port for a trip to France - but the bottles of wine we buy will be limited in number!

We are lucky in that we have senior railcards and free use of buses nationally; I feel sorry for working people, many on or near the minimum wage, especially those living in rural areas, as they have no choice other than to become unemployed.

As The Big Society crumples, and the millionaire members of the Cabinet & the Bullingdon boys continue to swan around in their large cars, maybe those of us who inhabit the real world will get back to the methods of saving fuel that are tested by time, such as car-sharing/pooling, hypermiling - and of course using Shanksey's pony as much as possible. At least that should help the obesity statistics!

I have to think carefully before making any journeys and whenever possible combine everything I need to do in one trip, i.e. shopping, taking rubbish to the dump, hair or dental appointments. Have also decided to sell the 2nd car and use the savings to help with the ridiculous rise in diesal charges. We do not go for a drive out at weekends as the increases have made that a luxury.

I live in the depths of Norfolk, have no practical public transport and thus have no option but to continue driving the same as ever. Its really annoying when the anti car users get on their high horses about car drivers. They probably have a bus passing the house every 15mins or so.

I use a fuel enhancer in my engine that gives at least 18% more miles per gallon and which I have used effectively in my last four cars.

I am amazed that more people do not use the item that I have been using on my last four cars and which gives me 18% more miles per gallon as well as reducing emmissions.

I don't find public transport any cheaper! The tube fares go up every year and the service doesn't improve.

To use public transport to travel 10 miles to work costs even more and more than doubles my journey time. I am having to really restrict visits to friends and family.

Due to the continues increases of fuel prices I have replaced my Toyota Avensis to Skoda fabia State Greenline II. I hope to make considerable savings.

I absolutely agree! They have created these problems and it is showing in our purses now. I drive less and think twice about doing anything and was never like this before. The government has had to raise taxes and VAT for the right reasons but this has exposed the real truth.

The cost does still not reflect the true environmental cost of driving. I may be spending a fifth of my wage on petrol as I like others have to get to work, but so I should be

The high prices are due to the fact that there is NO COMPETITION in the fuel supply industries. I call on all motorists to boycott BP and Shell petrol stations so that their tanks overflow! Supply and demand will take over and competition will be restored. BP and Shell are usually the highest priced fuel suppliers in UK. Another anomally is the fact that the least process fuel i.e. diesel is now the highest priced. This is an example of pure profiteering.

Finally the government tax scheme is immoral and will lead to high inflation and the next recession.

I have to drive to be able to carry out my work duties so I am not able to reduce my mileage much but I do drive less private miles. I do think more about making a journey and try to combine what would have previously been two trips. Back to work travel, I do take more trains now where I can but the nature of my work means I have to drive most of the time. I do, however, drive more slowly than I used to - 60 rather than 70 on motorways for example and this does save a lot of fuel. I believe it's working out around 10%.

The easy oil has already been found and we must wake up to the fact that even when the deficit is paid off and we are out of recession, fuel isn't going to slip back to 89.9p per litre as much as we want it to.

My answer to all this? I have reserved a Vauxhall Ampera.

I would be interested to know what R H Brindley is using to increase efficiency by 18%?? Do share... go on... you know you want to :)

I am not so amazed because as far as I can see, you haven't told us what it is! Unless I am missing something obvious.

Sounds interesting though, so please share.


I've been car sharing for 15 years and hypermiling for 3 years. I've managed to increase my mpg to over 15% more than the govt. figures for my car and I only fill up once a month now.

Cut back loads on car journeys,bus fares way to expensive ,even after taking in fuel and car parking,the car is still cheaper,just don't go out ,just work and stay in,friends live too far away,last time went out it cost us £7.90 for 2 pints of lager (over my hourly rate),just have couple of drinks at home by ourselves...no spare money left to save/enjoy life.....whats the point in working..need car to get to work as no cheap transport any way...My car does 55mpg on diesel,how can the haulage companies cope,they have to put up there costs which pushes up inflation,we buy less,we make less,i work less hours because of less work= i earn less,

Having worked all my adult life, and needing a car to get there, because it's a damn awful journey by public transport. Also I need to be able to visit disabled family at short notice usually after working a full day at work.
I am now finding it increasingly too expensive to get to where I need to be, and I must now consider weather to give up work because it just costs too much in fuel and insurance to get there.

I now drive at 50mph on the motorway, it has vastly improved the mpg i return from my car.

Its my mini protest at the government and rip-off britain.

You can still spot the company car drivers ,who blast along because they don't have to pay for their petrol!

My husband now chooses to cycle a 16-miles round trip to and from work as we cannot afford fuel. He has already had an accident (hit by a lorry switching lanes) and sustained severe concussion & a broken sternum but was unable to take any time off work without repercussions. But since fuel ultimately will keep going up plus public transport is too expensive and unreliable and pay rises are a thing of the past for most of us, there is no other choice.

Yes Tony, and don't forget you probably lose some 32% of that in tax/national insurance before you pay more tax when you buy your petrol/diesel..........most of that is tax. Oh, and they raise the RFL each year especially for those who can't afford a new lean burn machine. Didn't someone tell you this was the "big society" operating.........................

Please be kind enough to give us details of what type of fuel enhancer you are using, so that we can also benefit with these type of fuel savings.