Have fees and charges stopped you flying with an airline?

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These charges should be banned . The airlines should adverise the total price including debit card charges and onl;y be allowed to charge a reasonable amout for credit cards. The bag size that you can take with you as hand luggage should be STANADARD with all airlines. I would also prefer to see the ticket price incresed and the hefty surcharges on luggage reduced. Advertising a ticke price of £5 or similar which turns out to be £78 when all the long list of extras is added is not codusive to fairness.

I object strongly to being charged a fee for booking online. I am not charged a different price in shops depending on how I pay. It is the same cost whether I pay by cash/debit card or credit card. How do the airlines get away with this. Mind you they are not on their own!

One of the charges which shoukld be banned is the "£5 departure tax" charged from Norwich airfield by Omniport. It looks as though this imposition is just applied to the hoi polloi, and the people departing by private 'planes don't pay. It's supposed to be for "airfield development"........

Likewise when buying theatre or other venue tickets, we should't be charged for using our credit cards. Any aditional charges will make prospective purchasers more reluctant to purchase - that can't be good for an ailing economy.

I hate modern smoke and mirrors advertising and where possible avoid providers who use small print to try to fool me.

Thank you for the information that you give me. This is a great artricle. I can share this to my classmate in Education Essays class. I'm also guilty of rounding down the amounts spent on lunch in the pub, but I'm sure most blokes do. It's hard to lie too much with a joint account. A few white financial lies are ok in my book as long as they don't hurt any one.

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