Has your tax burden increased in the last five years?

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Yes, my tax burden has increased
82% (23 votes)
My tax burden is about the same
18% (5 votes)
No, my tax burden has decreased
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 28

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we pay to much tax in this country and it is crippling some of us, when will the government listen and put down taxes? no enough is being done to help people, instead we are just expected to fork out more money all the time

I have some reasons to move house now and will have more to do so when my kids go to uni in a few years from now. however the tax burden of moving with stampduty are such that I'm likely to stay put. this is likely to increase heating bills and travel costs but it would take years to spend £20,000 on these!

For nearly 10 years we've had the fastest rising tax rates in Europe.
Our corporate taxation is now higher than many European countries and this is causing businesses to move offshore.
Tax freedom day is now June 2nd, a week later than it was 10 years ago.

Need I say more?

Karl Craig-West


When Nu Socialistic Labour got elected 11 years ago, they openly admitted that they didn't know what they were doing with regards to running the country (They certainly knew how to ruin it though). That statement is the only truth that they have ever told. The countries finances are in a mess, maybe bankrupt. Brown sold off our Gold reserves cheaply and went on a spending spree. He then got greedy and did a pensions raid that caused distress to quite a lot of people, especially the aged. This is unforgiveable and should never be forgotten what he did to the working class of this country. He robbed them. Banks are starting to fail, houses are being re-possessed in record numbers by the day. Jobs are being lost too and companies relocating abroad. Our once great NHS is in a shambles, some are unclean and it is now very risky to enter a hospital and you are lucky to come out alive given the germs, viruses etc floating around. Blair engaged the country in 5 wars, most were illegal. Wars cost money and that is where the money has gone and the reason why we are all having to pay extra taxes and stealth taxes. Motorist are the easiest target to obtain money from. Catchting criminals costs money and because the jails are full, they are left alone. Nu Labour think they know better and that we don't need to vote on the Lisbon treaty referendum on EU. The EU is a gravy train with unelected leaders at the helm specially selected by the Bilderberg Group - The Secret Rulers of the World. Read about Secret lobbying for Anti-Democratic European Superstate by Western Elite at http://www.bilderberg.org/bilder.htm The Brittanic Isles is in total disarray, Blair and Brown have, between them, done what Hitler could not do with bombs. The future looks bleak now that Oil has increased dramatically in price and, because of lack of foresight from the Labour Cycloptic leaders, we will no doubt all go to the wall except those who are rich enough to stay solvent. Lets hope we can have a General Election soon before have to pay 99p in the pound tax.

I would like to know why Nu Labour has allowed thousands of illegal immigrants into the country and what the real reasons are for this?

Could it be that they realise that they can no longer rely on the white working class/ middle class vote  and have brought these people in, looked after them, simply to get votes and thus to keep in power?

We should never forget what Nu Labour stands for and to NEVER allow them power to rob us all blind with taxes, stealth taxes and council taxes and more importantly, ruin the country at our expense.

If anyone supports them, then they are not a typical average Briton.

Why do you think Nu Labour are anti Grammar Schools?

Because they want to keep the populous semi literate so that they can control them and manipulate them.

George Orwell was some one who wrote about what is taking place right now.

 I just feel so sorry for ALL those soldiers, sailors and airmen who laid down their life for this country and other countries too in the last 2 world wars.

What is happening with the EU is a mockery to our democrary and freedom. We are going to get sucked into somethind dire and sinister ! Mark my words. 

It's Student Loan Tax that is hurting me the most. As I wrote on my blog back in January the RPI rate doubled to 4.8% for this student year (http://www.millionaireadventure.co.uk/2008/money-rants/student-loans-the...). How long can this government continue using it's CPI measure for public sector payrises when it is clearly not appropriate and then use the higher RPI measure for student loan interest.