Has the VAT cut encouraged you to spend?

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Yes, I am taking advantage
8% (7 votes)
No, it hasn't made any difference
92% (83 votes)
Total votes: 90

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Rate cut was pointless. Some smaller retailers have not passed it on and have just benefitted themselves and to most people they either dont understand the reduction or consider it is insignificent.

Absolute waste of time. Time he called an election.

no , complete waste of time just like brown

quite agree , total waste of time , browns terrible policies over 12 years are now coming home to roost for the people of this country

wouldn't say i was going out on a shopping spree exactly but yes i have taken advantage, why not it is a saving even if it isn't a really really big one! The thing that annoys me though is that it is difficult to know what the saving is as many shops don't work it out until yoy get to the till. i don't know about other people but i make my buying decision when i look at the price tag and seeing as these have not changed it doesn't feel like i am saving any money. but i did take the opportunity and brought a new sofa which i was thinking about getting some time in the next few years. Having said that to me the sales were a bigger incentive to the vat cut!

Rather than this pollitical 'gimic' it would have been more meaningful to retain the 17.5% Vat receipt and use the difference for even minimal support of the crumbling economy

Total waste of retailers time and resources. Significant price reduction have been made my most retailers to help maintain business levels. The small reduction will not encourage individuals to spend a £10.63 reduction on a £499.99 TV will not be a deciding point to buy or not to buy. Brown & Darling think again, the public are geting wise to your attempts to hoodwink us. We are not stupid.

This was a political gimmick as we always see from this Govenment. Furthermore nothing can hide the Millions of pounds original people have lost from their savings and pensions through this situation - but also since Gordon Brown taxed Pension funds.

We are in for a very very long high tax level to pay off the huge debt they built up and have now added to........

Ho Hum - anyone for Australia?

Thge cut was stupid

If they want people to spend the government should make it worthwhile. 2.5%? So if one wanted a new flat screen tv you would save around £10 - woopee.

No - a terrible waste of money - it would have been far more encouragement to spend if taxes on income had been cut to leave people with a little more salary each month!
(Can't work out how to vote on this site, by the way!)

The vat rate reduction has not and will not make a lot of difference unless you have a large vat rated purchase to make, most ppls biggest weekly expenses are there mortgage, no vat, there weekly petrol where vat is charged but doesent seem to have had any change, there weekly shopping no vat on foods?
so no it hasent and will not make av difference.

why not raise the min tax alowance to say £10000 and put some real money back in our pockets???

I'm off to play the lottery, I've had enough ...

No way would the tax cut encourage me to spend, nothing is safe any more we live in an upside down world when people try to encourage people to spend beyond their means. Please take time to reflect and put your own life on the right track as no one else gives a dam, your life your responcibility your debt!

The reduction in vat has had little efect on the man in the street. If on the other hand this had been passed on to exporters of goods, this may have made a differance to trading figures and jobs.
It is savers like myself that have born the brunt of this recession and not just savings but pensions too.
I am not a Labour voter but I cannot blame Brown for our problems although they were happy to be on the gravy train. I could forsee this coming for the last two years so why couldn't the govenment, it was always a question of when.

The VAT reduction - a pointless ineffectual exercise that does nothing to encourage " growth" , which itself is a doubtful objective.
We need Governments that can somehow move us away from consumerism and utilise our skills ,knowledge and effort to bring the rest of the World out of poverty and into balance.
The common enemies are religious extremism, poverty ,ignorance and stupidity!
We have a finite planet with an expanding population and diminishing energy resources.Soon the only alternative will be enforced population control either by war or edict, and unless we realise that we are all interdependent and reliant an each other, there will be chaos, starvation and conflict.
We need wisdom more than anything else.

If VAT has gone down how come everything is still "x hundred and 99 pounds and 99p" just like it was on the higher VAT. You think the price got lowered somewhere else - I doubt it.

Waste of time in my opinion, ok, so you geta bit of money knocked off at the till, but how much as changing all the systems to the new price cost. I work in an office where we charge fees on the cost of the price of works (building control in local goverment) it took me and a colleague almost a day of updating price lists, website and sending out to regular customers - what a waste of money, for it all to change again no doubt!!!

It has been handy when buying clothes, not to have the VAT added on, so making it cheaper, but that's about it really.

I think Gordon Brown should get real. He and his cohorts, along with George Bush and his are responsible. They were the people who encouraged the debt in the first place. Gordon Brown stole from pension funds, sold our gold reserves at bottom of market. Then increased taxes on the poorest people in the land. How's that for a caring sharing Government of the Labour medium. Come on Gordon Brown, GIVE US AN ELECTION.

Waste of time and the pennies reduction on shop bills is an irritant to me and to the shops. I feel sorry for anyone having to complete VAT returns

Yes of course the VAT reduction of 2.5% is worthwhile. I'm just now buying a new car and the tax reduction is paying for the sunroof.
But the icing on the cake is reading the comments on this website from the sad, forlorn Tories. If any of you couldn't cut the mustard under Labour during the boom years don't blame Gordon Brown. Take a long look at how you controlled your borrowing, savings, investments, financial progression, etc. If you really think that those amateur Tories who sit in the Commons and have learnt how to Boo in Tune can do better you must be nuts.
And as for the guy who commented "Ho Hum - anyone for Australia". Then please go. I was down there in 2008. They've got a Labour Government too with a huge amount of legwork to do. Just like the UK in 1997. There is an awful lot of unemployment down under. No Job Centres and a benefits system something like Buddy Can You Spare a Dime. And the free health service doesn't actually mean free. Just try it.

no it's made non diffrence

The cut I agree is insignificant ... people buy what they want to buy ...on credit and dont consider the consequences .. there is no need as this government will bail them out with cheaper and cheaper borrowing ...or benefits.

no worse than the thatcher years