Has the Budget left you better or worse off?

Better off
8% (6 votes)
Worse off
72% (57 votes)
About the same
20% (16 votes)
Total votes: 79

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worse off of course, thanks for nothing brown, thats what i get for working hard all my life and paying my taxes, retirement destroyed by a labour government, get out NOW!

Worse Off

And this is Labour for the working class ! I don't think so line there own pockets only!

the pension nil again only the lazy people who donot want to work get more money £380 a week. they will not work when they can get money for being lazy they shound only been paid if they try to get work only

He could have done more to help pensioners who relied on the interest on their savings to subsdise the state pension

Thanks for not helping pensioners again

Worse off .... Me thinks I should stop working my ***** off and become an MP with all the expense perks and home allowances ..

worse off

Why should people be paid to have children - if they can't afford them they should not have them, not look on them as a scource of income which a lot of parents do!!

Worse off. ISA increase worth about £30.00 - big deal. 250,000 new jobs or support for existing jobs? Let's all hope and pray that they're not more 'non-jobs' in the civil service sector.
Remember Gordon the truth merchant? He created thousands of jobs of that type, and later on had the gall to say he was going to get rid of 50,000 or so civil servants? Well he never did get rid of any.
Why don't they start really doing something that the public would like, such as scrapping all their perks? They get paid for turning up to work. Do you? They have their congestion charge paid for by us. Do we? And how many of us think that when they turn up for work they'll stay there all day? Not me.
And the annoying thing about the porno watching husband is not that he watched it, but it means that she never checked the expense was correct when she submitted it. How many more and by how many MP's are not checked for authenticity?
How many of the cabinet have ever had a wealth creating job? They should get out of office and then out of the country they've ruined - asap!!

Worse off. Brown managed to sell all our gold reserves when the price of gold was at it's lowest, he plundered pension schemes and he is still in power!! Darling has done nothing to improve anything. I think it's time for a new government!

Very worse off as usual. MP's get money for 2nd homes, when people are being thrown out of theirs because they can't afford payments any more.....MP's get paid for doing their jobs, plus also an attendance payment. They sit on their bums each day...heckling each other...(sort of reminds me of the muppets) They get to rub shoulder's with the rich & famous, have expensive lunches while the rest of us are being told not to eat junk food, but that is all many people can afford on the money they get!! Come on we all know the government is a joke. We are in this mess because they decide how to run the country, we are at their mercy...of course its us ordinary people who suffer.


I have to say that I am bitterly disappointed that this Government did not raise the £16,000 savings level that precludes people from claiming council tax benefit. As has been said before, people on pension credit are already financially better off than those with small savings over £16,000. We cannot put this money into ISAs as usually these savings are for repairs etc. in the home and instant access is needed. I suppose I could get rid of my meagre savings and throw myself ‘on the parish’, but who will repair my roof, who will pay for repairs on the necessary car (no buses no shops)? Add together Housing benefit, pension credit, council tax benefit, free health services and now the £10,000 savings discounted – anyone claiming all of these benefits is living in clover

The £16000 capital limit is a joke. At current interest rates (0.5%) that most internet banks are offering for instant access you would have to deposit One million pounds to get £5000 a year in interest. To get the average salary of £14000 per annum you would therefore have to deposit £2.8million and find 56 different banks with these accounts so you would have protected deposits. I have nothing like a million pounds so can see myself slowly shrinking poorer and I do not know of many people who do have more than a million in ready assets.

The Government has created an underclass; they have created a section of the community that, because of their frugality during their working life, have made preparations for their retirement. This money is now no longer enough. The continual rises in council tax, food, heating costs and the non existence of interest, has meant that they are now using some of their savings for everyday living. They have just too much (savings) to qualify for benefits and too little to maintain a decent quality of life. They see feckless people living it up in every benefit under the sun, even holidays overseas. Services supposedly free from the NHS are not available to them. Dentists are only taking on children and those receiving benefits within 15miles of my home, and a recent course of treatment (four fillings) cost me £500

He then mentions the retaining of Stamp Duty for properties over £175,000. This is a very discriminatory relief. How many people in the South of the country benefit from this compared to those North of Watford? Those young people living in the South will still be hard pushed to find something under £175,000. On top of this their council tax will also be much higher because of the ludicrous banding system.

This is a budget of only two parts and it should be three. The first part is to soak their perception of the rich. The third part is to appease the section of the community which will possibly vote for them. The middle section has been completely ignored, they can go on struggling to pay the bills, many of them living from hand to mouth. It is time that this section of the community made itself heard – and this budget is fast pushing them in that direction.

I am now a little better off, as a senior citizen. With free travel, winter fuel allowance, free insulation for my house, free medicines, and an increase in my pension, tax free. What more do you want?


I am now a little better off, as a senior citizen. With free travel, winter fuel allowance, free insulation for my house, free medicines, and an increase in my pension, tax free. What more do you want?     


thanks to this goverment ill be poor as my savings are worth nothing gordon brown told us to save for our old age and he would make it benifacily for us

If we stop giving our money to the ASYLUM SEEKERS which is THOUSANDS of pounds and a home and all the health care they need. We should be like France no one gets anythink  until there claim is approved and if it is not they should be sent back at once. My family my then get a council home instead of them being at the bottom of the list for year and being told all homes must be offord to ASYLUM SEEKERS FIRST. 

What is the use of an increase in ISA when the interest is 2%.
As usual no thought put into it.
Why can we not have an election now so the Tories can start to fix the usual Labour disaster. The party for the working class what a joke.

Worse off. This incompetent greedy, grasping, cheating, dishonest government still thinks spending other people's money is the way out of a recession. These MPs with their I'm all right attitude, obscene salaries, gold plated pensions and expenses are now so divorced from reality that they cannot imagine how it is for the working man. What I cannot understand why the Tories were not all over that idiotic chancellor. Imagine being newly elected and yet saddled with Darling's stupid budget. We are going to be hit for the next four years by this budget. Next year will be more of the same while the Hand Jobs in the financial sector get off scot free.

any goverment that keeps borrowing and borrowing can only spell disaster, if you cant pay off a small debt how do you pay off a bigger one , someone will have to pay for this mess one day , lets get labour out and let get out of europe too , the money saved by not giving to the eec can kick start this country by offering low taxation for new firms without all the eec beaurocracy that comes with it

Worse off.

We will all be worse off because fuel duty is up again. Pure economics will force transportation businesses to increase their rates and this will affect eveything that we buy from our stores, from food and clothing to white goods. Taxing the rich at 50% is in some instances about time, but they ought to have scrapped stamp duty bn property and put a little more thought inot the general feeling of discontentment that the great british public are suffering from. There was no good news in this budget for the average working man in the street. Time to change? who to? we are in a mess now and will be paying the price for decades to come.. Thanks Gordon and Allistair.... for nothing....

Worse off. Pub landlord nursing a heavy head this morning. Our industry is dead.

Worse off as usual with this bunch of idiots attempting to run the country. Time for another war, only this time, can we let the germans win PLEASE

As usual we shall be worse off.

What is up with the management of this country - keep on digging into the till and helping themselves while the rest of us pay for it. MP's shouldn't get a second home allowance, provide a 600+ room hotel near to the House of Commons, so that on the days that the MP's come into London their accommodation is available for them.

This will also be a money making venture as whilst the MP's are on their recesses/holidays of at least six months, the hotel rooms could be made available to members of the public, but with heightened security measures than other hotels.

As usual we shall be worse off.

What is up with the management of this country - keep on digging into the till and helping themselves while the rest of us pay for it. MP's shouldn't get a second home allowance, provide a 600+ room hotel near to the House of Commons, so that on the days that the MP's come into London their accommodation is available for them.

This will also be a money making venture as whilst the MP's are on their recesses/holidays of at least six months, the hotel rooms could be made available to members of the public, but with heightened security measures than other hotels.

The chancellor is like a rabbit caught in the headlights. It was a ditherer's budget - nothing particular here or there. The increased tax rate is just a sop to those who want to see the bankers punished. It won't raise any serious tax money. Usual suspects taxed again - drinkers, smokers, drivers. Not a lot for anyone else. Labour have just made certain sure they lose the next election. Anyone remember 1979 ....

Where can I get £380 a week ?.

Those pensioners moaning that they no longer receive enough interest to live off should think themselves lucky that they have a large enough capital sum that used to produce an income. Try spending a bit of your capital in tough times and spare a thought for those of us working all the hours God sends just to keep a roof over our heads. I'd be more than happy to spend my capital - if I had any!
I get no working tax credits, have no children so obviously get no money there. It's about time hard working couples were appreciated, we give huge amounts to the economy and get very little back apart from a very rare visit to our GP.


LABOUR (hypocracy - one rule for us and no rule for MPs (freedom) )

- second home allowances

- expenses

- allowances to do the job they are already paid to do anyway

- 10p TAX

- oh and PORN


Messrs Darling/Brown, did not exactly do anything to benefit the country as a whole in their budget, did they?

I can honestly say that Mr Brown is the worst Prime Minister of my lifetime. Much of the turmoil we are now experiencing, stems I think, from the time he was Chancellor. Once again, even the budget was littered with lies. Who is the Chancellor trying to kid when he says he expects growth of 3.5% in 2011 in our economy.

What frightens most is that his lap dogs are paraded later that same evening on Newsnight, to rigorously defend the content of his Budget.

When oh when, is someone actually going to resign from Mr Brown's Government in protest at his stance and what he is doing to the Country.

I think things can only get worse, and the nearer we get to next years election we might actually see some serious rebellion in the ranks, especially those MP's in marginal seats. One could be forgiven for thinking he wants to leave such a mess for whoever takes over, that he and his party can then use this to attack the new Government.

I am not a bitter Conservative, but in fact have voted Labour all my life. But never again, while Mr Brown is the helm.

I think Mr Brown views his Premiership as a medium for his own solitary ego, rather than serving the country.


As a working man approaching retirement the answer to the question is worse off. Any ISA s I have are worthless as far as interest is concerned, so why put more money into them. Anything of any relevance is on the way up. This government are only interested in rewarding the growing benefit army who are interested in only doing nothing and creating an open door for thousands of asylum seekers which we have to pay for.
This open door policy is costing the country hundreds of thousands of pounds in interpreters and increased police activity in respose to increased crime levels. Its time something was done about it.

There is also the gravey train.... I could go on.

Lets have an election and get shot of the lot of them.

Of course,in general everyone will be worse off,but indirectly it has nothing to do with the Budget.it is to do with the global recession caused by the greedy bankers and the greedy borrowers who have borrowed more than they could afford,but at the same time those with a mortgage will actually be better off by paying low mortgage interest.

So it is the world financial crisis that is the main concern and a budget was produced to try to overcome these problems.

As the old saying goes -


Worse off definitely I think the only place in the UK were decent people would be better off would be in prison as they don't have to pay taxes or anything at all get to smoke inside the place if they want have games halls and fancy TV’s Computers and of course en-suit toilets which in some cases the warders even have to empty for them (who's the mugs) and if it doesn’t go their way they either cry human rights regulation or they destroy the place so the Government replaces ALL the stuff they broke or set fire to. On the other hand we have to work all day for low wages give a large chunk to Brown and his side kick Darling every thing we do is taxed in some way or another even after we die and this to try and keep our head above the poverty line and look after our families we can't go out now because it's to expensive in the pub I think it high time that Governments realised who the people are and stop pussy footing around criminals who have a grudge against society and also STOP all the immigrants getting a FREE lunch when they get into this country kick them back to where they came from and don't listen to the crap they tell you about their lives are in danger thats the oldest trick in the book just look at the carry on in Calais in France where there are hundreds of Illegals desperate to get into Britain ask yourselves why do they want to come here when things are supposed to be so bad in this country , it's because the good old people of Britain will pay them benefits when they arrive and give them FREE a lovely house to stay in and also furnish it for them and make sure that all their fammiles can come over to "VISIT" and most of the time don't bother to go back again who are the mugs the good old people of the UK. It's high time WE the people of the UK started to tell the government what we want them to do for us and not the other way round after all we are the one's who vote for them to be there in their highly paid jobs complete with expences that the normal worker in the UK is not allowed to claim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is my second comment about the budget. Whilst I think the budget was a non event other than making it more difficult for the next government to sort out, I feel sorry for poor Alistair. He was left a right mess by Brown. Brown also thends to forget he isnt the chancellor any longer, whenever he gets the chance he jabbers on about the financial changes HE'LL make! And one of his female colleagues on the Paxman show the other night said " We (the government) have reduced interest rates.....) yet when they were on the increase it was "The BoE has raised rates...." . She should know whose job it is to control rates. They are all so wonderfully stupid that they are ruining the economy, the country and people's moral in a way that has never been done before - so that's a first for them at least.
Anyway, my main point is:- The £2000.00 for your 10 year old car against a new one, with £1k from the government (us) and £1k from the poor old car company. Well, isn't it only last month that Ford and Vauxhall put their prices up by £1k? So, should they manage to sell any it's only us that puts the money in. Wonder if there was any collusion between... no, the government wouldn't do that, would it.
So yet again, we are funding the car manufacturers and for years we have paid more for new cars that most of Europe. What a gang of buffoons!!

All in all, probably worse off. Fuel duty rise - it will be the third in the space of a year. This will have a knock on effect on the price of goods, not to mention personal motoring costs, leaving even less disposable income. It will have gone up by nearly 6p a litre or 27p a gallon in this time, just in tax. This is an absolute disgrace - the cost of a litre of fuel is aprox 20-25p. How can the govt levy a tax (inc VAT) that is nearly three times the price of the goods? Alcohol duty going up will put even more strain on pubs, and cost us more to have a treat. Those who have bettered themselves with good jobs and hard work will be hit for six. Those who contribute nothing i.e. benefits scroungers, will, as usual, carry on as if nothing has happened. The govt should have overhauled the benefits system by limiting the total benefits paid to a percentage of average earnings (say 50%) and limiting child benefit to a maximum of two children. This would soon get rid of scroungers and save billions. They should also put in place a system (like other EU countries) that limit benefits to migrants. The current system is just not sustainable. The should also have put in plans to scrap the multitude of quangos and consultation groups costing billions but contribute nothing.
The sooner this pathetic excuse of a govt. is gone the better!

Better off

Wow! Great move letting us have a scrappage allowance for our 10 year old cars. I think they (the government) have yet to realise that many cannot afford to replace their old car as a new car costs money! My disposable income has been eaten up by council tax increases, gas and electricity increases, petrol increases, food increases. See the trend? The increase in the Road Fund Licence probably killed the British car industry hopes as it does not pay you to have a large car/engine or an older one on a low rate R.F.L. It seems that it is greener to have a new car built and a perfectly serviceable one diposed of now that can't be green....can it? Answer carefully as you may be taxed, green or otherwise
Would be nice to have the time to go look for a new car but I'm to busy working unsociable hours (for low pay). To think I voted Labour all those years ago. Tories may be the best bet but I won't hold my breath