Following energy price rises, do you believe that providers' pricing strategies need to be subject to external investigation?

YES - Rocketing prices are unfair and disproportionate
98% (40 votes)
NO - It's a free market
0% (0 votes)
NO - The cost of energy will inevitably rise as providers need to find new sources of energy and invest in greener alternatives
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 41

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The price of gas and electricity is outrageous, and even worse perhaps is the price of water!!!! especially i8n the South West of England average bill £400 a year.

Energy companies put up prices quickly when their wholesale price goes up but when wholesale price come down they do not put prices down.

Yes I do, but sadly I suspect any investigation will prove to be a waste of time and money, because if anything untoward is found and that's a big IF, the regulatory body will not take any action other than making a lot of noise.

YES - Rocketing prices are unfair and disproportionate

The greed of these energy suppliers knows no bounds.

Every autumn/winter is the same as far as the energy prices go, as soon as it goes cold all prices go up, 3 years running and all we get is 'our prices are up' so we have to pass them price rise on - RUBBISH they bought there energy at summer prices so they should sell it at summer prices, and another thing - 'we have to invest in the future' is what they always reiterate with after they have been slated for hiking up the prices, why should we pay for investment, is that not what the normal PROFITS are for - £65 profit per customer last year, this year over £90 per customer profit, OUTRAGEOUS profiteering!!! About time ofgem got involved. Scandalous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These energy companies are ripping off the customer, and need to be stopped by the gov.

Having had (economy 7) storage heaters for 25 years,we have seen the prices rocket every quarter with the last bill reaching a huge £577.!
As Council tenants we asked for gas to be put in,especially as hubby is 73 and suffering Rheumatoid Arthritis to boot but the Council say there is (adequate) heating.
Adequate definately not,so with the Councils permission we have had Gas put to the door at our own expense,but although the gas is there we cannot get a meter due to Administration Errors on National Grids part,saying that the MPRN number isn't recognised and not on the data base.
We have been without any heating for well over a week now and still we wait for the go ahead,so are we better off trying to better ourselves and live the rest of our lives with a little warmth or stick with the all electric????(Too Late!)
We have suffered the indignity from energy suppliers who's only aim in life is to make our lives a misery while they sit in their ivory towers bleeding us dry year after year!
I am in absolute despair as to where to turn because we are too old to fight anymore!

Unfortunately the regulator has no teeth there for the companies can ignore them. We all know profit is the name of the game therefore we cannot expect anything else but profiteering. Since the introduction of competition in the market 25 years ago, most of the small players who helped keep prices down have been bought by either German, French or Spanish operations. It would be interesting to have a look at the price they charge for gas in their home nations!! It wouldn't be a surprise to fine they were cheaper!!!!!!

The government wont do anything will they after all the more we pay the more tax/vat they get.

After changing light bulbs to low energy types, reducing the heating thermostat and generally using less of gas and electric my energy charge continues to rise!
The energy companies increase profits with less output!

I think they are profiterring. The sad fact is that they have no regulation in this country and it is badly needed.

Yes, of course energy suppliers charge too much,and in addition make it almost impossible to compare like with like when considering a switch, besides charging exit penalties that make it more trouble than it's worth in many cases. As consumers we find ourselves between the proverbial rock and the hard place...we HAVE to have these supplies and they have all the power to dictate the terms. Even if the regulatory body does 'investigate', these vast megalopolies will come up with some justification for their charges.

Exactly what is their situation? Do they actually make a Profit or do they make a Deficit?  If they make a profit ... how much is it?  Supposing they make a profit, where does it come from?  I'd love to know as I currently add £170 per month to my fuel providers coffers.  Why does that payment change depending on who I actually ask to supply the gas/electricity??  As is often pointed out, it's the same gas from the same pies, the same electricity from the same wires regardless of who you pay.  So, what is going on??

PROFIT, DIVIDENDS and a society that should care for its elderly and vulnerable members have never been happy partners and whilst we have toothless regulators and seemingly uncaring politicians the situation can only continue - these energy suppliers are only Bankers by another name.
Does anyone in authority care any more unless 'there is something in it for them (financial reward)

The price fiddle is not only with gas and electricity,diesel and petrol companys are making big profits as well

dont ask the goverment to do any thing it cant even check price gave away our energy companys to foreign companys who take the profits .foreign
oil companys are now buying up our oil fields the country is being invaded with asylum seekers and illegal imegrants and we expect this goverment to look after the country energy. other countrys have more storage capacity for winter so cant be held over a barrel. make energy companys pay for all forms of insulation like radiater reflectors low energy boilers

This used to be called a service industry. Sadly these days the shareholder comes first and the customer is at the bottom of the pile.

Of course the Energy Companies are profeteering. At the present time the is a Worldwide glut of Natural Gas and yet we have our supply companies increasing prices.

Having read nearly all the other comments published, I can only agree, since the "Iron Lady" sold what the we the taxpayers already owned costs have continued to rise, profits even more steeply. If the energy supply and water suply are PUBLIC UTILITIES then then should be Governmemt owned and run to make enough 'profit' to invest for a better service but not to line pockets.

We need a regulator with real teeth and legislation to enable action to protect the users from the excesses of the bosses, of course the shareholders ( and I know some of these will be pension funds) will want a return, that is why this type of business or service should be publicly owned, to serve not steal from.

Unfortunately the present Government is like the one which sold these utilities, perhaps even worse, so what chance have we got for any help and support, perhaps France has the right idea!!!!!

get one of the agencies like help the aged to help you, citizens advice , your local councillor or even your doctor may be able to help, your local library may have information also