Do you think the emergency Budget was fair?

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly with the chancellor - a tough approach is the only option
80% (74 votes)
No, I wanted to see less tax increases
10% (9 votes)
No, I wanted to see less spending cuts
10% (9 votes)
Total votes: 92

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yes, I am glad to see the government making the banks responsible for their actions.

i think it is disgusting that all the big fat cats such as mps and bankers have ripped the country off for millions at a cost to us and we still have to pay the bill. if it was a normal working citizien that defrauded the country with false claims we would have been jailed.

Whilst I would have like to see more tax cuts etc, in the real world , thanks to years of Labour mismanagement and total incompetance, this is not possible. Onthe  whole I think it was a good budget, and I applaud George Osborne. He made the best of the mess Labour left him. I would have like it to have been a Conservative Budget and not a Lib-Con budget, then I feel it would have been very different.

Shame if you are one of the probably hundreds of thousands going on the dole with a 25% reduction in public service budgets. Same old Tories and now joined bu useless Lib Dems.  Now I see where the ConDem acronym comes from and why. Not me by the way. I run by own business and will be all right, but feel sorry for the others who will clearly suffer 

Great Budget... About time the dole spongers were incentivised to go back to work, baby producers were curtailed and housing benefit thieves were stopped. Good to see that small businesses are encouraged. Glad to see a bit for the pensioners but a pity the banks and mega rich escaped the axe..

Labour left the country in such a mess the Con/Libs had no choice.

No wonder Brown has gone into hiding!

I do feel sorry for those who will possibly loose there jobs, but you only have Brown to thank for that.

Disgraceful that the Tories talk about the "broken society" and then make all lone parents go to work when their children go to school! This is exactly when parenting is needed and children need a parent if possible after school. Anyone using public transport and forced to get a job will be too tired when they get home, won't know what their children will be up to and the children won't have support when they need it. Apart from this, where are people to find work when public sector jobs will be cut? A typical Tory budget with a few sops thrown in to sound good but when departments have to cut 25% of their budget, that will be when we will see another recession.

I'm surprised at how mild the measures are. They predicted such a dire budget that I expected much worse. Where is the extra tax on booze, fags and petrol? Mostly they seem to have curtailed a few benefits and controlled public sector pay rises. Nothing we can't live with. I'm right behind this coalition, if we never see Gordon Brown and his ilk again it'll be too soon as far as I'm concerned.

Yes it is a shame that some people will lose their jobs, but a lot of them are none jobs anyway. Created by  Gordon Brown and the rest of his imcompetant rabble, to massage the unemployment figures, and any other figures !

I also think there is worse to come, remember this is only the first Budget of this Parliament, but we need to pay off the debts and get back in the black, or at least to have the kind of finances we had before Gordon Brown got his hands on it and wasted it.

I think  the bankers and financial institutions should be made to bear the brunt, they caused the mess, took our money, left us in the doo doo and now they are drawing million pound bonuses again ! Now just remind me who the idiots are?

An excellent budget - focussing on hitting the spongers rather than those trying to get back to work.

Amazing, that amongst all the spending cuts and tax increases, the Tories have managed to gave tax relief to the wealthy upper classes by giving them concessions on second homes. Unbelievable.

With the personal allowance for the under 65s going up by £1000, can we assume that the same applies for the over 65s? In other words will the over 65s allowance increase from £9460 to £10460?

You did not load that poll did you yes or no would have done.

Too many cuts & too harsh. remember after the banking crash experts talked about a return to the 30's. Well thanks to Brown & Darling it never happened, but that does not mean it won't now!

With the personal allowance for the under 65s going up by £1000, can we assume that the same applies for the over 65s? In other words will the over 65s allowance increase from £9460 to £10460?

It is hard to assess everything in the budget, and people naturally think about those elements which will affect them.

I think that, to some extent, Labour had the right approach - spend in the recession and tighten the public-purse later when the (private) economy could absorb those workers who will, necessarily, become redundant from the public sector.  Unemployment is the greatest  social evil in times like this.

It is interesting that when VAT was temprarily reduced from 17.5 to 15 percent everybody said how small and ineffective the reduction was, yet when it rises by the same amount there is an outcry (but pehaps a little muted).

Also everybody is saying thet the poorest will be affected most by the VAT increase.  Surely the poorest restrict most of their spending to goods which are zero-rated (food in particular), so aren't affected as badly as they make out.

My overall impression is that over the years, labour budgets have become more right wing and tory ones more left wing.  If I'd seen this budget a few years ago without knowing the current political situation I would have guessed it was a labour budget!






If you didn't like what George Osborne did yesterday in his EMERGENCY budget  to put right the failings of the previous inept socialist party, it is probably because you don't or won't  work and prefer to live on benefits. Those benefits have been provided by the sweat of others with self respect who have to get up early each morning so that they can provide for their family. There has been a hugh benefits culture nurtured under the previous Labour administration who wanted to create the 'Nanny State' where the majority of it's voters rely on them to provide 'freebies' other words, cash for votes. This is utterly unacceptable and this sort of crass government belongs in a third world communist country.

This Con/Lib government did what is right and will pull us out of the quagmire that Labour put us in. There are far too many MP's who attend parliament for the good of their Bank accounts and their future Gold Plated Pensions and NOT for the benefit of the country. That can be explained by the disgusting expenses scandal and the gross averice that has been taking place for many years, especially during the last 14 years. Little wonder then why Labour got rid of the death penalty for treasonable acts early on in their administration. They knew full well what they were to embark on. The result is now for all to see....a shabby, desperate and almost bankrupted Britain full of economic migrants making things worse. Labour should be investigated in a lot of areas. They have a lot to answer to, including the blood on their hands,.

Never again shall this once great country be subjected to a bunch of predominantly Scottish communist socialists who were hell bent on ruining England just for the spite of it. Who else could leave a departing note stating, "Sorry, there's no money left" ?

Labour are a complete and utter disgraceful shower of incompetent  troughing socialists. Always remember that socialists are very good at spending other peoples money. This is the only area that Labour excelled in.

The decent people have had enough of being fooled and robbed. Labour have now  scored an home goal and will never again be elected to ruin our land. Labour are simply not fit for purpose. Labour are now showing the signs of breaking apart, knowing full well, they are no longer creditable.

One last thing, Why is Gordon Brown hiding away and not showing his face in the House of Commons ?  He is still taking his wages as an MP I assume ?




I agree with most of the comments above. I think Osborne has produced a reasonable compromise budget which should not affect the "lower paid", e.g. under £20000 pa, or the genuine benefit claimants. 

The Osborne budget is patriotic and absolutely right for the country.  It is as fair as possible and for Harman to claim that it is the old Tory doctrine of robbing the poor is an absolute disgrace - coming from a champagne socialist in a government that has wrecked the country with their vote-buying policies.   The short-sighted morons in the Labour movement will not acknowledge that It is unsustainable for the private sector to continue to fund the massive bloated public sector and that the consequences of ignoring this fact will mean  the UK ending up like Greece - but without the Euro to bail us out.  One thing missing is a disincentive to illegal immigrants to flood into this country to grab the UK's generous benefit structure - let them flood into other EU countries.

Do you know, as I read this comment, I was actually nodding my head in agreement - that was, until I came to the totally unnecessary and unjustified racist comments about "Scottish Communists" etc., etc. To me, this crude remark typifies the extremely nationalistic attitude prevalent among so many narrow-minded, self-centred and self-important English.

Since Scotland in particular was sold down the river several hundred years ago, Scotland along with Ireland and Wales have had to tolerate being governed from London by predominantly English politicians. I am glad that during Labour's run, the English got to experience how we - in the other THREE countries who make up Britain - have felt. Not very enjoyable, was it?

Unfortunately, these racist remarks have only served to re-affirm my belief that the real nationalist on this island are those sad and narrow-minded English who resent those whom they cannot and never will dominate - the Scots.

Kennyb I think I am in love! I agree with everything you say.   I applaud you..

No migrants should be allowed to draw any benefits unless they have contributed for the pot. If you dont have a job and somewhere to live before you set off, DONT COME !!  Others countries are not as stupid as us, they dont provide the benefits we do, so it doesnt take a genius to work out why everyone wants to come here, and that includes the asylum seekers who pass how many countries to get to good old England, We are a joke that isnt very funny.



What we need are measures to stop trying to make us part of the capitalist globalisation that brought us into the crisis of capitalisation in the first place. We need more people to be involved in national politics so that politics is representative, and the policies put into effect are those of the majority of the population. That means doing away with the concept of "New Labour" and returning the Labour Party to its socialist philosophical roots, otherwise we're electing the same suits to be the front for the bankers.

This Budget will hit hardest the disabled pensioners - so much for fairness. If rumours are true that the government is going to bring in further restrictions against public sector trade unions, the Budget simply means a new, more virulent round of Thatcherism that made working people even more poor in every way.

In a short while, we might have to get prepared to mount another defence (such as the Miners Strike of 1984) of ordinary people's interests.

This Budget is certainly not the way.

Well it's a start, but I'd like to see cuts in public sector office staff and management levels, not pay and pensions. There's an awful lot of fat on the public sector cash cow.

If I dial 999 I want a man with a hose and ladder, or an ambulance, not statistics on paperclips! And for that to happen the government has to stop asking for the stats.

I agree totally we were rescued from the abyss and Cameron is trying to lead us back there.

Should we all be lone parents sitting on our backsides all day then?!

The Chancellor was not nearly tough enough.

He should have penalised all the Company Executives who are earning completely unrealistic salaries and benefits. How can the Chief Executive of BP justify a package of US$ 6 million.

In reply to the comments about percieved racism against the Scots. I say good riddance to you. Run your own show but without our English money, lets see who misses who !!

Who's the joker?,what jobs?, you can't get one unless you come from another country. This or any other government should be putting english first, do you think we would get a job in any other country before their own country people?. I don't think so. lets face it they have also got age barriers in this country.

I totally agree with you. It would seem that as a lone parent I am automatically, 'labelled` as a benefit scrounger who has no intentions of going back to work. The fact is that I hate living off of benefits, how can anybody say that they ENJOY living off of the state and it IS a struggle no matter what anybody says. Did I ask to be left by my Husband?!! The fact is that I HAVE worked on and off for the past fourteen years, (my eldest is fourteen now and I have three other children with the youngest being four years old) and every job I have had has been an absolute nightmare. Employers have not been sympathetic at all when I have had a child off sick and I have absolutely nobody else to rely on to look after my children, (not even their Father). I am not keen on the idea of leaving my eldest on his own over the School holidays, how on earth do I know what is going on at home if I am not there? I can hardly lock him out all day. My middle son kicks up such a dreadful fuss about going to Holiday clubs that I have been called on several occasions in the past asking me to pick him up. He has several emotional issues caused by problems from his birth but they are not enough to warrant him being entitled to any kind of disability benefit. Right now I am struggling to just keep the house together and due to health problems I have been told not to work by my GP as my stress levels are making me ill. My main priority is to be a good Mother to my children, to be there for them, not to just come home from work and then be getting them ready to go to bed. I am the only parent that they see, (not through any choice of my own) and they are insecure enough as it is. Life isn't easy being a lone parent and to all those who have just gone out and got pregnant to get housed and live a life on benefits.. Well thank you so much for giving all the other single parents out there who never, eve,r intended on being in this situation such a bad image. I don't sit watching television all day, I am studying hard with the Open University and am hoping that one day I will be out of this financial mess.

you cant call people dole spongers as you dont know everyones situation!! I know there are dole spongers out there but not everyone on the dole is sponging. yes im on the dole would like to work but i have epilepsy and when ive aplied to jobs they turn me down for this they say its not safe to have someone with epilepsy in the work how is that fair?also it will be easier to get a job when my youngest is in full time school and that wont be untill about another 2-3years so yeah i have 2 children would like more but theres things in life i want to work towards by going to college to get qulifications (another thing emploers want) in order to get a decent paid job to afford to live. you dont know everyones back ground either which might play a part on not being able or struggling to work. there is too many people crossing the borders illegaly and there get more rights/jobs/houses then all of us that are in this country legally so hows that fair? i would only claim housing benefits and all other benefits if i need to. also if goverment was to put in place that when children go to school they learn to manage money, do things that would be usefull to us in everyday life then maybe we will be encougeing the next generation to spend money wisely. we all should go back to the olden days and be put on rations that will save a lot of food waste, help curb obiesity(i am over weight) and help everyone value things in life a lot more. but it would proberly only effect us common people all these politions have all there luxeries so why cant they cut there own costs?

I suppose you are one of these rich scum who live off other peoples misery. You justify that the banks rip us off and, get away with robbing the people that do work in this country and at the end of the day have to pay for that again.
Let me ask you a question?. Do you justify that any government should let all these foreigners into this country and live on benefits and, Work as taxi drivers and buy property in which is not disclosed to the officials. Yes, that does happen in this country. You should be criticising that, not the genuin people who not working because of other circumstances.
I would also like to state that the trouble we are in today is a continuation of the mess the Thatcher Government left from the eighties. Although i didn't support the the labour government

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I agree with you wholeheartedly. These scunner tories are going to throw millions out of work, with their freezing of public sector pay, and with the inevitable job losses that will follow their attacks on what's left of something that used to be called the "Welfare State". That is before Thatcher took an axe to it in the 80s. These oiks are starting from where she left off. Say goodbye to the NHS, (the largest single employer in Europe, and third largest on the planet), half decent provision of education, etc, etc. I live in Scotland, where over half of the working population are currently employed in the public sector, (Thatcher having eradicated Britain's industrial base and destroyed its heartlands), and in the remote, rural areas it is the sole more permanent employer, tourism only being seasonal, fishing and crofting being virtually finished. This would apply to the other similar areas of UK & NI. Probably the last time that Britain was so divided wealthwise anyway was the 18th century. People billed this "budget", the largest redistribution of wealth upwards for a quarter of a century. They weren't joking. Outside the mega-affluent South-East corner of the country, Britain looks, and is, a very different place, and, very strikingly, didn't vote for this stitch-up, as two-thirds didn't vote for 1979-97 either: another case of the tail wagging the dog. As for the "deficit", why don't we ask the banks for OUR money back? After all, they now have over a trillion of £s of it! Even in the US some reparation has been made for the black farce the financial sector made of a huge part of the world's economy.

You can blame the EU for letting all the other countries catch  our fish, and make us throw back perfectly good fish. At least Thatcher got a rebate from the EU, which Blair then gave away. Then he and Brown signed up to the "new" EU treaty, which the vast majority of Brits did not want. I just hope the Coalition stops agreeing with EU laws.

This (unverified) guest does not say who he "agrees with wholeheartedly" but his silly diatribe is an example of total ignorance of economic affairs.  His politics of envy is out-dated even by ex-communist countries - and how he spouts such nonsense as "freezing of public sector pay will throw millions out of work" is a complete no-brainer.   He then admits that over half of the working population in Scotland are employed in the public sector - but he does not tell us how their employment will be funded long-term.   Maybe he thinks the money just grows on trees or can be printed when required - but he does not acknowledge that the public sector should be eternally grateful to the private sector for creating the wealth from which their wages are paid.   "Asking the banks for our money back" (which was handed over by that Scottish socialist so-called financial genius) will not solve the problems.  The fact is that public sector employees will have gradually to lower their living standards - as we simply do not have enough private and company taxes coming in to sustain the present levels of wages and pensions of the public sector - in addition to paying back the money borrowed by Britain's worst over government who played every vote-buying trick in the book to stay in power.

 I quite agree with you, XRAT.  Unfortunately this problem goes back through several governments, of all shades.   What's more, they all promise to go "back to basics" one way or the other, but the problem just keeps growing.



it may take a cream cake or 2 from the table off the rich,

But for the real poor out there it will take the little bit they have, and leave them with nowt,

But Dave won't no about that because he has never had do with out.  

Testdriver78, yes there will be tough times ahead and I'm sure the least well off will feel it the most - they certainly have less to start with.  But at least the ConDem Government is DOING something, which has to be better than the last lot just letting things go from bad to worse!

Also, it's not so long since Labour cut VAT to 15% and then re-instated it to 17.5%.  I don't think the majority noticed the difference to be honest; I certainly didn't.  It's those who buy expensive cars and other goods who are going to see the biggest change.




The EU experiment will only end in tears. Mark my words.

I am a lone parent. But no through choice. I certainly don't sit on my backside all day. I am severly disabled, and became a lone parent when my husband walked out 2 years ago. I would give up every single disability benefit I get for the chance to be able to walk even a few yards without being in severe pain, but I am in pain, 100% of the day. Even so, I keep my house and my kids clean, feed them, and ferry them about in my car. We lone parents are not all the same. No one knows when they could be put in the same position as me, through no fauly of their own.

 I agree with all the comments supporting the recent budget and the new coalition government. Is'nt it so refreshing to hear honest judgment and clear thought and urgency from the coalition especially after 13 years of Labour lies and manipulation.

Yes the budget is tough and I do feel extremely sorry for those who may be seriously affected by it and I hope this government can lessen the pain where possible. The welfare state has got to be tightened up and scroungers have to be dealt with. There are of course exceptions where persons are ,without doubt, deserving of all the help they can get.

The Fat Cats, Bankers and their gross bonuses should be highly taxed to such a degree to make it not worth having.

I only hope that younger voters for future elections are made fully aware of this last Labour's almighty cock-up and the mess they have left us all in 



I agree there should be a crackdown on bebefit cheats. But do it right... i know of someone who's had her 40 year old son living with her for the past 4 years. She claims the 25% council tax discount for being on her own as she never told the council tax office that he is there. He works cash in hand, and is afraid to sign on because of the council tax, but picks up hundreds of £'s every week. He has been banded for drink driving for 3 years, but blatently drives his mothers car and his sisters. Infact, since the day he was banned he's never give up driving, even several times in the past year to liverpool. I know, from a friend that he and his mother have been reported, but this was 3 months ago, and nothing has changed. When situations like this arise we expect the powers that be to do something to make it right, to get him off the road before he caused an accident, or worse, kills someone,.. but no, he's still drink driving, and she's still claiming the discount. yes, be harsh, but on the right people.