Do you think rioters should be stripped of any benefits they receive?

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"Receiving benefits are the basic right of any UK citizen"

As far as I'm concerned, they gave up any "right" they had when they decided to loot somebody else's possessions or goods and/or cause destruction to other people's property.

Of course I'm happy to help people who help themselves - and I don't mean to other people's possessions.

As of today, 3 people have been murdered, a Polish girl had to jump from her first floor flat to escape the fires in buildings surrounding her and a Malaysian student is currently recovering in hospital after being mugged and threatened with knives. I can't believe that anybody would afford the luxury of giving these "people" benefits when they behave this way, they don't deserve our help.

by violating the rights and liberties of other citizens, they should be deprived of their rights

I have paid tax all my working life & like the majority of people have never claimed any benefits. Me & my other half are retired but my husband pays tax on his pension.
I believe that the less fortunate who are genuinely unable to work should be entitled to benefits.
Personally, I would send these 'poor deprived' rioters to Afghanistan or Somalia & let them experience what real deprivation & poverty is.
They should be banned from receiving any benefits plus any illegally in the UK be deported.
Parents must accept responsibility for their children's actions whether they are 8 or 18.
Oh yes, last point, get rid of that bloody 'Human Rights Act'!

Now maybe law and order will be brought back into this "lawless" country. It's time politicians listened to the public that they are supposed to represent, instead of just grabbing their salaries and pensions. This country owes it's demise because of the EU and the so called do-gooders / human rights groups. Britain, (I'm afraid I can't use the Great as it was lost years ago) should stand on it's own feet. Make and keep it's own laws, the penalty should fit the crime. Who pays the salaries of these so called do-gooders and human rights people? The government are scared of these people, they are also afraid of being called racist. The laws are for everyone what ever colour or creed.

John Edwards, Kearsley.

if you Don't want vigilantes people must be held responsible for their actions

If the stripping of benefits was effective financially and on a social scale was a deterrent then this might be a consideration. As it stands, I do not believe there is any evidence that supports this move.

Benefits are funded by us the tax paying citizens, the victims to these riots and looters. So why pay them benefits?

They have lost their rights to benefits!. They should also be made to repay towards damages and cost, maybe a special tax levied on any current and/or future earnings? This tax should be their payback towqards the devestation caused.

For the unemployed the the local council should try and create minimum wage (taxable) comunity Jobs. This may be painting buildings, washing pavements, picking up street litter etc.

Let them feel the consequences of their actions! If we speed we have to pay the consequences in a form of a fine regardles of our financial situation! Make them PAY!

Although I agree that rioters should not receive benefits funded by law-abiding citizens, if those payments are stopped, these criminals will simply resort to further crime to fund their costs of living. They have already shown how far they are willing to stoop - murder...... this doesn't paint a nice picture for britains future.....

Why did I bother serving my Queen & Country for these idiots to ruin it?

If they disagree with the way this country is being run, they should seek another country that will give them money for doing nothing, not contributing to the wealth of the nation. They are parasites that do not deserve to be supported by us hard working, law abiding people.

Not only strip them of their benefits but they should also forego any privileges under the (so called) Human Rights Act. That might make them vulnerable to deportation, etc. Ths country doesn't want such 'people'.

Not quite as cut and dried a question as it looks.

If we strip them of benefits, they'll turn to crime to make ends meet / feed themselves and their family, thus making the problem worse.

I'm for making them earn their benefits by rebuilding the lives and communities they helped destroy.

I believe that any able bodied person on benefit should be made to help out in the community to earn their money as it helps to instill a good work ethic and will hopefully assist them in trying to find a proper permanent job.

Those who abuse the system or community in any way, such as the rioters, should be stripped of any benefits they do receive and be made to do the most menial or humiliating service available in order to pay back to the community.

We have to ensure we make a distinction between those working in the community to earn their benefits and the scum who owe the law abiding citizens and the wider community.

These rioters and any others causing damage and distress to others should be made to pay for their behaviour. Most of the youth of today do not show any respect to other people or their property and they know that the law does not give severe punishment for their actions. Until the Government change the laws and allow the Judges to give effective punishment, then nothing will ever change. When crimes of any nature are committed then the offender should be made to pay a hefty fine and if they are not earning then it should be stopped out of their benefits and they should also be made to do a 'service' equivilent to 'the national service' which was abolished - this service needs to be a 2 year period which would enable a Judge to issue a 'time served sentence' with the offender having to carry out working on tasks to assist their local Council and Community - every town and city could make use of extra pairs of hands so why not use these yobo's to hopefully teach them to take pride in where they live

With the mindless, vicious, self-centred and selfish spirit of unrest which seems to be prevailing among a dysfunctional sector of our country's population, I personally conclude the following: a) they should be brought fully to account for their actions by the courts b) they SHOULD end up with a criminal record and all of the implications that has c) they should be enforced to undertake meaningful and properly supervised community service for at least 18 months d) those on benefits should NOT have them withdrawn since that will inevitably lead to further crime, but part of their benefit should be reduced as 'repayments' and this should be extended to deductions from pay (via a deduction of 'tax') should they get a job, until their assessed damage caused (by the courts) is repaid.

no benefits for rioters

Our justice sytem is not harsh enough.
If they want to be involved in warfare, give them the opportunity to earn basic benefit in a real war zone, supplementing our armed forces. If refusal, then remove their benefits, their freedom and neuter them to ensure they don't raise any children with their values.

British taxpayers and business owners have the "right" to run their lives and businesses without the fear of this sort atrocious behaviour. It is totally unacceptable and anyone participating in it should be brought to justice. There was no "cause" in any of these riots, it was purely opportunists boundary pushing to see how far they could push the system.

Fireman were brutally and wilfully attacked trying to help those caught up in the riots. So what happens next week when these scum are burning in a building and the very same fireman are called upon to risk their lives again to save them? Also, as mentioned above, people have been murdered, so those involved are essentially accessories to murder. "Rights?" I think not.

I agree and would consider taking some action against the parents for lack of parental supervision.
The Nanny Society has gone to far and a certain amount of dicipline should be reintroduced, after all the threat of the cane would enable our teachers to maintain discipline.
Some say reintroduce National Service with some good old fashioned Army Discipline, but no doubt dept ridden society will not allow.
2011 what progress we have made I don't think

The laws of the land should be adhered to, break the laws and all "rights" are forfeited.
I'm tired of hearing parents say that they cannot chastise their children. Of course they can !! Any child brought up in a loving, caring environment and taught right from wrong, understands that they cannot have it all their own way ..... and isn't likely to go running to Social Services when they are pulled back into line.

We've made a rod for our own backs by allowing respect for teachers to wane and for parents not supporting the teachers. I understand that a schoolchild can "report" a teacher for not meeting "their educational needs" ... don't laugh!!!

How about bringing back Conscription ?

Its about time the victims of this ferral behaviour were allowed their human rights..We should be able to enjoy the benefits of our own streets and houses and businesses SAFELY......These riots are not about depravation race or religion..all these youths appear well dressed,well fed with the latest named goods. The family of the youth who was shot at least held themselves with dignity and stressed the need for peace despite their grief. The family of the three guys run down mercilessly by these animals again held themselves with dignity and stressed for peace despite their distress..The Malasian student also appeared dignified and stressed the need for peace.despite his pain and suffering.....These animals need to understand the benefits and good feeling associated with Honest hard work and achievement....They are entitled to NOTHING....This is gratuitous violence and theft..They are CRIMINALS.. we dont need them in our society....There are many thousands of good young people of all races creeds and colours aspiring to productive and constructive lives...let us support them....not these out of control yobs who should be locked up together somewhere and let losse on each other....WE DONT WANT THEM.....WHY SHOULD WE PAY FOR THEIR LIFESTYLE and encourage this laziness.

Successive governments have talked tough on dealing with criminals where behind the scenes they advocate shorter and non custodial sentences. As a serving detective I see the results of offenders actions on victims daily, its about time the balance was addressed and we introduced American style sentences for offenders. Initially the cost would be high but longer term people would realize their freedom is the price they will pay for the anarchy and lack of respect they show the rest of society. We are now all paying the price for the governments reluctance to lock up offenders.


I would intuitively agree but then they have nothing to live on and are forced by society to steal to survive. Catch 22.
I do however think that everyone would gain if benefits were linked to community service; the community gets additonal services and those earning benefits get a sense of worth and possibly a skill that might enable them to get a job.

A bit of a knee jerk reactiion which could have very bad reprocussions.

As they are not law abiding citizens in the first place, to strip them of their benefits would most likely mean that, without money, they would be back on the streets robbing people or breaking into shops and houses.

Similarly, the suggestion of making them give up their council houses would again put them back onto the streets. I believe that gangs of ferral teenagers would cause even more trouble and put them out side the law in the long run.

It is up to the court to decide any punishmant - for the rioters who are RICH as well as the poor.

It is up to the courts to decide the punishment. How should those NOT on benefit be punished? Which 'basic right' should be removed from them?

Make the rioters do national service, or even better send them to Afghanistan. Bring back capital and corporal punishment and bring back the birch.

The only 'No' response you allow is linked to a very contentious proposition. This surely prejudices and invalidates the poll as there are plenty of other reasons for supporting a 'No response.

There seems no rationale for treating these rioters differently to any other criminals responsible for damage, injury, murder or theft. If removal of benefits applied to all criminals the proposal would have more viable.

In sport if a defense is weak the attackers will exploit it. This simple analogy can be extended to human life in general, and there will always be human beings who will take full advantage of others in an illegal manner should the opportunity arise. I am afraid that the naive do-gooders in our society have allowed far too many opportunities for thugs and cheats. Get real, get rigorous, and get tough. Would such rioting have taken place in a country such as Singapore?

all benefits should be earned and people made to work for them,no work no money,simple so simple.
why should we pay for people to sit on their arses???????????????????

Line them up and give them one lead tablet each.We don't need these scum in our society

Benefits are irrelevant in this case. The bankers who brought disaster on our country and much of the world get off Scott free. They didn't only trash their own neighbourhoods, their trashed lots of other peoples lives. How many of them are in prison? None. Of course they won't be having any benefits stopped because they are too rich to need any. And of course they are getting richer everyday at the rest of the worlds expense. It was their actions which caused economic chaos, caused innocent people to lose their jobs, houses and livelihoods.

Why can people not see this?Why do rich people and so called celebrities get away with criminal behaviour which wrecks peoples lives and sets a bad example for impressionable fools to follow? If greedy and incompetent financiers and bankers cause the devastation to the world economy which deprives powerless people of their only means to make a living, they are the real villains who should be gaoled.

they must lose all state cash hand outs. anyone found guilty who works for govement dept, school etc must lose their jobs & be black listed. time to be firm with these under life people

I think we may have gone too far in banging on about peoples rights. Yes! people should have rights and in this country they do; however there are responsibilities which go hand in hand with rights. I am a recently retired teacher who feels strongly about freedom and rights but there comes a time when we must insist on parents (and teenagers) being responsible for their actions. Too often parents allow and support their offspring in challenging the rules of their schools instead of supporting the schools, which - and this is true in the majority of cases - try to instill discipline - both self imposed and otherwise - in recalcitrant young people.

I agree completely

The thugs who looted and caused distress and damage to property and people are entitled to nothing. they should lose their freedom, and not just for a few weeks, and any benefits they or their families receive. Punishments are not hard enough and they have little effect on young people. The only thing to stop this mindless thuggery is to hurt them as they are basically cowards. Bring back tough physical back breaking work, plus the birch. Until they themselves become afraid, the situation will not improve. Why could the police not use taser guns.

When I was a young squaddie in Germany in the 80's we would people sweeping and cleaning the streets at about 5am... They were people on benefits deemed to be 'earning those benefits'!!!

Scores of MP's who looted the Parliament Expenses funds retain their seats in both the House and the Cabinet penalty-free, while trousering a minimum wage of £1250/week after voting themselves a 5/year guarantee of employment. If, like some Cabinet Members, the 'rioters' return their ill- gotten gains, will they receive the public-school 'Nelson Touch"? Sauce for the goose???

By the way are we paying for their defense in the courts - I'd hate to think we are helping them get free, when they are truly guilty. My worry has been already stated that without benefits things will get worse however by "forcing" then to work on a low paid basis - Chain gang - they are helping themselves and the community.

You dont smash up your own home so they are not treating this place as if it is their home. Lets send them to somewhere where they feel at home.

deport the bloody lot we r over run with them

Didn't I read of one Country where wrongdoers, in Court, were given prison sentences with a fine alternative. Once in prison ( for the sharp shock ) they could be released as soon as a payment of £xxxx was made. If no money was forthcoming, they served the whole sentence. It was surprising how much money was quickly found by family or friends. This money repaid victims, and society. It was surprising how much many of these " poor " people have.
Let the wrongdoer then repay his family as and when.

Didn't I also read that Australia stopped lots of Benefit , particularly to single males and there were no protests about it. The "claimants" disappeared into the distance !

well said great

TOTALLY DITTO THE MESSAGE ABOVE - they are nothing more than criminals and should be tried, convicted and pay for the damage and devestation they have cause to ordinary decent families - they are nothing more than SCUM and in a perfect world would be washed down the sink with the other crap ...

Before you all start, I agree riotting is not the answer! It usually fails, even Cromwell ultimately failed.
The fundemental problem stems from the loss of the semi-skilled and unskiilled jobs that stemmed from the loss of our manufacturing industry. The problem has been ignored by successive governments leading to a large growth of unemployed people. Undeed the recent changes in retirement age make it worse. Just how many of these exist is open to question, certainly a large percentage of the working population and the figures are massaged to hide them.
Another issue is the consumer society. We show them all the things they cannot even aspire to and expect them to accept being an underclass who cannot achieve these goods. Teachers in our schools preach a doctrine of being at the top without even getting there.

The benefits should be put into a separate fund and given to those shopkeepers and others who have lost through the rioting - make the guilty pay back what they stole or destroyed. As G & S said, make the punishment fit the crime.

Forget Afghanistan, leave that to the professionals. However, there should be a few places left in Guantanamo for this worthless bunch of parasites. Alternatively, can we rustle up a few 'hulks' and find a modern day version of Botany Bay, get rid!

Let them do charity work in deprived countries - building homes and water supply ! or bring back National Service.

Send them to Afghanistan to polish the boots of our soldiers ... or to Somalia.
They might then learn to appreciate the life they DO have!!