Do you think it's fair that some children are excluded from opening Junior ISAs?

Your Comments

No I certainly don't think it is fair.
I was ready to open new Junior ISA accounts for my 5 and 3 year old and was horrified to read that those with a current Child Trust Fund were not eligible.

it is unfair that my grand daughter who is 2 on boxing day cannot have a junior isa due to the fact that she has £250.00 in a ctf, whereas she could have upto £3600.00 invested annually up and too 21 yrs of age this equates to almost £70.000 before interest or profit in a cash isa or a stocks and shares isa.
hopefully the goverment will relent on this paltry sum of £250.00 and allow it into a junior isa.

Responsible parents who invested in the CTF's for there childrens future should not now be penalised by denied access to JISA's unless CTF's are required to track JISA's. At the moment the interest rates on CTF,s are an insult to our children. The banks etc are taking advantage of this money which is effectively locked in for 18 yrs.Where's the incentive?

Of course everyone should be able to get this - you should be able to close the waste of time trust funds down!

Although I believe the CTF should be able to be transferred into Junior ISAs, I would like to point out that since the introduction of CTFs I was excluded from this investment because my son was just too old - therefore I can't wait to open an account for him when SIPPdeal launch their JISA in the new year