Do you think banks push their fee–paying accounts over free current accounts?

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As an ex retail bank manager I know how this used to work and as soon as a sales target is given for a paid for account then inpatiality goes out the window!

My bank pushed me into having a fee bearing account, unfortunately, I didn't have money in my account when the fee was taken, to be honest I completely forgot, then was hammered by £6 a day unauthorised overdraft fees, so I ended up paying £200 in fees, I’ve since closed my account.

I write for the site and would be really interested to talk with you both further about this. Would you be able to email at with some direct contact details?

Hope to hear from you soon,

Nathalie Bonney 

My fee paying a/c costs £7/month net of balance interest and the most important thing it gives us is free basic annual travel insurance which I wouldn't get at that price at age76. We can then get pre existing conditions (including a stroke) covered (annual) for around £150.
Also car breakdown and mobile phone insurance.
They can "rip me off" any time they like for that.

I stopped my fee paying account cause it was costing me £25 a month and I wasn't using the benefits, since then everytime I login to my account before it shows me the balance or anything else it says upgrade to the fee paying account, the banks are desperate for people to take up these offers, they want us all in more debt so their profits can go up, they have no scruples, and they are all the same.

every time i go into the bank to do some banking i get this pushed in front of my face time and time again would think after every time i say no they would put a note on my account to say dont bother with this customer ...but they still ask me!!!!

 Please get in contact via if you would like to give more detail asap.

Nathalie Bonney