Do you complain over bad service or poor products?

23% (15 votes)
Most of the time
52% (34 votes)
23% (15 votes)
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 65

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Older Not Wiser!

Although I have little patience with bad service , I also make sure that good service is praised.

I must admit that I'm a bit too British when it comes to complaining- I find it quite embarrassing and don't really like to make a scene. However I know that I really must master the art of successful complaining.

I was out for lunch this weekend with family and while our roast beef was edible (and didn't make us ill) we did all agree it tasted a bit odd. My sister in law raised this very politely with the waitress who went back to speak to the chef. When she returned she said we wouldn't be charged for any of our main courses so it turned out to be a very cheap lunch!


Rachel Lacey is the group personal finance editor of Moneywise

With a lot of them complaints are water off ducks' backs, hence a waste of time. So as a retired criminal law lawyer, I put my trust in judicial systems. Quite a lot of mega-rich global corporations in my sights just now. Unfortunately. Takes an awful lot of time, money, effort and energy. However, "See you in Court!" works wonders. Powerfully concentrates the capitalist mind. They know this could cost them very large sums of what they adore the most - money.